The Technology Thats Destroying The Society English Literature Essay

As many of us know Gods made worlds and so worlds made engineering. Yet, today ‘s society has become a beginning of dependence and demands are increasing more and more every twenty-four hours. Not merely has, engineering made everybody ‘s life easier but besides, it has taking over the whole universe. This compulsion with engineering is besides depicted in Ray Bradbury ‘s novel, Fahrenheit 451 that is set in the dystopian universe of future engineering. The book has a supporter named Montag, a fireman whose occupation it is to advance conformance of people ‘s thought by firing books because in this society, firemen burn books instead than protecting people by seting out fire. So fundamentally authorities of this society is seeking to do everyone more like living deads by destructing the cognition that people have. In this novel, Bradbury warns readers about the dangers of engineering and the manner it has made people into inactive ( receiving systems ) instead than active participates in their lives society uses to replace individualism with conformance and causes them to lose their individualism.

Interestingly plenty, the people of the society were similar slaves of the authorities and besides people had a unsighted religion in authorities. Government was seeking to take over the society by taking away people ‘s cognition and their history which was easy done by firing books through the firemen, who were one time known for their heroic and brave Acts of the Apostless, but in this society firemen have been used by the authorities as marionettes and prepared them to make cowardly things like firing books so that authorities functionaries can stay in their high place occupations, and there would be no one smart enough to take their places. Firemans crew are assisting destructing history by stating that the books are nonsensical and non utile. Beatty, firemen ‘s leader, was stating “ We as a society merely ca n’t hold all these books which contain so many controversial ideas and thoughts in them… .it would do people think.A Then they would be uncomfortable and unhappy in their lives with the manner things are ” ( article 4 page 2 ) . Fireman Beatty was explicating how he thinks about the people of society will experience about books to Montag and converting Montag that firing books would do everyone ‘s life more contented. Firemen ‘s were cognizant, when Fire dismay goes on which happens after any one from the society complains about person else with a book or in secret reading a book with the name and reference of the individual who has books. Then the worst portion for firemen was happening the books at a peculiar house. “ Within a visible radiation, a telecasting set, a radiator, a imbibing tabular array with ashtray, books are found, each location and the sequence resonant with significance ” ( article 2 pg 7 ) . Most people use to conceal it the really extraordinary topographic points, like topographic points that are non easy perceptibly but someway firemen manage to happen every book possible hidden at that place.

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Many things were changed after the twenty-four hours when Montag and his firemen were seeking to fire one lady ‘s house that had a secret library in her house so they can acquire rid of all the books easy but the adult female denied and she placed herself on fire with the books because she was profoundly in love with the books that she had. “ You ca n’t of all time hold my books, she said. You know the jurisprudence, Beatty saidaˆ¦ Montag placed his manus on the adult female ‘s cubitus you can come with us. No she repliedaˆ¦ She opened the fingers of one manus somewhat and in the thenar of the manus was a individual kitchen lucifer ” ( 39 ) . This adult female knew that whatever the firemen were traveling to make with that books was incorrect and she knew that authorities is seeking to play some games with the people of the society but she could n’t make anything about it so she decides to fire herself with the books. From these event people of these dystopian society were seeking to acquire more sense about how authorities is doing them more unarticulate but before it was excessively late authorities with another smart thought, which is making a mechanical hound, besides known as mechanical Canis familiaris whose occupation is to observe concealed books and it besides injects one type of fluid in your organic structure which erases all the cognition from your encephalon about any books that you have of all time read. “ The mechanical hound slept but did non kip, lived but did non populate in its gently humming, gently vibrating, quietly illuminated doghouse back in a dark corner of the fire station ” ( 24 ) . So this engineering was created by authorities to frightened people. As more people got cognizant of the mechanical hound the more frighten the people started to acquire so really less people were in secret reading books.

Unfortunately the scariest portion arrived when the fireman Montag got caught up with the mechanical hound. Montag is the character who foremost started to recognize that authorities was seeking to flim-flam people by firing books and destructing cognition. First Montag thought that authorities was making the right thing but after a piece he starts to oppugn himself about how his custodies were making everything. “ Montag had done nil. His custodies had done it all, his manus, with a encephalon of its ain, with a scruples and a wonder in each shaking finger, had turned stealer ” ( 37 ) . Montag was stealing books but really it was his custodies what were doing him make everything like firing books with the fire throwster and stealing books from people ‘ houses. Montag started to get all the hints about why people were n’t allowed to read books, but before Montag had figured out everything, the authorities functionaries created a mechanical Canis familiaris which is besides known as mechanical hound in the society. Mechanical hound detected Montag reading books. The mechanical Canis familiaris is a destructive, manmade monster that is similar to a hound unlike the fire station Canis familiariss which are usage to deliverance people, but alternatively the mechanical hound can infix fluid through a acerate leaf in the victim ‘s organic structure which can either kill the victim or paralyse the victim. “ Finding, keeping its victim, infixing the acerate leaf and traveling back to its doghouses to decease as if a switch had been turned ” ( 25 ) . This quotation mark tells how the mechanical hound uses its technique to infix the acerate leaf in victim ‘s organic structure.

