The Story of a Malaysian People

As I sat on my bed tilting against a bare wall right across the room looking at how the steady beads of raindrops sluiced down my window-pane on a glooming rainy forenoon, I let my head roll off to visualise the chilly forenoon of 11 June 1981, right as the clock ticked 3.00 a.m.[ 1 ]– the minute the cogwheel was pulled, the platform beneath his pess opened, the rope around his cervix sliting into his delicate tegument and within nanoseconds the tenseness intensified and in a split 2nd his life ended, Botak Chin – hanged, dead, and gone.

Oh how the adult female of Malaysia must hold teared and cried, as how sheets of rain started turn uping in doing my ear to be swelled with the sound of rain rain against my window. But allow ‘s non bury the feeling of huge sorrow, torment and hurt that filled the Black Marias of all the donees of Botak Chin as the topic lived to ‘rob the rich for the hapless ‘ ,[ 2 ]at least supplying the hapless and suppressed society a better opportunity to populate. And for those who were at the other side of the having terminal, purely talking those whom the topic offended merely to acquire his manner, good you can conceive of the suspirations of alleviation and load that was washed off now that their menace was out of head, out of sight.

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Ah, what a contention.

And hence, what a great subject to compose on.

In instance you were inquiring who in the universe is Botak Chin, and why in the universe would anyone give themselves such a reasonable incognito, Botak Chin was non good, bald. His existent name is Wong Swee Chin and he is known as Botak Chin merely because he wanted to assist the hapless and helpless. Do n’t acquire it? Well Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s expression at it in footings of the Malay linguistic communication – ‘Bantu Orang Tak Ada Kerja ‘ a.k.a BOTAK.[ 3 ]Enlightened? Well, yes I would trust so. Again, in instance you were inquiring, and you decidedly would, what did this adult male do to merit so much attending? And why am I raving so much about him as though he is my womb-to-tomb dream spouse? That you would happen out as you unravel the enigmas of his ephemeral life, with our aid of class. But first, allow me give you a brief debut of our topic of treatment.

Merely seek googling Botak Chin and you ‘ll happen that in any web site you click, he is dubbed as Malaysia ‘s version of Robin Hood. Harmonizing to the Malayan high-profile felon records, he was known as Malaysia ‘s most ill-famed mobster in the 1970 ‘s, with a series of robberies, bloody inter-gang competitions and quarrels with the constabulary.[ 4 ]“ He was a mastermind in his ain manner. He was small-sized but if he set his head to make something, cipher could hold stopped him. ” “ He was ever one measure in front of you, ” was Abu Bakar Juah ‘s remarks about Botak Chin.[ 5 ]

Now you get the effect of Botak, an debut being an debut, I should allow the remainder of my squad enthrall you with Botak ‘s life and his environing buddies. Till so, delight make bask our study.

At The Beginning

Written by ; Lee Boon Ho

Family Background

After looking at the image of Botak Chin it is truly amusing to see that a cat with a head full of locks being named botak, which in Bahasa Melayu stands for bald. Make non worry, his parents were non seeking to be amusing or anything, the account on how he got the rubric botak was explained in our debut. However, his parents did give him a proper name, which was Wong Swee Chin.

This ill-famed mobster was born in 1951 and hails from Kuala Lumpur. Bing a mobster that brought much fright to the society life in Kuala Lumpur in the 1970ss, there was much inquiry and rumor about his household background and upbringing. Some thought he was an orphan and some even said his male parent was a Mafia Godhead. However, after making a thorough research, his household and upbringing was really much like any normal individual walking on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Botak Chin came from a household of 12. He had nine siblings. As his male parent was a retired person who worked with the Malayan Railways, they lived at the Malayan Railway Quarters following to the Caltex station in Jalan Ipoh[ 6 ]. Although they were hapless, Botak Chin ‘s male parent ever reminded his kids to ever make good workss and ever have a fastness onto their rules and values in life. His male parent was instead rigorous with the upbringing of his kids.

However, after the decease of his female parent, Botak Chin felt disconnected from his household for he shared a really close relationship with his female parent. Furthermore, his household started to fall apart as a consequence of his female parent ‘s passing for his pa could non get by with looking after 10 kids and supplying an income for the household. Hence, after losing his fastness, he found consolation in his close friends who became his close comrades and intimate. He stayed away from place and he preferred remaining with his friends[ 7 ]. He felt more comfy and a stronger sense of belonging when he was with the company of his close friends. He treated them like his really ain brothers.

