The Tragic Dilemma Of Hamlet English Literature Essay

When your religion is destroyed, how can you digest the failure or mistake? How can you face yourself, forgive all the past errors, and reconstruct tolerance and religion? Is it better to excuse or to avenge ; to populate or to decease? From William Shakespeare ‘s Hamlet, the drama gives its ain reply.

Hamlet ‘s tragic life started from cognizing his male parent died and his dearly female parent Gertrude has married her dead hubby ‘s brother Claudius, who has taken over the throne, merely one month after his decease. He felt gross outing for everyone has got over King Hamlet excessively fast: “ O, that this excessively excessively solid flesh would run, melt, and decide itself into a dew. ” ( Act 1, Scene 2 ) But he knew that he could make nil at all, hence he kept himself in pique: “ But interruption, my bosom, for I must keep my lingua. ” ( Act 1, Scene 2 ) However, after detecting his male parent has been murdered by Claudius and his lover Ophelia acted remarkably which made Hamlet sense that she did non love him any longer. The universe that Hamlet used to familiar with was broken and he did non able to alter the fortunes so he felt all entirely and led to his temper of heartache was deepened: “ That I, the boy of a beloved male parent murdered, prompted to my retaliation by Eden and snake pit, must wish a prostitute unpack my bosom with words, and fall a-cursing like a really dreary ” ( Act 2, Scene 2 )

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Now Hamlet ‘s bosom is full of contradictions, he does non cognize how to cover with this complex state of affairs, his interior battle resorts with a monologue signifier which shows he wonders whether to keep the moral unity, or to take retaliation for his male parent ‘s slaying: “ To be, or non to be, – that is the inquiry: -Whether ‘t is nobler in the head to endure the slings and pointers of hideous luck, or to take weaponries against a sea of problems, and by opposing stop them? – To decease, to kip, -No more ; and by a slumber to state we end the heart-ache, and the thousand natural dazes that flesh is heir to, – ‘t is a consummation Devoutly to be wish ‘d. ” ( Act 3, Scene 1 )

The full monologue points out Hamlet ‘s heartache, contradictory and defeat. “ To be ” or “ Not to be ” is Hamlet ‘s pick to do: action or quiescence, committedness or fiddle the duty, brave or coward, life or decease. Besides, “ aˆ¦to suffer the slings and pointers of hideous luck, or to take weaponries against a sea of problems, and by opposing, terminal themaˆ¦ ” Hamlet ‘s heartache at his female parent slumbers with the patricidal liquidator out of the blue ; his quandary in even if he revenges for his male parent successful, it will fall into how to cover with his female parent and face the troubles to go on life ; he is involuntarily entangled in the love-hate. Under these fortunes, Hamlet reveals to perpetrate suicide several times in the monologue: “ To decease, to kip ; No more ; and by a slumber to state we end the heart-ache and the thousand natural dazes that flesh is heir toaˆ¦ ” Using decease to end the organic structure needed to defy the hurting is the subject which appears several times throughout the full monologue ; nevertheless what is the universe we will come in after decease? Hamlet can take the self-ending, but his fright comes from this unknown: “ The undiscovered state from whose bourn No traveller returns, puzzles the will aˆ¦ ” So the other pick is to remain in the universe, and continue populating like a poltroon to bear the agony: “ And makes us instead bear those ailments we have Than fly to others that we know non of? Thus scruples does do cowards of us allaˆ¦ ” From this scene we can see that Hamlet considered perpetrating self-destruction, but his moral ideas kept doing him inquire about the wake of decease and this scared him to go on his action.

In my sentiment, Hamlet depends on the fact that his conflicts and ideals sketch the quandary of every homo is being faces. Hamlet ‘s conflicting emotions on how to move in a wicked universe with his moral unity wholly reflects the destiny of each of us. I believe “ To be, or non to be ” is the inquiry for everyone, as it determines the beginning and terminal of many jobs, life is besides because of the contradictory propositions and begins a long list of journey. Possibly some people ‘s lives are this: they want to travel their ain chosen manner, but destiny has made them the other options. Finally, they find themselves between hope and world. “ To be, or non to be. ” Peoples live in order to last or to destruct? Alive in order to last! But why do people ever in suicide? Alive in order to destruct! But why do people ever want to populate happy and comfy? I think life is depends on you attitude of life intensely and amply, or simply to be. Life or Death, this is the quandary.

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