The Risks And Effects Of Fast Food English Language Essay


“ Would you wish some french friess with that, sir? ” is what you hear at any McDonald ‘s eating house you can come by. You order a Burger, and they offer you their crispy, yummy, juicy, celebrated Gallic french friess. Your encephalon is stating you to take it, but your bosom is stating you to halt because it can barely take a breath any longer. Peoples, with their busy agendas, go to fast nutrient eating houses everyday without believing if it is a good thought to eat at that place or non. It is cheaper and faster than other eating houses but the nutrient is non good for anyone ‘s wellness. Despite its convenience, fast nutrient can be really unsafe to us in the long tally, which is why we should be cognizant of the hazards and effects that it can give us so we can populate a healthy life style.

One job is the turning figure of fast nutrient eating houses and their advertizements. We find them everyplace ; on the route, on taxis and coachs, on hoardings, on edifices and other topographic points. Besides, we do n’t hold to travel to their eating houses to acquire their nutrient because they now have their bringing hotlines. It increases the figure of people eating fast nutrient because most people like it better when their nutrient comes to them alternatively of the harder, traditional manner of sitting and eating at a eating house.

Another job with fast nutrient eating houses is that it is really habit-forming. Once we eat at that place, we want more of it because it is so inexpensive, delectable and make fulling. Populating near by a fast nutrient eating house does n’t assist either because we will desire to eat at that place more. It will be the first topographic point we ‘ll believe about when we get hungry. It will be a good haunt topographic point besides with the wireless cyberspace routers added to the topographic point.

Last, fast nutrient eating houses provide us nutrient with nutrient content that gives us really small alimentary content. They use really inexpensive ingredients which make fast nutrient contain high sums of Na, cholesterin, fat and Calories which can do certain diseases like fleshiness, high blood force per unit area, and other bosom diseases.

Fast Food Restaurants and Ads

We do n’t hold clip to fix a repast with the busy agendas we ‘re given now, we think it ‘s better to eat at a fast nutrient eating house alternatively and we forget about eating healthy. Fast nutrient is acquiring more in demand as we know it, ensuing to the growing of the fast nutrient industry. As they get bigger, more people will come to eat at their eating houses. Now with their bringing hotline, people can merely do an attempt to name their Numberss and the nutrient will be delivered to their doorsill after half an hr. With a speedy drive-thru, you get your nutrient in less than 15 proceedingss or less! They make everything easier and faster for us because they know that that ‘s what the clients want. We besides see so many advertizements around us, whether we are at place or on the route. The advertizements are on the wireless, on hoardings, on the cyberspace, in newspapers, and in magazines. It ‘s as if they ‘re naming out to us and seting the thought in our caputs to eat their nutrient at their nearest eating house every bit shortly as possible. They give us easy to retrieve Numberss so that we can name them anytime and anyplace without holding to look at the directory book. Most fast nutrient eating houses are now unfastened 24/7 so we can halt by or name them anytime we want. Because it ‘s so easy, we get so used to eating at fast nutrient eating houses that we do n’t necessitate to look at their bill of fare to cognize what we want. This merely shows us that eating there is more of a modus operandi for us now. At about three in the afternoon, we get hungry and the first thing that pops up in our caputs is “ I ‘m hungering for McDonald ‘s Chicken McNuggets right now, with french friess and an Apple pie! ” What most people do n’t recognize is that eating excessively much of it is really unsafe for us because we are non cognizant of the content.

Fast Food Addiction

Bringing immature kids to fast nutrient eating houses for breakfast is a bad determination to do because the kid can acquire addicted to the spirit and gustatory sensation of the nutrient. Once the kid gets addicted to it, he or she will non halt inquiring for more. The thought that fast nutrient is better than other nutrient will be implanted into their caputs and they will acquire addicted even until maturity. It is better to do kids pattern eating more alimentary nutrient such as veggies and fruits.