Sadly, passing excessively much clip off from place meant he had excessively much freedom and he did non hold anyone to look out for him or to demo him the right way in life. He did non hold a guardian matured plenty to rede him on what was right and what was incorrect. Away from his male parent ‘s alert oculus[ 8 ], he easy was exposed to the dark underworld and how was it like to populate as a mobster. He was intrigued and drawn to the life style of a mobster for he felt they were powerful and they could transfuse a sense of fright in people. He wanted to cognize more, he wanted to be like them and he did.

Early Education

His parents placed a batch of importance on instruction. Therefore they made the attempt to give all of their 10 kids the proper instruction they needed to win in life. Botak Chin received his early primary instruction at a Chinese common school. He so went on to analyze at Methodist Boys ‘ Secondary School in Sentul. However, Botak Chin was non really interested in books and figures. So he lost involvement in his instruction and did non finish his secondary school surveies. Alternatively he quitted school when he merely completed Form 3, after sitting for his Lower Certificate of Education scrutiny[ 9 ]. Botak Chin became a school dropout at a immature age of 15[ 10 ].

It was a commiseration that Botak Chin did non finish his instruction, for by judging on how he thought and how he carried himself, he was of course intelligent and he was evidently gifted with encephalons and humor.

Quoting Abu Bakar Juah, one of the prison guards that had the opportunity to guard the legendary Botak Chin ;

“ He was a mastermind in his ain manner. He was small-sized but if he set his head to make something, cipher could hold stopped him ” .[ 11 ]

He even had a instead sociable and sympathetic personality ;

Abu Bakar says Wong could be friendly and he used to hold a game of draughtss with him[ 12 ].

A adult male with huge finding ; non burying humor and intelligence with a little touch of manner and personal appeal, Botak Chin had the natural stuffs of going person great, possibly even a leader. He did go a leader, a instead influential one that many spoke off and cognize, but for all the incorrect grounds.

His Work

Written by ; Eunice Agnes Sivasothey

Although proclaiming himself as the Malaysia ‘s “ Robin Hood ” , Botak Chin managed to transfuse such fright and anxiety in the heads of his fellow countrymen. Ill-famed for being a inhuman slayer which set the state amok with his uncountable offenses and serious violent disorder of slayings, left the constabulary force during the 1970 ‘s puzzled and stumped on how they are of all time traveling to eventually convey justness to this adult male.

Wong Swee Chin ( Botak Chin ) embarked into a life of offense in the early old ages of his life. After discontinuing school at the stamp age of 15, Botak Chin was exposed to the life of the underworld and got himself involved in a pack which called themselves “ Gang 360 in Kuala Lumpur ” .[ 13 ]Gang 360 ( Sak Pak Lok ) consisted of local goons which influenced him to perpetrate junior-grade and minor offenses.[ 14 ]

In the twelvemonth 1969, when Botak Chin was merely 18 years-old he illicitly obtained his very foremost piece which was a 0.22 six-gun. Soon after, he created his really ain pack and became the originator of 8 robberies. However, he was caught finally and was thrown in gaol for seven old ages. Botak Chin was released from prison in November 1974.[ 15 ]

As any inmate released from gaol, Botak Chin tried really difficult to turn over a new foliage and live a Reformed life. He turned away from offense and attempted to populate a respectable life by selling veggies to gain a life. However, he found populating an honorable life was difficult and palling for the income was small and scarce. Populating under such conditions, the thought of returning to his old life started organizing in his head once more.[ 16 ]

Within less than a twelvemonth of his release from gaol, Botak Chin returned to a life of offense and in April 1975, he formed a new pack which comprised of a few of his friends, viz. ; Ng Cheng Wong ( Ah Wong ) , Beh Kok Chin ( Pangkor Chai ) dan Teh Bok Lay ( Seh Chai ) .

Botak Chin and his buddies ( as portrayed in the biographical movie of himself )[ 17 ]

The really following month, he went up to Thailand in hunt of a friend of his to buy guns which were needed for robberies.[ 18 ]Readily armed with guns, Botak Chin and his pack attacked an illegal chancing lair in Sentul on the 2nd of June 1975. They successfully escaped with RM5,800. Money obtained from that robbery was used by Botak Chin to heighten his pack ‘s force. He went up to Thailand once more to get more pieces and ammunition. He purchased 8 more pieces and 100 slugs.[ 19 ]

Items seized by Malayan constabulary after Botak Chin ‘s apprehension ( now on show @ Malaysia Police Museum )[ 20 ]

The pack ‘s following act was to rob a bank in Jalan Imbi. From that robbery, they obtained RM95,000 in hard currency and RM25,00 of the entire amount was used to buy a Datsun auto. Not long after that, Botak Chin and his buddies robbed a Buddhist temple on Jalan Kolam Ayer.[ 21 ]They shot a few mah-jong participants and looted RM10,000 worth of goods including hard currency, gold and expensive points[ 22 ].

