The Story Of Queen Elizabeths Life English Literature Essay

Queen Elizabeth I of England prospered as one of the most influential figures in her clip yet at the same clip led a labyrinthine life. Queen Elizabeth conquered a myriad of obstructions in her life for she possessed no pick but to transport on. The Queen ‘s background consisted of heartbreaking, exciting, and unsafe minutes. Using her powerful will and craft, Queen Elizabeth transformed England into a human dynamo state.

A A A A A A A A A A King Henry VIII and his 2nd married woman, Anne Boleyn, gave birth to Elizabeth Tudor on September 7th, 1533 in London, England. King Henry ever wished for a boy, so he would hold an inheritor to his land. His first married woman had one kid survive through birth, named Mary I. After she failed to bring forth a boy, King Henry so decided he wanted to do it legal to disassociate your married woman. He sent Mary and her female parent off, and proceeded on to get marrieding Anne Boleyn. When Anne failed bring forth a boy, she suffered an executing for framed incest. Henry ‘s 4th married woman produced a much longed for boy, Edward. Edward lived as the lone male inheritor which meant he had precedence over his sisters for the throne.

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A A A A A A A A A A When King Henry VII died, the crown moved among three different inheritors until Elizabeth received control. First, Prince Edward acquired the throne at the age of nine ; his older sister Elizabeth was 15 old ages old at the clip. Suffering from variola, rubeolas, and TB over the class of one twelvemonth caused Edward ‘s ill-timed decease. Before Edward ‘s decease, he cut Mary and Elizabeth out of his will ; Jane Grey, a distant cousin of Elizabeth ‘s, inherited the Crown due to the intrigues of the Duke of Northumberland. Approximately nine yearss into Jane ‘s reign, Mary I fought and seized what truly belonged to her. By the clip Mary I secured the throne, Elizabeth was 20 old ages of age. Queen Mary reigned as queen for five old ages until she died. An accusal of lese majesty brought Elizabeth from her bedfast unwellness to Mary ‘s castle, the Tower of London, where Elizabeth ‘s stay lasted for eight hebdomads. A false gestation instigated Mary ‘s decease. Upon hearing of Mary ‘s decease, Elizabeth replied, “ Time has brought us to this topographic point. This is the Lord ‘s making, and it is fantastic in our eyes ” (

Writer, A page figure ) . Having waited patiently for old ages, Elizabeth eventually got her opportunity to govern as England ‘s queen.

A A A A A A A A A A Queen Elizabeth ‘s reign, normally known as the Golden Age, included great achievements. Besides, Elizabeth ‘s vast successes led to calling the epoch and everything in that period “ Elizabethan. ” A Her instruction consisted of the usual patterns that every adult female learned, such as stitching, dance, and manners. Elizabeth besides studied horseback equitation, mathematics, uranology, geographics, and architecture. Elizabeth could talk six languages other than English, which included French, Italian, Spanish, Flemish, Greek, Latin, and every bit good as some Welsh. Elizabeth enjoyed hunting, Canis familiaris, prick, and bear battles, and horseback equitation. Those who knew Elizabeth said she was extremely intelligent. Even though Elizabeth was bright, she had non been taught the manner of commanding a state or an ground forces because her younger brother would win her. However, Elizabeth ‘s greatest accomplishment was get the better ofing the Spanish Armada. Weak ties resulted in Mary I ‘s decease ; her hubby, King Philip of Spain, lost control of England. King Philip planned to assail England because of its aid to the Netherlands whom the Spanish initiated war against for some clip. England prepared and readied their military personnels to contend the Spanish led by their Queen. Queen Elizabeth mounted her white Equus caballus and take to travel along with her soldiers. Her brave and make bolding move to make so paid off ; Elizabeth overcame the Spanish Armada who were tried to withdraw, but was trapped in the English Channel. A Considered as one of Elizabeth ‘s and England ‘s finest minutes, the triumph proved to unite England with their beloved queen. On March 24th, 1603, Elizabeth died the early forenoon of natural causes. Elizabeth had ruled for about 45 old ages, from the age of 25 to 69. Her replacement, King James of Scotland, came from the Stuart household. After James accepted the throne, England and Scotland united as one, stoping the Tudor dynasty and welcoming a new opinion household.

A A A A A A A A A A The narrative of Queen Elizabeth ‘s life remains tragic yet animating to hear. As she surmounted battle after battle, Elizabeth proved herself as a confident and powerful female leader. The Virgin Queen prevails as the 1 who molded England into a booming state by agencies of her tactful attacks to every challenge she encountered.

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