Surveies have shown that fast nutrient is every bit addicting as drugs. Scientists made an experiment with rats and how they reacted to the fast nutrient the scientists gave them. The rats which were given the fast nutrient became corpulent and addicted to it. Professor Paul H. Kenny, who works as a professor of molecular therapeutics at the Scripps Research Institute, stated that the rats ‘ encephalons were used to eating nutrient that was extremely enjoyable that it would non travel for anything else or make anything else but eat the nutrient given to them. The rats would disregard electric dazes merely to eat the nutrient ( Greviskes ) .

Fast nutrient, like drugs, can take to addiction, therefore, a individual addicted to fast nutrient will hold to digest the effects. The more we eat fast nutrient, the more we will acquire addicted. We will take to eat merely fast nutrient and nil else. Children at a immature age, when given fast nutrient, may acquire used to eating fast nutrient. When they do, they may acquire corpulent when they are non given a balanced diet.

Food Content

Fast nutrient can do us really full even at a inexpensive monetary value. The ground for this is because fast nutrient eating houses use inexpensive ingredients for their nutrient which contain high sums of Na, cholesterin, Calories and fat ( Children ‘s Hospital Boston ) .

There are a batch of utilizations for Na. It can be used to continue nutrient, heighten its spirit, and to forestall the growing of pathogens. But Na can do really unsafe effects if one consumes excessively much of it. It can give us an addition in blood force per unit area and a high hazard of bosom diseases. Harmonizing to the American Heart Association, it is best if one limits their Na consumption to less than 1,500 milligram of Na per twenty-four hours ( American Heart Association, Inc. ) . The nutrient on the McDonald ‘s bill of fare with the highest Na content is the McDonald ‘s Spanish Omelet Bagel with a Na content of 1570 milligram ( Fast ) . That ‘s more than the Na intake one must devour per twenty-four hours in a individual beigel.

Fats, with the right sum, are good because it keeps us warm and shock absorbers our variety meats inside our organic structure. Some fatty acids are indispensable to our organic structure because they are used up for energy and go portion of our organic structure chemicals, such as endocrines. Fats are classified into two types: saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are found merely in works merchandises while saturated fats are found in carnal merchandises. Another name for concentrated fat is cholesterin. Cholesterol helps the organic structure absorb what we need, although excessively much cholesterin is besides bad for our organic structure. It can do bosom diseases and osteoporosis because it can thin the castanetss ( Berkoff 124 ) .

Kilogram calories are released in the digestion and soaking up of nutrient. Some nutrient and drinks contain Calories. We should non worry about if there are Calories in nutrient or non, but how much Calories nutrient has. The recommended Calorie consumption per twenty-four hours for us is 2000 Calories. Fast nutrient is packed with really high sums of Calories that one breakfast repast can hold up to 1000 Calories. That ‘s half the Calories you can take up in a twenty-four hours.


Fast nutrient can do us a batch of bad diseases like fleshiness and high blood force per unit area. Bing corpulent does non merely lower our self-esteem, it can besides increase hazards of high blood pressure, bosom disease, shot, arthritis, diabetes and some types of malignant neoplastic disease.

Statisticss show that more than 190 million in the American population are corpulent and the diseases that are related with fleshiness costs 147 billion dollars every twelvemonth ( Doane ) . Clearly, something has to be done about this, and non merely in America. We should be really cognizant of the nutrient we eat and the things we do. One manner is to non do eating fast nutrient a modus operandi for us by believing of the possible effects it can give us. A good thought to forestall fleshiness is to keep a healthy life style and exercising daily to utilize up the energy that we consume.

One kid fighting with fleshiness stated that “ she started deriving weight when her household started purchasing cheaper nutrients ” ( Doane ) . She observed that she became corpulent when they started to budget their nutrient and to acquire cheaper nutrient alternatively, viz. , nutrient from fast nutrient eating houses. However, fleshiness can be prevented, and that starts with the pick of nutrient we eat every twenty-four hours. There are a batch of better nutrients that are healthier and more alimentary than fast nutrient. All it takes for us to make is to acquire used to a healthy diet.


