The Quiet American And Journalist English Literature Essay

Fowler is a Journalist and he has left his married woman. Then he lived in Saigon during the French-Vietnamese war, along with a Chinese adult female, Phuong. An American diplomat, Pyle will besides have. He has read books about China, which have influenced his thought throughout, because he has rather a few unusual thoughts about the class of the war. Pyle is besides in love with Phuong Fowler goes a few yearss to the battleground at Phat Diem, where he describes the state of affairs. To his astonishment Pyle will besides demo up, to state that he wants to get married Phuong. He made the trip in malice of all the dangers to state Fowler that he must non travel to Phuong before Fowler is back. When Fowler is back goes he, Pyle en Phuong talk about her hereafter. Phuong says nil. Then goes Fowler to a particular topographic point 50 stat mis north of Saigon. There he sees Pyle. Because his abdomen is broken, he goes back with Fowler. Then they are without gasolene. They go to a guard tower along the route. Then there are soldiers but the soldiers do n’t see the tower. Pyle and Fowler managed to get away, but thereto Fowler breaks a leg.

Romanisatie weergevenPyle brings him to a infirmary, and so he saves his life. Romanisatie weergevenPhuong comes to see him in infirmary, but after a few hebdomads she eventually chooses to Pyle. Romanisatie weergevenShe leaves Fowler because he ca n’t get married her. In the meanwhile Pyle supports the 3rd ground forces. Romanisatie weergevenLater, a bomb is non stopped when a military parade had been cancelled. When Fowler come off this, he enabled his ain connexions to slay Pyle. After that Romanisatie weergevenFowler and Phuong are back together and happy.

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Analysis & A ; reading


A psychological war novel, because the chief character has tonss of problems during war.

Subject ‘s:

War: the narrative is set during the war in Vietnam.

Relationss: in the narrative, two friends named, Fowler an Pyle, are contending about the love of a miss named, Phuong.


There are many flashbacks, so the narrative is non chronological.

The book contains three parts. Those three parts contain out of four chapters.

In the terminal Pyle dies, so the terminal is closed.

Fictional characters:

There are three chief characters in the narrative:

Fowler: A journalist.

He is a individual with backbones, but does n’t ever take everything for granted.

Pyle: he is involved in the war as an American diplomat.

he is an honorable individual and he has much trust in other people.

Phuong: She is a Vietnamese adult female. She is the fiancee of Pyle, but after he was murdered, she married Fowler. She is easy suppressed, and she Quigley does what other people tell her to make.


The narrative is set during the Vietnamese war between the Vietminh and the Gallic.

It ‘s precisely from March 1952 boulder clay June 1955.


The narrative is told by Pyle.


the narrative is set in Saigon and Hanoi. Those are the biggest towns in Vietnam.

Language and manner:

The narrative linguistic communication is English duologue. There are much conversations between the chief character and another individual. The narrative is reasonably serious because there are non much amusing minutes in the narrative.

Personal sentiment

Opinion Corne

I tought the book was really confounding for somewhone how ne’er red a English book. In the first pages was one of the chief characters, Pyle, dead, but in the other pages he was alive. After Al I new it was a flashback but I did n’t new that earlier. But it was a exciting book because war had a major function. I ever like books where war played a major function. When I must read a book for Dutch, I prefer book with war. Those books are exciting and sometimes the contain wit. Humor is besides a major factor for a book. Humor did n’t sit in The quiet American. That was really unfortunate. In the terminal it was a exciting book but I do n’t believe I will read it once more. There was to many wit and it was confounding. I think I must hold a book without flashbacks. A book with no flashbacks reads a batch better.

Opinion Martijn

I think this book is really good written. The was in the book is really good describe and it is really realistic.

I found the book really bold, this is chiefly because the narrative takes topographic point during the war. A really large drawback of this book is that there really hard words are used. This is really hard to acquire into the narrative and it is much harder to understand the narrative. And it is particularly hard if you ‘re bad in English, like me.

The characters in the book will suit good into the narrative place, besides the characters are really realistic. This makes the book more attractive

So if person like it to read English books, than is this book a existent must.

Opinion Jogchum

This book was difficult for me to understand, because there are many hard words in the book, and I ‘m non truly good at English. I think this book was exciting, because it goes about war, and largely books about war are exciting.

I found the book good written, because the characters that the writer used good described. Furthermore, the writer has much knowledge of war, because he used this cognition, you could detect that many things from the war emerged. Romanisatie weergeven

I thought it was a realistic book, because it could go on in existent life.

Opinion Jochum

In my sentiment, this book was n’t truly a exiting book. It was reasonably difficult to read and because of that it became a small spot deadening. That it was difficult to read was because it was English. Not that I have problem reading English, but the book contained a batch of English Proverbs. When I read English I merely interpret the words, but here I had much misinterpretations. There were Proverbss like: ‘Slow fire ah furuncle difficult cow-heel ‘ . There were besides a batch of hard words like, mistily, reassuring and crippled. I besides had a uninterrupted feeling that the phrases were grammatically wrong, but that could be, because that this is an old book or that this book is written in a different idiom. The narrative was reasonably go outing tough, because it was about war. And war is an exiting clip. Unfortunately I did n’t truly understand the narrative, because of the hard words and Proverbss.

Background Information of Graham Greene

Graham Greene was an English writer, play Wright and literary critic. Unfortunately he is deceased. He was born on the 2th of October 1904 and was passed off on the 3th of April 1991. His male parent was manager of his school. He went below to the balliol college on the unversity of Oxford. His first book was published in 1925. He where Catholic after he graduated. He where a journalist but this was n’t a succes. He caused the bankruptcy of the magazine he worked for. His books are modern-realistic manner. It contains frequently people who doubt themselves and the darkside. His books were divided into thrillers with amusement, but those books had philosophical side. His repute was built on the literary books as the power and the glorification. He becames celebrated because he brought together the amusement and literature.

Chosen Task 8

This is a Kraut can with fuel. There is a whole portion of the narrative where Pyle and Fowler are out of fuel. During their hunt for fuel, they run into the Vietminh. They have to run for their lives and they hardly escaped the Vietminh. Fowler broke his leg and they still did n’t hold fuel. Fowler could n’t manage the hurting any longer, so Pyle carried him all the manner to a infirmary.

This is a opium works. In the narrative they smoke opium, it continually comes back. Pyle and Fowler are close dependence to this fume, they about smoked this during the whole narrative. It could hold a more particular significance in the narrative that I did n’t see, but I straight taught of it when I saw this exercising.

This is a gun. Pyle was shot by a gun and died. Police searched for the gun, but could n’t happen it. The gun belonged to one of Heng ‘s adult male. Fowler gave Heng order putting to death Pyle. The gun they used to kill Pyle was thrown in a canal, so the constabulary could n’t happen it. Although after a long hunt, the constabulary found the gun, but they could n’t associate it to Fowler.


Jogchum Otten: Undertaking 1,3,4 and 6.

Martijn Pestman: Undertaking 2,5 and 6.

Corne visser: Undertaking 7 and 6.

Jochum Douma: Undertaking 8 and 6.

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