The Scarlet Letter Vs The Awakening

The novel The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne is mostly based on the act of criminal conversation, individuality, and love. Similarly, The Awakening, written by Kate Chopin connects good with the Scarlet Letter as it portions a similar subjects, motives of self-discovery and the manner of battles. The chief characters, Hester Prynne and Edna Pontellier, develop these battles and adversities by leting their desires overcome themselves and as a consequence, these overpowering aspirations come with effects. Ultimately, the world of life and the effects of certain state of affairss combined can drive a human spirit into a province where there is no return.

The supporters ‘ from The Scarlet Letter and The Awakening portion similar characterics, therefore being that they are both strong-minded adult females. Hester protects her true love, Reverend Dimmesdale, as she is put on the scaffold, by taking her effects head-on and taking affairs into her ain custodies. As a consequence, Hester now wears an embroidered missive “ A ” boldly onto her and has to digest all the humiliation from the populace due to her act of criminal conversation. This act could hold been easy avoided by flying, as no 1 else would hold thought what the true significance of the missive is, but Hester did non desire to run off from her jobs, alternatively she acknowledged it. This pick entirely pays off in the terminal as the significance of the missive changes to “ adulterer ” to “ able ” – “ They said that it meant Able ; so strung was Hester Prynne, with a adult female ‘s strength. ” ( Chapter 13, page 139 ) . On the contrary, Edna takes charge of herself by taking herself to her ain self-discovery. She is able to digest her hubby and other jobs happenings in her life. As spots of her are being gathered, Edna finds herself to be isolated from others more frequently than usual, but even at this province, Edna remains strong and determined. Independence for Edna is cardinal to her individuality ; the chief spring towards this independency was when she had moved to the “ pigeon house ” . Bing able to get away from her ain place, which all of her hubby ownerships ever surrounded her, she was able to acquire off from being one of his “ properties ” herself. Edna moves to this house, without the conformity of her ain hubby, “ Without even waiting for an reply from her hubby sing his sentiment or wants in the affair, Edna hastened her readyings for discontinuing her place on Esplanade Street and traveling into the small house around the block ” . ( Chapter 29, Page 220 ) . This action entirely shows how strong she is as she is willing to alter what she is and is n’t afraid of the effects of her ain actions.

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Last, these two novels portion more than merely wickednesss and desperation, but portion love and familiarity with another person. Following their Black Marias, Hester and Edna did non follow matrimonial constructions they dared to dispute the traditionsof society in a manner that would let them to be viewed as evildoers. Hester had one time fell for a adult male named Chillingworth, but finally lost feelings for him due to his absence of two old ages. Hester finally falls in love with an person of higher position, the town ‘s curate, Arthur Dimmesdale. The love that Hester had for Dimmesdale was like no other. Her love with him was so strong that she was willing to take all shame and humiliation of her wickednesss, without uncovering the individuality of her spouse when she was asked on the scaffold – “ Madam Hester perfectly refuseth to talk, and the magistrates have laid their caputs together in vain. ” ( Chapter 3, Page 19 ) . Edna ‘s effects were non every bit terrible as Hester ‘s, but her love for others was expected and instead self-generated. Edna ‘s love for Leonce was “ strictly an accident ” ( Chapter 7, page 46 ) falling in love with him because of his devotedness and dedication to her. Finally, Edna falls in love with Robert ; her love grows stronger each passing twenty-four hours when she is non with him.

In decision, the supporters ‘ from these two novels, Hester Prynne and Edna Pontellier portion similar narratives. The two different plot lines were able to hold a connexion through multiple ways, whether it was perpetrating errors, holding strong finding for state of affairss or holding an emotion of fondness and personal fond regard to a certain single. These actions of errors can show how an person is able to excel their wickednesss to a point where it allows them to detect their true egos.

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