Botak Chin started a violent disorder of robberies and this violent disorder caught the attending of the so City ‘s Criminal Investigation Department deputy caput, Deputy Superintendent S.Kulasingam and he was on the quest to capture Botak Chin. Due to legion robberies, pack battles and even gun conflicts with the constabulary, Botak Chin was running low on ammunition and pieces. Hence, to get the better of this defect, he attacked three police officers and took their handguns. He even stole pieces belonging to security guards during a robbery at a saloon in Sentul.[ 23 ]Botak Chin besides enjoyed demoing off his abilities and capablenesss in managing guns. He would dispute anyone at Sentul Railway Club to vie who was better at Cowboy Style shot.[ 24 ]

However, of all the offenses he committed, the biggest and most unsafe robbery he executed was the robbing of a security guard transporting money to the Horse Racing Club. This monolithic robbery took topographic point on the 26th of October 1975. Botak Chin shot the security guard and managed to get away without being caught with RM218, 000 in hard currency. The hard currency obtained was one time once more used to purchase even more pieces from Thailand. He spent about RM40, 000 buying a immense aggregation of arms which included 19 pieces, 5 grenades and 1,000 slugs[ 25 ].

Apart from forming robberies, Botak Chin was besides involved in assorted pack wars. One outstanding pack war which he was involved in was the pack war between his ain pack and the ill-famed Five Finger Mountain pack. This peculiar war was plain bloody and dismaying. The pack war resulted in a few deceases viz. the decease of the Five Finger Mountain gang leader every bit good as the decease of Botak Chin ‘s ain pack member, Ah Wong[ 26 ]

The engagement of Botak Chin is a big figure of offenses and the his ability to defy gaining control from the constabulary force and flight life endangering state of affairss lead many to believe he had something more than fortune on his side. Something that made him powerful, fearless and even at times unbeatable. Hence, there were theories and rumors about him holding an talisman or a lucky appeal that gave him supernatural powers. It was said that Botak Chin wore a BE2480 ( Internet Explorer: 1937 AD ) batch Tok Raja ( a celebrated Buddhist monastic ) pidtta and takrut ( a type of encased enchantment coil made by the Tok Raja ) . Because of this pidtta, Botak Chin was able to ever all of a sudden disappear whenever the constabulary tried to collar him or he could merely hedge the sight of the constabulary trying to collar him. Harmonizing to the fable, pidttas provides strong protection and gives the wearer the ability to avoid danger. Many believe that the constabulary managed to eventually grok Botak Chin with the aid of Tok Raja.[ 27 ]

Whatever the instance possibly, whether Botak Chin had an talisman giving him powers or he was merely one lucky individual, I believe that luck played a really minor function in his offenses and robberies. The success of his robberies and his astonishing ability of out-witting the constabulary force clip and clip once more most decidedly did non entirely depend on sheer fortune but more on his humor and fore-sight. And citing him, he said, “ I was ever one measure in front of you ( the constabulary ) ” .[ 28 ]

In his ain particular and alone manner, he was a pure mastermind with an astonishing head.

The Capture

Written by ; Rachel Chong Suet Yeng

Botak Chin brought in by the constabulary.

This portion of the chapter is based on the existent life experience of Datuk Syed Meer Wahid Al-Hubshee Syed Ibrahim, 78, a dedicated, loyal and determined ex-police officer who served the constabulary force from 1951 to 1986, and who was penned down in history as being the ‘unsung hero ‘ and engineer behind the concluding gaining control of Malaysia ‘s most ill-famed felon, Botak Chin, a.k.a, Wong Swee Chin.[ 29 ]

Unfortunately for Botak Chin, the dark of 16 February 1976 marks the terminal of term of his controversial behavior, protecting the public assistance of the hapless and incapacitated, albeit by ill-conceived ways as seen by some but his rules regarded by others as baronial and compassionate. Harmonizing to Datuk Syed Meer Wahid Al-Hubshee Syed Ibrahim, or more normally known as Syed Meor, he was the Campbell territory ( soon known as Dang Wangi ) caput officer who courageously took up the function of the late Deputy Superintendent ( DSP ) S Kulasingam, Head of section of Crime Investigation, Kuala Lumpur after the latter was injured by Botak Chin ‘s buddies and was being treated in the infirmary.

