The Scarlet Letter Book Report

1. What is the book about?

This book is about a adult female named Hester Prynne, who committed criminal conversation with a successful reverend named Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Hester Prynne was already married to an older physician, who subsequently called himself Roger Chillingworth. Hester and Reverend Dimmesdale ‘s girl was the small Pearl. Hester Prynne was punished to stand on the scaffold with the vermilion missive “ A ” A? on her bosom and state everyone who the male parent of the babe was. Hester refused to state the name of the male parent and was mocked by everyone and was humiliated in public. Everyone viewed her as a awful adult female who had done unacceptable things and was supposed to be killed. Hester was non put to decease nevertheless, but was imprisoned in a bad province. The babe miss was shouting and the prison guard called a physician to come and analyze them. The physician that the prison guard brought was Roger Chillingworth. He calmed the babe and her female parent with pills and had a talk with Hester, his married woman. Chillingworth told Hester that if she kept the secret that he is her hubby, so he will non harm her or the babe. Hester agreed, but refused to state him who the male parent of the babe was. Chillingworth was really disquieted and told her that he will happen out who the male parent was and anguish and penalize him. After a piece, Hester and her babe were set free, but Hester decided to remain in New England and wore the vermilion missive “ A ” A? every twenty-four hours and was isolated by the people at that place. Hester acted really nicely toward other people after she was let travel. After seven old ages, Hester and Pearl, who had grown to be an intelligent immature miss, met Mr. Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. At that clip, Mr. Dimmesdale ‘s wellness was really awful and Chillingworth was his physician. Hester found out that Mr. Dimmesdale was tortured by the guilt in his bosom for the past seven old ages, while Hester lived a reasonably good life with her girl. Chillingworth and Dimmesdale were populating together and were thought to be friends. Alternatively, Chillingworth was avenging against Dimmesdale everyday without noticed by Dimmesdale that he was the hubby of Hester. One twenty-four hours when Dimmesdale and Hester met in a wood entirely with the small Pearl, they talked about go forthing everything buttocks and traveling to Europe, where no 1 knows them, and get down a new life and Hester told him that Chillingworth is her hubby, who lived with him every twenty-four hours and seeking to take a retaliation against him. On the Election Day, Dimmesdale gave a great discourse. After that, he went to the scaffold along with Hester and Pearl. He told the populace that he was the male parent and died on at that place.

2. What was interesting about the secret plan and the characters?

Hester Prynne committed criminal conversation with the curate, Dimmesdale, and when she was asked by Mr. Dimmesdale, who the male parent of the kid was, she remained soundless. Pearl, the kid of Hester Prynne, ever saw her female parent with the vermilion missive “ A ” A? on her bosom, and did non desire to acquire closer to her female parent when Hester without the vermilion missive called her in the wood. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale was a sermonizer and was thought by everyone that he was holy and honored by everyone, but really, he was the 1 who committed criminal conversation, which was non tolerated by the people and was supposed to be killed. Roger Chillingworth, Hester ‘s hubby, came to the prison and gave Hester a pill for the kid and herself to quiet them down and do them experience better, but she refused to take them at first and doubting that her hubby was traveling to take retaliation. Mr. Dimmesdale lived with Roger Chillingworth for so long and ne’er knew that Chillingworth was taking retaliation on him and tormenting him mundane and thought that Chillingworth was his friend. Hester and Chillingworth talked in the forests that they were traveling to go forth New England and travel to Europe, where no 1 knows them, but on the Election twenty-four hours, Chillingworth confessed his wickedness and died on the scaffold.

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3. What penetrations might you acquire from the book?

There is no secret that can be kept everlastingly, particularly when the secret is something that you did incorrect and felt guilty about. You will be tortured mundane by the feeling of guilt and it would do you experience much better after you confess what you have done incorrect. It was incorrect to lie in order to make success in your life. Revenge is really powerful ; it can alter a individual wholly. Retaliation does you nil but do other people and your lives suffering, but love can do everyone happy. A error you make in your life is non traveling to destroy your life unless you ca n’t walk out of the shadow of your error. If you change the manner you act, other people will experience it and hold different sentiments about you. Guilty feelings will finally do you ill and have bad wellness. You can non remain healthy with guilt in your bosom.

4. Did you like the writer ‘s manner of authorship?

No, I do n’t wish the writer ‘s manner of authorship, because it ‘s excessively old English and I can non truly understand it to the full. I have a difficult clip understanding the manner sentences were written and it takes me a long clip to acquire through a page. The duologues were non present twenty-four hours address, which makes it difficult for me to acquire what they mean. We do n’t usually talk like that. They order of the words are sometimes rearranged, and I need to read it in the manner that I may understand them. The writer used excessively many words that I do n’t cognize. I do n’t wish to read what I have a difficult clip understanding every sentence. I want to bask reading the book alternatively of seeking to calculate out what every sentence mean. I do n’t wish the composing manner of the writer who uses English that I have problem understand. I do n’t wish how the vermilion missive was written.

5. Did you like the book? Why or why non?

No, I do n’t wish the book, because it takes me excessively long to complete the book and I do n’t really understand what the narrative is approximately. The duologues were so difficult to understand and I am non familiar with the utilizations of the words in the book. The writer uses excessively many words to depict a simple thing, individual, or puting. The narrative is excessively long-winded with excessively many unneeded words. I have problem understand more than ninety per centum of the narrative. I do n’t acquire what the writer seeking to show most of the clip. The words are really hard for me to understand. The manner of speech production is wholly different from what I have learned. Even the words that the kid spoke were so difficult to understand. I felt like I am non educated plenty to read and understand this idea arousing book. The more I read ; the more confusion I get. I thought I am reading an English book, but I am like reading a foreign linguistic communication book. I do n’t wish this book.

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