The Truth About Lying General Statements English Literature Essay

– Is it non astonishing that lying has become so common in the universe that people forget the difference between the world and falsity?

– Everyone associates with prevarications so frequently that one underestimates its effects.

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– Arthur Miller does a great occupation demoing the bad impact lies tend to hold on persons in his drama “ Death of a Salesman ” .


1. Every twenty-four hours lies cause injury to one ‘s trust in a relationship.

2. Furthermore, lies cause one to go emotionally unstable.

3. Along with emotional effects, lies cause 1s societal life to flux down the drain.


– Lies are obstructions that harm one ‘s internal provinces of life which makes one unable to pass on with everyone.

Topic Sentence: Although prevarications are used to avoid aching one ‘s relationship, they destroy the trust between people.

Example 1: Take Willy from Mr. Miller ‘s drama, “ Death of a Salesman ” as an illustration, his boy, Biff tells him, “ You -You gave her Mama ‘s stockings! Do n’t touch me, you -liar! You fake! You phony small bogus! You fake! ( Miller, 121 ) Punch has fundamentally stopped believing in his male parent and does non desire hear anything from him.

Explanation 1: Therefore, lies damage the trust in a relationship, which leads to unsuccessful relationships between the prevaricator and their household. As a consequence, unneeded struggles are created between people, which affect the ambiance of the drama.

Reasoning Sentence: As people begin to lie, the prevarications create a boundary between loved 1s, which causes one non to swear the prevaricator any longer.

Topic Sentence: Furthermore, lies non merely destruct trust in a relationship, but they besides torture one emotionally.

Example 1: In the drama “ Death of a Salesman ” , Willy is ever lying to his household about his success in his occupation, but in the terminal he can non command himself and he bursts out stating the truth. He begins by stating Linda, “ Oh, I ‘ll strike hard ’em dead following hebdomad. I ‘ll travel to Hartford. I ‘m really good liked in Hartford. You know, the problem is, Linda, people do n’t look to take me. I know it when I walk in. They seem to laugh at me. ( Miller, 36 ) ” He finishes with stating Linda how fat and foolish he looks.

Explanation 1: Lies are ever pretermiting one ‘s true abilities which tears one down to a point where one can non command his or her emotions when the truth seems to face them frequently. Initially lies stand in forepart of one to protect them from experiencing ashamed of the truth and in the terminal that favour injuries one so profoundly that they want to decease.

Example 2: In “ Death of a Salesman ” , Willy explodes at Linda by stating, “ There ‘s nil the affair with him ( Biff ) … . He ‘s got spirit, personality… Loaded with it. Loaded! … What is he stealing? He ‘s giving it back, is n’t he? … What did I state him? I ne’er in my life told him anything but nice things. ( Miller, 40-41 ) ”

Explanation 2: Once one begins to conceal the truth from him or herself, he or she begins to believe that, that prevarication has become their world and starts to go aggressive. As a consequence, lies cause one to go emotionally weak ; therefore one can non command his or her emotions. As shown in this state of affairs Willy becomes angry and makes Linda call and does non recognize that he is harming Biffs ‘ life by learning him non so nice things.

Reasoning Sentence: Lies emotionally stress out each and every person to a certain extent that can harm one ‘s life because for every minute one stands by these lies the prevaricator becomes weaker and weaker to support themselves against person.

Topic Sentence: Furthermore, lies cause one to miss communicating accomplishments and lose their connexions with people around them.

Example 1: Mr. Miller clearly shows this in his drama, mentioned before, when Willy asks Howard for a new arrangement at his occupation utilizing prevarications. Willy demandingly provinces, “ I averaged a hundred and 70 dollars a hebdomad in the twelvemonth of 1928! ( Miller, 82 ) ” Howard replies impatiently, “ You ‘ll hold to pardon me, Willy, I got ta see some people. ( Miller, 82 ) ”

Explanation 1: Lies make one become a individual that will non take no for an reply. While implementing their prevarications upon everyone they meet, persons lack the ability to pass on with one another professionally because they sound ill-mannered and objectionable. This causes people to believe twice before they talk to this individual.

Example 2: This is besides demonstrated in the drama “ Death of a Salesman ” when Biff says, “ … How the snake pit did I of all time get the thought I was a salesman at that place? I even believed myself that I ‘d been a salesman for him! And so he gave me one expression and -I realized what a pathetic prevarications my whole life has been! ( Miller, 104 ) ”

Explanation 2: Liing contributes to the failure to pass on with person because one can non warrant why one needs something because one realizes his or her life is a prevarication and feels ashamed of anticipating a batch more out of their prevarications.

Reasoning Sentence: As said before, lying merely means injury to each person ; it causes one to lose all their contacts from the past and hereafter.

Restated Thesis: Lies are harmful words that destroy one from within their organic structure to outside their organic structure.


1. The trust between persons or groups is broken.

2. Lies cause one to go sensitive and sometimes forceful.

3. Liing besides causes communicating with one another to lessening.

General Statement:

– One must understand prevarications are non reality, but are instead what take one to their day of reckoning.

*Ms. Weisman I did non cognize if for the thesis we were suppose to include the rubric of the drama so I merely included it in general statements because I was taught non to from old English classes*

Work Cited

Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. New York: Penguin Books, 1976.

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