The foray which finally lead to the apprehension of Botak Chin took topographic point in a sawmill mill in Jalan Ipoh which was tipped off by an betrayer that there were heroin thrusters in the sawmill mill. Syed Meor ordered the betrayer to steal into the mill but to no help due to certain obstructions. Harmonizing to him, he had to take on the duty of measuring the state of affairs himself, and by which he wore a turban so as to non be recognised. Equally shortly as he saw the right manus adult male of Botak Chin, Pangkor Chai ( Beh Kok Chin ) , he instantly contacted the Kuala Lumpur main constabularies officer, Tan Sri Mohamed Amin Osman to name for 3 backup squads that would environ the sawmill mill.

The fast one was to stop any phone calls made from within the mill to corroborate the presence of Botak Chin in the alleged hideaway. To their discouragement, no phone calls were made for four yearss directly, and therefore the constabulary force could non take action as fright of destroying their opportunities. The 4th dark was the last dark the constabulary force was traveling to put around and delay, aimlessly for a miracle to go on. And it was a jar of the blue that phone call was made on the last dark of the operation, and genuinely, it was without a uncertainty the voice of Botak Chin. The topic phoned his buddies in Ipoh and the program was to assail Genting Highlands.

Equally shortly as the constabulary confirmed that Botak Chin was in the sawmill mill, they burst into the scene and started a gun-shooting stretch. Approximately 500 gun shootings and rupture gas were discharged which resulted in an extended helter-skelter state of affairs. Pangkor Chai and Ah Keong counter-attacked the constabulary force with more gunfires and threw a grenade towards the constabulary. In the thick of the brainsick state of affairs, Botak was shot at his leg and right manus. In obvious hurting, he crawled towards two of his best right manus adult male but fright and guilt enveloped him as he found both of them lying every bit still as a log, dead and gone.[ 30 ]As the ambiance cleared up, Sentul main officer ( which Syed Meor misplaced his name ) found Botak lying impotently beneath a tabular array.[ 31 ]“ Sir… Please assist me. ” Was all that he could express.

Botak was dragged out from beneath the tabular array. This marks the terminal of Botak ‘s autonomy and invisibleness as he eventually fell into the long weaponries of jurisprudence.


Written by ; Choong Huayen

Transporting Botak Chin ‘s organic structure to be buried.

Wong Swee Chin better known as Botak Chin was arrested for a twelvemonth after being caught by the constabulary force. To the constabulary force that was on Botak Chin ‘s trail, the twenty-four hours of his gaining control was a twenty-four hours of jubilation and exultation for many thought it was virtually impossible to catch this ill-famed pack leader. However, the alleged “ unbeatable ” adult male was eventually brought in and was so handed over to the tribunals where justness was about to bechance on him.

Botak Chin was so pleaded guilty by the Kuala Lumpur High Court and was given the much dreaded decease punishment after being convicted on three charges under the Internal Security Act ( ISA )[ 32 ]. For all the barbarous and inhuman offenses he had done, he was sentenced to decease by the rope, which many in the state thought that this was the lone penalty suited for such a heartless mobster that caused mayhem and released panic among the community in Klang Valley during the 1970ss.

He did non desire to decease ; he did non desire to stop his life in such an unstylish manner neither did he desire to acknowledge licking for he felt his concern here was non complete yet. Therefore, he hired a attorney and appealed against his sentence to the Privy Council on the 1st of April 1980.[ 33 ]Botak Chin defended himself by naming himself the modern twenty-four hours “ Robin Hood ”[ 34 ]as he had robbed from the rich and gave some spoils to the hapless while he used the staying spoils to purchase more equipment for the following robbery. There was this one incident where Botak Chin showed compassion and commiseration towards an old ice-cream marketer. Botak Chin met this old adult male selling ice-cream on a bike. He told the old adult male to acquire off his bike, and he grabbed clasp of the old bike and threw it across the route. He so reached into his pocket and pulled out a few thousand ringgit. He gave the money to the old adult male and told the old adult male to travel place and acquire some remainder[ 35 ].

However, the tribunal did non govern in his favor and Botak Chin was found guilty on the 16th of May 1980. The Board of Pardons and Supreme Court refused the entreaty Botak Chin has made ; he was non traveling to get away the rope.[ 36 ]To them, the sum of wrong-doing and the sum of panic caused by him was more than terrible adequate and they did non see fit to let person like him to get away the gallows of decease.

After being denied a opportunity to appeal against the decease sentence, Botak Chin became despairing ; he did non desire to decease, this is non how he wanted to travel, he had to happen a manner out no affair what it took. He had to make something to acquire out of this quandary and he needed to move rapidly for clip was non on his side. Hence, on the 1st of January 1981, he made a despairing effort to get away the Pudu Prison from his decease row cell. Botak Chin used a crisp arm to get away ; he mercilessly stabbed three prison functionaries in his gruesome and despairing effort to get away the decease gallows. However, Botak Chin was unsuccessful and he sustained really serious hurts in his effort to get away[ 37 ]. After this failed effort at get awaying, Botak Chin did non hold the strength neither did he hold the will to seek to get away any longer ; he eventually surrendered and accepted his destiny. He merely waited patiently and softly for the twenty-four hours of the hanging, for his finite terminal of his life as a condemnable feared by many.

