The Uniqueness Of Being Unique English Literature Essay

What it makes us alone, is our manner of being ; no 1 is equal to other, all of us are different in every individual manner, and this is the most of import feature of the human existences, but sometimes our manner of being is non the right 1. There exist people that spend their lives believing in the public assistance of the remainder but in the other manus there exist people that spend their lives believing merely about themselves. Examples of these two types of people are shown in the books The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Che Guevara and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The great Gatsby is a book that is developed by the 1920 ‘s in the 20th century and it is set in Long Island ‘s North Shore, the book is narrated by Nick, a adult male who lived following to a cryptic and rich adult male called Jay Gatsby, they lived in the West seashore of Long Island the less popular 1. Jay Gatsby was a immature rich adult male with a turbulent yesteryear, he was non hold a place in the society that surrounded him and cipher knew how he had obtained his luck. Some people believed that he had gained his luck with the illegal sale of intoxicant they believed that Gatsby was a moonshiner, Anyway and despite the great parties that he organized for the people of Long Island, he was a alone adult male, because he merely wanted to resuscitate the yesteryear in order to be with the love of his life Daisy, who was besides cousin of Nick ; however, Daisy was married with the millionaire Tom Buchanan with who had a three old ages old girl, Pam, they lived in the east seashore of Long Island the most popular one, they were different from Gatsby because they were rich from birth, and they had a topographic point in the society of those old ages. When Gatsby met Daisy he was a soldier of the reserves and he was non rich, when he came back from the military service he discovered that Daisy was married with Tom and he decided to pass his life seeking to hold money in order to give to daisy what she deserved. When Gatsby was younger he had a wise man Dan Cody who helped him to do his luck as a consequence Gatsby became rich but lonely, he lived in a large sign of the zodiac and he gave parties whit the lone ground that he hopped that some twenty-four hours Daisy semen to one of his parties, really one twenty-four hours Gatsby decided to ask for to one of his parties to Nick his neighbour, when nick received the invitation he was surprised and he decided to travel but he did non cognize that Gatsby invited him with the lone ground that he knew that he was cousin of his love involvement ; Daisy, in the party Gatsby met Nick and they became friends but this friendly relationship to Gatsby had a intent that was to fall in with Daisy once more. Gatsby could accomplish his intent and he could fall in Daisy through Nick, and they started an matter and Gatsby could hold what he wanted that was recover Daisy but when Tom discovered the matter of his married woman with Gatsby, he asked them and Daisy recognized the matter but and she escaped with Gatsby in the auto but in the route she hit Myrtle, the kept woman of his hubby, Tom, with the auto and she killed her, and Gatsby in surely manner decided to make non state anyone that Daisy killed Myrtle because he loved her but Daisy eventually decided to remain with his hubby because she was a adult female of society and besides she was really interesting in money and stableness. Gatsby was non a bad adult male but he spent his life thought in how to obtain what he wanted, he besides did non believe in the girl of Daisy or what will go on with her if her female parent escaped with him, he did non care about her and her hubby he merely was believing in that he wanted to be with Daisy once more, in fact, he spent a batch of money in those excessive parties in which he did non take part he merely watched through the Windowss of the house looking to the people that were in his there with the hope that Daisy arrived to at least one of his hideous parties, he was believing all the clip in how to obtain what he wanted in order to be happy no affair how.

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On the other manus the book The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Che Guevara is a book of notes that Ernesto wrote during his trip with his friend Alberto Granada ; Ernesto was a immature medical pupil of medical specialty tired of school and excited to see the universe and Alberto was working in a leprosy infirmary in Argentina ‘s Cordoba Province, and because of this he and his friend decided to make a trek through South America in an old bike called “ the mighty one ” ( la poderosa ) . The trip took eight months, the travel started in Cordoba and they left Argentina to travel to Chile, they arrived in this state in Osorno go throughing through all the state to go forth it to travel to Peru they leave this state and so they went to Colombia and eventually Venezuela nevertheless they could non complete the trip in the bike because they had to go forth it in Santiago, Chile because the mighty one did non work any more. This book shows the trip of these two immature work forces by the position of Ernesto, he wrote all the escapades and things that they did, and saw during their trek through South America. Guevara ‘s political consciousness began to stir in this trip as he and Alberto moved into the excavation state, Chile. They visited Chuquicamata Cu mine, the universe ‘s largest open-pit mine and the primary beginning of Chile ‘s wealth in those old ages. It was run by U.S. excavation monopolies and viewed by many as a symbol of foreign domination, and besides to Ernesto was a symbol of human development. During the trip Guevara besides could use his cognition in medical specialty because he helped people that needed it for illustration in Chile he helped an old adult female that was deceasing, he knew that he could non salvage the life of this adult female, but he could halt the hurting for a minute. Passages like this, alter the head of Ernesto because during the trip he could see that at that place existed and be needful people non merely in South America but all over the universe.