Diabetess is a disease wherein there is excessively much sugar in the blood stream. It is caused by deficiency of insulin in our organic structure. Insulin is released by our pancreas and it is used to keep blood sugar. The most common type of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes. It is caused by excessively much fleshiness and the deficiency of exercising. With the turning figure of fast nutrient eating houses around the universe, there is a high hazard for fleshiness in our society.

Most people consume fast nutrient because they do non hold the clip to cook for themselves, or merely merely do non trouble oneself at all. They are seting themselves at a higher hazard of fleshiness and diabetes, or worse, decease.

Statisticss show that 7.8 % of the population in the United States have diabetes. In 2006, Diabetes was one of the highest causes of decease in the United States. 233,619 people died because of diabetes in 2005 ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) .

Fast Food State

From book to film, writer Eric Schlosser ‘s Fast Food Nation was a hit. Schlosser was able to travel into the workss and the mills where the meats used by fast nutrient articulations are made. He observed that a batch of factors taking to nutrient borne illnesses from fast nutrient eating houses start at these workss and mills. Factors like the procedure of cutting meat, intervention of cowss, and the usage of chemicals to flim-flam our heads to eat fast nutrient.

Everything that goes into our tummy should be treated with the uttermost attention because it is the fuel that drives us to go healthy and have adequate energy. However, the intervention that cattle get from the mills and workss is awful. They are given little, crowded infinite to populate in, and are barely cared for. Other than that, they are fed the remains of dead hogs, Equus caballuss and domestic fowl, metal fragments, saw dust, and cowss blood ( Stacel ) . Feeding these to the cowss will do them weak and will do them lose alimentary content. Some unwellnesss will get down to develop in them, and therefore instances of nutrient borne unwellnesss take topographic point. When the cowss are “ ready ” , they are forced to walk to where they are traveling to be slaughtered. The cowss which are excessively weak to walk are so traveling to be picked up by forklifts ( Stacel ) .

While workers in workss are required to butcher 175 cowss per hr twenty old ages ago, workers today are now required to butcher 400 cowss per hr. Because of this, the workers tend to be less careful in butchering the cowss. This leads to accidents like limbs of the workers acquiring assorted up and processed into what clients think are merely cow meat. Not merely limbs acquire assorted into the meat, but besides the external wastes of the cowss because workers who are non careful plenty by chance cut the enteric cords of the cowss ( Stacel ) .

Fast nutrient eating houses besides work into flim-flaming our heads to purchase their nutrient ( Stacel ) . They want us to believe that what we buy from them are healthy and fresh, while the truth is it is all old, dead, and dirty. They use chemicals like nutrient colouring in the meat to demo clients that their bright ruddy meat had merely been slaughtered for them to purchase, while other chemicals trick our olfactory organs. The odor that comes from nutrient is frequently noticed or observed first before savoring. Knowing how strong the odor of nutrient can flim-flam our heads to eat, scientists made chemicals that imitate the odor that comes out of nutrient. This is where the odor of fast nutrient comes from, chemicals that want us to believe that what we are eating are existent beefburgers or Gallic french friess made with existent, fresh murphies.

The film Fast Food Nation is a docudrama that will alter person ‘s head to halt eating fast nutrient. Peoples will recognize how careless and ruthless the fast nutrient industry works to sell what they call nutrient.

Avoiding Fast Food

When people are on the route, and are hungry, they normally go to the nearest fast nutrient eating house but there are ways to forestall people in this sort of state of affairss from eating at a fast nutrient eating house. The simplest manner is to convey along any little, portable and alimentary nutrient that can be eaten inside a auto. Foods like staff of life, sandwiches, or a banana are so much healthier and alimentary than fast nutrient and they are the perfect nutrient that can be eaten inside a auto.

At place, when you do n’t experience the impulse to cook, a simple and fast manner to eat is to blend up together a simple salad for yourself or your household. Alternatively of Gallic french friess, baked murphies are merely as tasty and are healthier.


Eating fast nutrient is a large hazard to our wellness because it can do different unwellnesss like diabetes and fleshiness. Some people may state that eating fast nutrient one time in a piece is non at all bad, but we should still be careful and cognizant because eating fast nutrient is habit-forming.

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