Botak Chin had a petition before he was hanged. A petition that surprised many and caused many to oppugn their perceptual experience of him as a heartless and barbarous felon. He wished to donate all his critical variety meats to the infirmary for medical intents. This act signifies the purposes of perchance a good adult male who was misjudged and likely went about making good in the incorrect manner. However, this petition was besides denied as Botak Chin did non travel through the proper processs and did non compose a written consent[ 38 ]. It was disrespectful in a manner to deny this petition as this was Botak Chin ‘s deceasing wish before he was hanged from the rope.

Botak Chin had a concluding petition before his hanging ; he requested to have on his Tok Raja Pidtta during his rope hanging. His petition was denied, nevertheless, the justice promised to return the Pidtta to Botak Chin when he is confirmed dead[ 39 ]. This is because the Pidtta is believed to confer and give power to the wearer which enables the wearer disappear from danger and Botak Chin has escaped countless dangers and even gaining controls when he was have oning this Pidtta. The Pidtta may look like a superstitious belief and does non hold any solid or concrete cogent evidence of its powers. However, the justice most decidedly did non desire to put on the line Botak Chin get awaying once more. Hence, he disallowed the Pidtta as a safety step.

11th of June, 1981, the twenty-four hours of the hanging of Botak Chin had eventually arrived. As the prison guards entered Botak Chin ‘s prison cell to take him to the executing chamber, he said to them “ Sudah sampai ah? Saya rasa macam lari 100m, sudah sampai garisan penamat. ” ( Is it clip already? I felt like I ran 100m and I am near to making the coating line. ) Like standard process, the prison guard so wrapped his caput with a black fabric and Botak Chin was brought to the executing chamber blindfolded[ 40 ].

The silence that followed him was deafening and merely repeating footfalls were heard as Botak Chin easy climbed up the stairss of the executing platform, his concluding finish. He so stopped right under the rope hanger. The rope hanger was wrapped around his caput and Botak Chin was asked for his deceasing want, which was to donate his critical variety meats to the infirmary for medical intents. After his deceasing want was written down, there was pitch silent for a minute, as it was still 2.59am. Everyone held their breath as the hr of decease was upon them in merely a few minutes.

When the clock turned 3.00 am, the cogwheel was pulled. The platform under Botak Chin ‘s legs opened and his organic structure fell down and the rope violently broke his cervix and he was left hanging for a minute to guarantee he was decidedly dead. This was the terminal of the 28 twelvemonth old Botak Chin[ 41 ], the most ill-famed felon of that clip who lived dauntlessly and instilled the feeling of fright in everyone around him. People all over the state knew him ; even the small childs on the streets chanted his name during his reign. And now, eventually all around the state, everyone breathed a suspiration of understanding and alleviation, for the pursuit for Botak Chin had eventually ended.


S Kulasingam

Written by ; Ng Sijie

S. Kulasingam ( on the right ) recognizing other constabulary officers.

S Kulasingam besides known as Kula by his couples was the former helper CID head of Kuala Lumpur and Johor CID head[ 42 ]. S Kulasingam was born on 12 August 1931 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. He is a tall and immense individual. Kula is about 6 pess 2 inches and weighs about 216 lbs[ 43 ]. He is good built and strong which is much needed in his field work as a police officer and CID head. His name, S Kulasingam means “ king of beasts of the community ” in Tamil[ 44 ]which really good depict his function in the society. At a immature age of merely 19, he decided to fall in the constabulary force[ 45 ]. Before that, he worked as a instructor for around 6 months[ 46 ]. He so chose to discontinue his occupation as a instructor due to him desiring to assist construct a safer state for the benefit of the society.

Once he started his work as a police officer, he was really good respected. In July, 1951, he became a provisional inspector. At that clip he was simply 20 old ages old. With much accomplishment within him, he managed to mount up the rankings to achieve the station of adjunct overseer of constabulary in August 1957[ 47 ]. Soon, he became the constabulary officer most feared by felons around the 1970s. “ It ‘s non easy to kill me. I wo n’t travel before my figure is up, ” Kula had one time said in an interview, after holding survived several efforts on his life by despairing mobsters.[ 48 ]He was best known for capturing the ill-famed and ill-famed Botak Chin. Many robberies took topographic point under Botak Chin ‘s name. Therefore, a particular force led by S Kulasingam was required to do Botak Chin ‘s gaining control possible. This accomplishment made him one of the best constabulary officers in the Royal Malaysia Police ( PDRM ) .[ 49 ]He should be made as a function theoretical account for the young person of today and the hereafter.

