The Tradegy Of Oedipus The King English Literature Essay

“ Oedipus the King ” is a calamity by Sophocles which was foremost performed c. 429 BC. Due to the fact that this is a play, the stoping is instead apprehensible and preset. But the secret plan and construction of the calamity help the readers to acquire involved in the secret plan continuously and with the aid of legion inside informations the present procedure is instead interesting for people either watching or reading this drama. The present essay will assist to uncover the nature of this calamity and understand its construction and secret plan decently, every bit good as the major subjects found in the secret plan. The chief character of the present drama is Oedipus, the male monarch of Thebes who is much concerned with the events taking topographic point in his land and decides to assist his people and his land.

In order to understand the present calamity, it is necessary to be cognizant of a outline of this narrative which will be helpful to the reader. Harmonizing to Sophocles ‘ version, Laius, the former male monarch of Thebes, was warned that he would be killed by his boy. That is why he “ exposed his newborn boy on Mount Cithaeron near Thebes with a spike driven through his mortise joints ” ( Ramphos 1 ) . The readers should be cognizant of this fabulous allusion before reading the drama, as this will assist them to be better involved in the secret plan and understand it. Fortunately, the kid remained alive and was farther adopted by Polybus, the male monarch of Corinth who did non hold his ain kids. The name “ Oedipus ” was given to this kid due to his conceited pess.

Due to the fact that Oedipus was non told the truth about his parents, he came to Oracles one twenty-four hours and got to cognize that he was destined to kill his ain male parent and get married his female parent. That is why Oedipus did non return to Corinth in order to get away destiny. But the subject of destiny and free will busy the cardinal topographic point in “ The Oedipus the King ” . On his route to Thebes he killed Laius non cognizing that he was his male parent and subsequently on married Jocasta who was his female parent. It is interesting that Sophocles began his drama some clip subsequently these events, as Oedipus is already the King of Thebes for some period of clip. So, one subject found in the present drama is the influence of destiny on individual ‘s life. In this connexion single action and free will are of great importance, as Oedipus decided to uncover the truth about his household himself. But the influence of destiny on his life is great, as it does non merely responsible for Oedipus ‘s incest while get marrieding his female parent Jocasta, but besides for killing his male parent.

The interconnectedness of destiny, free will and pick is presently seen in the present drama, every bit good as its influence on people ‘s life and actions. The interconnectedness with myths is besides present in this calamity, as desiring to work out the job of pestilence in Thebes Oedipus sent his brother-in-law, Creon to Apollo who informed him about the expletive on the metropolis. The expletive would be destroyed when the slayer of Laius, the former male monarch of Thebes was found and punished. Due to the fact that Laius was murdered several old ages ago and Oedipus did non cognize that it was his mistake and he was the slayer, people in Thebes continued to fight with the pestilence. But once more Oedipus decided to happen out the truth himself.

Teiresias, the blind prophesier, revealed the truth to Oedipus and told that he was to fault in the expletive set up on Thebes. But at the terminal of the drama Oedipus blamed Gods, particularly Apollo in his agonies, “ it was Apollo, he brought on these problems – the atrocious things I suffer ” ( Sophocles 232 ) . Fate is the chief ground associated with events in Oedipus ‘s life, and it predetermined the stoping of the drama. One more subject found in the drama under analysis is the subject of wisdom and cognition. Oedipus is the major searcher of truth and cognition, as first he struggled to detect the truth about his parents and farther on to happen out the slayer of Laius in order to salvage Thebes. He still continued uncovering the truth though the consequences and impacts of this procedure were negative. Therefore, the readers can do the decision that non ever knowledge and truth can convey felicity to people seeking it.

Power in society is one more factor act uponing people in the “ Oedipus the King ” , as due to the fact that Oedipus is the male monarch and has much power in society, he tried to act upon other people with its aid. He did non believe other people, as he thought they were seeking to bewray him and derive his power in Thebes. Power of the yesteryear is another subject in the drama under analysis, as though Jocasta warned Oedipus non to look in the yesteryear he still continued to talk to couriers and shepherd who came to state the intelligence about Oedipus ‘s male parent decease.

At the terminal of the drama Oedipus revealed the truth about his parents and the expletive, as he was the individual who killed Laius several old ages ago on the route and so married his female parent and had kids with her. The construction of present calamity is climactic, as it “ confines the characters ‘ activities and intensifies the force per unit areas on the characters until they are forced into irreversible Acts of the Apostless – the flood tide ” ( Barranger 135 ) . In the present construction the narrative begins near the flood tide and the events from the past influence to a great extent the present province of personal businesss in the secret plan. In “ Oedipus the King ” the chief character is greatly influenced by past events from his life, though he did non understand them decently.

Besides, the past events act uponing the secret plan are non revealed at the beginning of the drama, as the readers got to cognize about it at the terminal of the calamity. Sophocles started his drama from the description of the pestilence in Thebes and so continued the development of the secret plan through the execution of necessary inside informations. Oedipus is seeking to uncover the truth in order to salvage Thebes and people populating at that place, every bit good as to uncover his ain individuality. Climactic construction is ever associated with causes and effects from assorted actions, as after uncovering some causes of character ‘s actions the readers wait for effects of such actions, either negative or positive 1s. The stoping of the drama is instead negative, as Jocasta killed himself after uncovering the truth and Oedipus gouged his easy, as he had nil happy to see in the present universe and was sent from Thebes. But on the other manus, the expletive went off from Thebes besides, as the slayer of Laius was found and prosecuted. The construction of the drama is besides interesting, as it is non divided into Acts of the Apostless and scenes. It contains prologue puting the background of the events presented in the drama and the chorus is intermingled with characters ‘ words.

Ramphos found that as any other ancient play, this drama “ unfolds with parts of duologue ( epeisodia ) jumping with choric vocals ( stasima ) until the declaration is reached ( the Exodos ) ( Ramphos 2 ) . So, the present paper contains the great figure of subjects assisting to understand the secret plan and the characters involved in it. The chief topographic point is occupied by destiny, as it influences every portion of people ‘s life and their actions as good. Throughout the drama Oedipus is seeking to fight with destiny and uncover his individuality themselves, but it is impossible to get away destiny. That is why Oedipus ‘s flight from Corinth and from his adoptive parents did non assist him to alter his destiny.

Oedipus is considered the Jesus for people of Thebes non merely due to the fact that he is the male monarch, but chiefly due to the fact that he is the ground of this expletive. Fate found it ‘s way-out at the terminal of the drama and everybody involved in Oedipus ‘s narrative was punished. Jocasta killed herself, Oedipus gorged his eyes and exiled from Thebes and even Polybus, Oedipus ‘s adoptive male parent died. Thus, destiny was interconnected with every domain of people ‘s life and actions. One more subject presented in the drama is the subject of wisdom, truth and cognition, as Oedipus tried to uncover the truth and his individuality throughout the drama.

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