Finally, Mechanical hound became a more powerful defensive beginning of authorities which non merely protected authorities from society but besides the hound started to do people worry about themselves and more panic to read books in secret. Montag himself was scared by that piece of engineering when he saw it for the first clip. “ No, no, male child, said Montag, his bosom buffeting. He saw the Ag needle extend upon the air an inch pull back, extend, draw back. The growl simmered in the round and it looked at him ” ( 26 ) . Montag got afraid by looking at this mechanical hound and decided non to read books in secret because Montag knew that this hound will cognize everything that he does. Government was successful for the innovation of the mechanical hound because non merely people started to worry about the mechanical hound but the hound besides scared the fireman like Montag. Most people ‘s modus operandi for everyday was acquiring changed because many people stopped reading books so largely everyone was acquiring more reliant on engineerings like telecasting and wirelesss.

Mildred, who is Montag ‘s married woman, is excessively much dependant on engineerings. Every twenty-four hours she used to watch telecasting shows and so listen to seashells. She has three level screen telecastings on three different walls in her room. Most of the clip she is listening to multi things like listening to seashells while watching telecasting. “ Mildred immerses herself in the media provided for her to devour whenever she is non at the telecasting. She plugs in her earpieces, ever soating up the unreal stimulation and messages person else feeds to her ” ( article 3 page 2 ) . Mildred has no personality and most of the clip she ‘s busy watching parlour on telecasting. Parlor is a show in which Mildred thinks she ‘s playing a function of a character because the effect of the show is based on mundane adult females ‘s life. These proves how engineering is doing the people of the society little excessively eccentric.

So Mildred was trapped in the dependence of engineering, many times she had jobs traveling to kip which unluckily led to taking kiping pill and her status was acquiring worst twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours so she became dependent more on pills to acquire a good dark slumber. She started taking more and more pills and eventually the twenty-four hours came when she over dosed excessively many pills and could n’t wake up following forenoon. Montag realized that “ the little crystal bottle of kiping tablets which before today had been filled with 30 capsules and which now lay uncapped and empty in the visible radiation of the bantam flair ” ( 12 ) . She was unconscious on her bed and fortunately Montag calls the physician on clip. The physician uses the method called tummy pumping with their machine that they brought to take pills from her tummy by giving force per unit area to her tummy. “ Doctors had two machines, truly. One of them slid down into your tummy like a black cobra down an echoing good looking for all the old H2O and the old clip gathered there ” ( 14 ) . Doctors were successful at taking out all the pills and Mildred was absolutely normal but similar usual Mildred forgets everything after she wakes up the following forenoon and she forgets most of the things that she did the twenty-four hours before. Mildred hardly remembers everything from her yesteryear and Montag ever tries to inquire her inquiries about how they met and as normally she replies I do n’t retrieve anything. “ What has been excited from Linda Montag is the past, memory, consecutiveness, a coherent ego Montag can non acquire her to remember when they foremost met, but so she can non even retrieve that the dark before she had overdosed on pills ” ( article 2 page 4 ) . Montag gets disquieted because his ain married woman can non retrieve when they met and what go on, but after a piece he gets used to it. So this tells how engineering dependence can direct to excessively many jobs.

As the unstoppable dependence for engineering is increasing people are going living dead like. Normal people in these society are non seeking to socialise more but they are more busy making something related to engineering and more significantly engineering has became the centre beginning of their day-to-day life. Technology is like their beginning of nutrient which they are so much dependant on. Finally the society will be full with living deads. “ Oskar Werner ‘s Montag ne’er wholly sheds his fireman ‘s stiffness and is cruel to his married woman and her friends, whom he calls a clump of living deads. ” ( article 3 page 2 ) As Montag was mentioning to his married woman and his married woman ‘s friends as living deads because they are seeking to over achieve engineering beginnings by over utilizing the engineering and so going reliant on something new every twenty-four hours like Montag ‘s married woman started with telecasting so she moved on to seashells so she wanted to make that together so she got addicted to pills and this is how people in this sort of society became when authorities functionaries do n’t desire to give up their occupations. Government functionaries were negatively utilizing their powers against their ain people.

In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury is seeking to aware the readers about the jeopardies of engineering which is doing people to lose their individualism and as their dependant additions on engineering people are called more like living deads instead than worlds. Government of this society used different tactics to replace people ‘s individualism to conformance. Montag journey of fireman hints him about the corrupt authorities functionaries but before he knows it with proof authorities releases their pet called mechanical hound. Mechanical hound puts a fear in every one ‘s caput about its power. Government in this novel was successful for doing the society full of living deads and made them more dependent on engineering. Technology in the current universe is doing people sulky and stupid.

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