During his clip functioning the state as a constabulary officer, he led many operations and achieved new highs by decrypting and work outing rare and complicating instances. S Kulasingam besides came in close combat with many unsafe every bit good as barbarous felons and inmates. One of his close decease state of affairss was a surprise ambuscade by Botak Chin at the intersection of Davis route traffic visible radiation, Circulat Road on 22 November 1975.[ 50 ]This was an effort on Botak Chin ‘s portion to assassinate him. 11 gunfires were fired at him that twenty-four hours. Fortunately, merely one shooting hit him right at his thorax. Amazingly, he was still able to maneuver out of the danger to safety at a nearby constabulary station which was the Cheras Police Station for backup and aid. Besides that, S Kulasingam besides operated in the instance which involved the psychopathologic raper Kepong Chai who raped adult females and scarred their faces after ravishing them.[ 51 ]

On April 7 1976, he survived a shooting in the tummy when he was present to assist battle at a robbery that occurred at a jewelry store in Paramount Gardens, Petaling Jaya[ 52 ]. He was really fortunate that dark for he was able to make the infirmary in clip. Besides that, he besides survived with minimum hurts when a 44-pound jar of formic acid was thrown straight at his organic structure[ 53 ]. He is a really lucky adult male as he dealt with many life and decease state of affairss and someway managed to last each one of them.

Outside his work, he is a amusing cat with a great and infective personality. He is a joy to be about. One of his avocations is listening and singing old Tamil vocals. He tends to sing them to entertain his friends and household. His nephew, S. Thirunavakarasu remembers S. Kulasingam as a friendly and loving uncle and besides treated him as his function theoretical account due to his leading and achievements as a well-known, righteous and baronial police officer.[ 54 ]

Over the old ages, he raided and captured many hideawaies of packs with eldritch and bizarre names such as the “ Mini-Cooper Gang ” and the “ Cowboys ”[ 55 ]. Every felon and criminal out at that place decidedly cognizant of his being and bequest. His passion, dedication and diligence in his field have earned him many awards and much congratulations from his higher-ups such as the Medal of the brave Kula ( PGB ) and Ahli Mangku Negara ( AMN ) . These are two really esteemed awards which help him derive much popularity and his position today.

After many panics and slug evasion, S Kulasingam retired in 1985 when he was about 54 old ages old. For about 35 old ages as a bull, he flirted with danger twenty-four hours and dark and therefore he surely deserves his long anticipated retirement after working hard for the state. After retirement, he lives comfortably in a two floored flat in Johor Bahru[ 56 ]. He ne’er married and he continued to stay a unmarried man and lived entirely for the remainder of his unrecorded. All he wanted was a peaceable and low profile life after all that bosom whipping minutes he had to cover with as a constabulary officer. He was one time asked about why he would non desire to acquire married, he quoted “ Field of unsafe work such as this requires some forfeits, ”[ 57 ]. What he said was true as he was involved in many life endangering state of affairss and this would decidedly endanger his household ‘s safety which would impede them from holding a normal life like the other households could.

On the 29th of September 2007, S Kulasingam was hospitalized after he slipped and fell in his bathroom in his flat at Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad[ 58 ]. Fortunately, one of his nephews was at that place to assist him. He was brought to the infirmary shortly after. He fractured his hip bone during this incident and had to travel for an operation. He was able to walk once more shortly after the operation[ 59 ]. However, he was still hospitalized due to some complications.

After 2 months of being in the infirmary, on the 29th of November 2007 ( Thursday ) , the top offense fellow in Malaysia, S Kulasingam passed off at Sultanah Aminah Hospital. With him present at that minute to listen to his last words were his younger sister S. Arthi, senior brother Dr S. Ratna, household members and close friends[ 60 ]. The 77 twelvemonth old ace bull left the universe he one time protected at 3.06am on that glooming Thursday forenoon. S. Kulasingam one time quoted: “ How could I decease of anything but old age? ”[ 61 ], that was good said as his decease was due to none other than old-age complications.

S Kulasingam was much a well-thought-of constabulary officer. His work and attempt towards the state will ne’er be forgotten and his permanent bequest will populate on. Thankss to him we have a safer state today. We as the young person of today and the future coevals of leaders should take him as a function theoretical account and possibly accomplish merely every bit much or hopefully even more than what he had done in life.

Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan

Written by ; Manoj

From the left ; TunA Dr.A Mahathir bin Mohamad and Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan

In the Botak Chin ‘s history, Dr Mahadevan plays a really important function as his head-shrinker. Dr Mahadevan who is the former manager of Tanjung Rambutan Mental Hospital in Perak[ 62 ]treated Botak Chin as he was asked to find whether or non Botak Chin was mentally strong or sane to stand for a test. From the find of Dr Mahadevan, it was found that Botak Chin is really a mastermind but a ill-conceived 1. Dr Mahadevan decided to take this rare chance to come in the head of this one-of-a sort felon with an bizarre outlook and seek to decode what was truly on his head and what were his existent purposes behind his actions.

Botak Chin explained himself in item to Dr Mahadevan at the mental infirmary that his lone purpose was to assist the hapless since he was immature. He wanted to protect the down-trodden and deprived from the mobsters who extorted money and corrupt functionaries[ 63 ]. Botak Chin besides told Dr Mahadevan that he was one time severely bashed up by delinquents and mobsters who entered his vegetable stall at the market and tried up to extort money from him. Although they failed to make so, they viciously attacked him and caused his collar bone to fracture. That was decidedly an unforgettable incident to Botak Chin as he decided to take up soldierly humanistic disciplines for self-defense intent. Not merely did Botak Chin do that, he besides told Dr Mahadevan that he joined into a pack for protection[ 64 ]. And now he feels that it is his duty and responsibility to protect his sort from any injury and subjugation so that they would non hold to travel through what he when through in the yesteryear.

Dr Mahadevan knew that peculiar incident had a terrible impact on Botak Chin ‘s life. Dr Mahadevan besides came to cognize that Botak Chin encouraged the society to fall in his secret pack in order to avoid being harmed and exploited by the corrupt functionaries and the mobsters. Dr Mahadevan besides admired Botak Chin when he said that the members of his society had taken an curse to cut their hair abruptly, non to take the hapless for granted and decidedly non to take drugs[ 65 ]. Dr Mahadevan had a good feeling on Botak Chin because he knew that Botak Chin ‘s ultimate purpose was merely to assist the hapless and non to do problem or pandemonium in this state.

Dr Mahadevan besides managed to happen out from Botak Chin that he was called the Robin Hood by the villagers in his small town because of his act of robbing from the rich and giving considerable sums of spoils to the hapless. Botak Chin knew that by this manner he would be able to supply aid for the hapless.

Although he gave merely small to the hapless, the remainder of the money that he robbed, he had given it to to his pack and portion of it to the household of those members who were killed by the constabulary. Through this attempt of his, the household members would hold fewer loads to transport. Dr Mahadevan knew that this act of his would do him to seek safety and spent the remainder of his life concealment when being spotted by the constabulary.

It was obvious that with the aid provided by Botak Chin to the community, the community were decidedly seeking to assist him escape.Dr Mahadevan knew that Botak Chin had managed to capture the Black Marias and heads of the community through his courageous actions. Although what Botak Chin did was lawfully incorrect, nevertheless his purposes were really good. Dr Mahadevan besides managed to acquire Botak Chin to talk about the rules and guidelines that his secret society had. It seemed that Botak Chin ‘s secret society had a really rigorous and strong guidelines and rules[ 66 ]. These rules were to be followed by each and every member of this secret society including Botak Chin himself. Botak Chin besides made it clear to Dr Mahadevan that he had appointed confederates to implement the subject among the members and his military personnels.

Dr Mahadevan was besides surprised when Botak Chin told him that when he was admitted to the infirmary, patients of that infirmary were more than sword lily to rinse his apparels and do all jobs for him. It was a signifier of gratitude towards Botak Chin ‘s actions[ 67 ].

Dr Mahadevan was told that Botak Chin ne’er tied the knot with any miss. Dr Mahadevan was told that many adult females would name to ask about Botak Chin ‘s well being during Botak Chin ‘s stay in the hospita[ 68 ]l. Dr Mahadevan knew really good that he was in the Black Marias of many adult females due to his good workss. He was besides told that Botak Chin was being rushed back to Kuala Lumpur when a slug was found in the cell of a high security infirmary. He farther explained it by stating that the slug was really shot by his members in their attempt to assist him get away.

Dr Mahadevan besides found that Botak Chin sought consolation in assorted faiths. Botak Chin besides wished for his variety meats to be donated for medical intents[ 69 ]. He wanted his variety meats to profit the society in some signifier but it was rejected as he ne’er wrote a written consent sing his wants. Dr Mahadevan knew that Botak Chin was really a sort hearted individual but could non be helped as he is lawfully incorrect and can non be justified.