“ His political and societal waking up has really much to make with this face-to-face contact with poorness, development, unwellness, and agony, ” [ Internet mention: ]

Guevara was a good adult male that changes his head with this trip and after it he decided to star his calling as a politician and aid people, he decided this because of what the proverb during this trip, for them all what they were seeing was in a certain manner new because in Argentina they did non see natives for illustration, one thing that capture the attending of Ernesto and Alberto was the state of affairs when they were going through Peru and an Indian with his boy who spoke Spanish approached them and asked them all about the “ land of Peron ” , for the indigens, these two immature work forces came from a fantastic state where people could work and hold a good wage for it, a developed state. Ernesto was really impressed by the old Inca civilisation, siting trucks with the Natives and animate beings he felt a fraternity with the native people. Ernesto was a good adult male ever worries for the remainder, it is obvious why he was analyzing medical specialty, and it was during the trip that he made with his friend Alberto Granadas

Jay Gatsby and Ernesto Guevara were two immature work forces really different in what they wanted or their intents in life, I think that these two work forces were non bad work forces specially Ernesto who spent his life in order to support the rights of people. I believe that there non be so many people that think like Ernesto but in the other manus at that place many people that think like the Great Gatsby, because most of people spend their lives believing in how to obtain what they want, I think this is non bad but there are people that do non believe in nil else that how to acquire what they want and this people sometimes sin of selfish because they do non care if they make some harm to other people in order to hold what they want to be happy. One phrase that represents what Ernesto felt after his trip is one that he wrote in his journal that says:

“ I will be on the side of the people aˆ¦ I will take to the roadblocks and the trenches, shouting as one possessed, will stain my arms with blood, and, huffy with fury, will cut the pharynx of any vanquished enemy I encounter, ” [ Guevara, 2004 ]

Many historiographers believe that this trip was the most of import thing in the life of Ernesto that changes his head to after be one of the most celebrated guerrilla leaders in history, but however he was a individual that was attention about the remainder all the clip.

On the other manus Jay Gatsby was non a bad individual but he was ever believing how to obtain what he wanted that it was be with Daisy, in the 6th chapter of the book Nick narrated:

He wanted nil less of Daisy than that she should travel to Tom and state: “ I ne’er loved you. ” After she had obliterated four old ages with that sentence they could make up one’s mind upon the more practical steps to be taken. One of them was that, after she was free, they were to travel back to Louisville and be married from her house – merely as if it were five old ages agoaˆ¦ “ I ‘m traveling to repair everything merely the manner it was before, ” he said, nodding unfalteringly. “ She ‘ll see. “ [ Fitzgerald 1925:54 ]

He was so obstinate in be with her that he did non recognize that he could damage other individuals, for illustration Myrtle ; she died because Daisy and Gatsby were running off from Tom, and even Gatsby died because of this. He died because of his compulsion with Daisy because of his compulsion in acquiring what he wanted. Gatsby was killed by Myrtle ‘s hubby because Tom told him that Gatsby hit Myrtle with the auto, besides in Gatsby ‘s funeral there were merely three people ; Nick, Gatsby ‘s male parent and the individual that was steering the funeral although Gatsby ever gave partied to everyone none of these people came to his funeral he was entirely besides when he died. I think that is non bad battle for what you want but sometimes be excessively obsessional with something is non good because everything can travel incorrect. Gatsby was so obsessional with Daisy and all what he wanted that he forgot to populate a existent life and do existent friends.

As a decision it could be state that non all the people think or have the same personality, all of us have different outlooks in life, everybody want different things in order to be happy a clear illustration was shown here with these two characters Jay Gatsby and Ernesto Guevara ; the first one idea that what he needed in order to be happy was be with his old love Daisy, Gatsby was making what most of the people do that is look for his ain felicity and the 2nd character ; Guevara, believed that what he truly desire to make in his life was fight for the rights of the people he was looking for the felicity of the remainder, this is the biggest difference of these two immature work forces nonetheless it could be said that none of these two was incorrect Gatsby wanted what all want to be happy and Guevara was like few people are that is see and be worry about what the remainder demand or what are the rights of the remainder, nevertheless both died Gatsby died because of his compulsion with Daisy and Guevara died because he was ever contending for the rights of the people who needed, he was so haunted with this that he nowadays is seen as one of the most iconic characters of the 20th century, he was one of the most celebrated guerilla leaders of history but despite that he died.

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