Written by ; Mohamed Mazlan

A condemnable or a saint misunderstood? A local hero but a public nuisance at the same clip? Merely one adult male can trip such contradicting and dry statements. And that adult male is what this whole study is approximately. The adult male that branded himself as the local “ Robin Hood ” , the adult male that fought for the rights of the hapless and the laden ; but he was besides the adult male responsible for many robberies, slayings and pack battles, a adult male that set panic, confusion and terror among the community of Kuala Lumpur in the 1970ss, a adult male that everyone feared including the constabulary force, a adult male that many believed was unbeatable and unbeatable. Everyone knew him ; the aged, the working grownups and even the small childs running on the streets. Some hated his backbones ; some in secret respected him while many feared him.

Amazing is n’t it how one adult male who was merely a school dropout could make such an huge impact on society? He was neither flush nor did he hold any influential place in the province authorities but yet he was talked about everyplace from offices to even coffee stores. With a particular force created merely for his gaining control, he so was person to be reckoned with. Merely one adult male with likely one of the most alone name which itself is beliing to how this adult male really looks ; his name is Botak Chin.

Hours of research, arguments and treatments made us, the squad, to really explicate our ain perceptual experience and ideas on this ill-famed felon in Malaysia. Wong Swee Chin, person from a comparatively normal upbringing, possibly he did endure merely a tad spot due to poverty. His male parent drilled the qualities of a good adult male into him. However, Botak Chin was no ordinary adult male. He was person with merely the right sum of endowment, fore-sight, ardor and craft. He was a natural born leader. He was fashioned to be person influential, person who would do headlines and grace the forepart pages of newspapers, spoken about through the wirelesss and appears often on telecasting screens.

He had a vision, a end which he kept his focal point on and that end was to assist those in demand, to offer a manus to the hapless and the 1s enduring out at that place. Such a promising chap with good purposes. However, he fell abruptly in his executing of his purpose and vision. He went about making good workss in the incorrect manner. He was robbing, killing, interrupting Torahs, making pandemonium and mayhem. Many were injured and some even lost their lives at his disbursal. One of the most likely grounds to why he resorted to violence to acquire his propaganda and thought across is because of his old brush with force when he was younger. That triggered a sense of pitilessness within him to really utilize a more aggressive attack in making things.

He was a adult male that was true to his rules and beliefs. No 1 in his pack was allowed to take drugs. A mark of a adult male with good will and self-respect. But, the constabulary were non excessively pleased with his work, they did non look at him as person seeking to do a alteration, alternatively they saw him as a plague, a societal scumbag which should be thrown into gaol or even worse hung by his cervix until he died. Time and clip once more Botak Chin was lucky and cunning plenty to withstand the constabulary. Until one twenty-four hours, the jurisprudence eventually caught up with him. He was eventually caught and it was because he was betrayed by his ain right-hand adult male and his close friend, about like his brother, Seh Chai.

One would reason that for a originator of such adept offenses, Botak Chin was foolish plenty to put so much trust in his best friend. However, he was still human, and as worlds, we need to organize relationships and bonds with others in order to maintain us sane. It was really clear Botak Chin was a adult male which placed extreme precedence in his work for he denied holding any intimate relationships with any adult females although he had many supporters all desiring to capture his cherished attending. However, non even one lady did. He told his head-shrinker ; Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan that any sexual desires that he had within him was channeled into his work. This fuelled his work with a certain sum of passion and devotedness. Something like how a hubby would impart and show his love towards his married woman. The dedication towards what he did and what he worked was faultless.

Such a complex head with many fascinating ideas ; this is the head of a sheer mastermind. Planing robberies in which he got off unharmed with booty amounting to shut to half a million was no easy effort. He was even skilled with pieces. So when we take a expression at things from a logical and analytical position, his amulet the Pidtta from Tok Raja did non play a critical function in his ill-famed success of ever acquiring out of danger unhurt and defying apprehension. Botak Chin did non necessitate much fortune, for he was ever pre-planning and re-thinking his moves maintaining him in front of the constabulary clip and clip once more. Botak Chin seemed unbeatable non because of some talisman but because he made full usage of his humor and he was cunning plenty to outwit the jurisprudence.

After all that has been said and done, we have come to a concluding finding of fact after weighing both the good and bad workss of Botak Chin and taking into consideration every factor necessary, we feel that Botak Chin was so a good adult male. He was a adult male of honor and rules. He was a adult male with a good bosom. His purposes were good but his ways and methods of put to deathing his rules were incorrect. It is decidedly non acceptable to kill others at the disbursal of assisting people for it is non for adult male to make up one’s mind who should populate and who should non. Hence, Botak Chin was non merely any condemnable, he was a good adult male ; but a good adult male who made incorrect determinations in his pursuit to assist people.

After all he has done, he so ran a race, and what a race that was.

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