The Vaired Use And History Behind Pendulums English Language Essay

Throughout history, pendulums have been used for many different things. They have been used as tools for turn uping H2O, gold or other minerals ; they have aided in medical diagnosing or foretelling the gender of an unborn babe ; they have been used in combination with maps in turn uping points or people ; and have been used to reply inquiries or predict the hereafter.

Dousing rods predate pendulums in use for some of the above mentioned countries. Dousing rods are normally either L-shaped metal rods or even a Y-shaped subdivision from a tree. Some water witchs prefer one signifier over the other when dousing for H2O, oil, gold or other minerals. However, they can non be used in such a broad spectrum as a pendulum nor are they as easy portable.

Let ‘s go back to late 300 CE merely as an illustration of how far back in history there is recorded grounds of pendulum use as a divination technique. It is here that a adult male by the name of Ammianus Marcellinus was known as a baronial Roman historiographer. Among the tonss of texts he wrote on the current occurrences of his clip, you will happen a really interesting blend of heathen enigmas. He tells of many users of “ the black humanistic disciplines ” ; of swayers seeking the advocate of diviners who scryed for messages through H2O and fire ; you will besides happen some devising anticipations through astrological agencies. Amongst these recorded historical narratives, you will besides happen Marcellinus state the narrative of a group of plotters. This group non merely plotted the blackwash of a Roman emperor but they besides made usage of a pendulum-like device to happen the name of the following emperor. They did this by suspending a ring on a piece of yarn and utilizing it much like an Ouija board. Interesting, huh? You do n’t happen excessively many narratives like that in the wars and events go oning in the universe as we know it now. However, shortly you will detect other interesting events that have happened even in our ain timeline ( or the timeline of our parents ) of pendulum usage.

As I mentioned, pendulums are a much more moneymaking tool for the diviner because they can embrace so much more than the capablenesss of a dowse rod. Whether you believe the pendulum is replying a inquiry for you and is playing on your subconscious or if you believe the pendulum is being affected through religious agencies, no one truly knows for certain. All that is known is that it can and does work rather efficaciously. There are many interesting facts and narratives contained in an online book called Pendulums and Dowsing Rods that can be read here: hypertext transfer protocol: // . Please read through this short but really interesting book!

With a spot of diging into history, you will happen the narratives of the Inquisition and the accusals of witchery associated with it. You may besides happen recorded spots of swayers trusting on diviners or visionaries to help them in conflict or in doing determinations of province. You may besides happen the narratives of the alchemists and the hunt for the elusive philosopher ‘s rock. While you ‘re happening all this – you will besides happen assorted in between all those celebrated narratives, the narrative of the water witchs or H2O enchantresss. Sometimes you may even read about gypsy trains and the anticipations made with a ring on a twine. Seek and you shall happen sometimes in obvious topographic points and sometimes in the most pathetic of topographic points, spots and pieces of pendulum history.


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Please portion with a few sentences what drew you in to taking this category.

In the on-line book Pendulums and Dowsing Rods, name one individual stated in history who used a pendulum that you found interesting and what they used it for. What drew you to this individual? Minimum of 150 word essay ( it ‘s merely a large paragraph – do n’t acquire scared ) .

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Write a 300-500 word essay on pendulum usage in history. It can be on the same individual you wrote about for # 1 or a general “ pendulum usage in history ” essay. Please mention your beginnings for this assignment.



There are several different footings used for the different countries a pendulum can be used. A twosome of the footings most frequently used and will be used here are “ pendulum dowse ” and “ pendulum divining. ” Pendulum dousing refers to when a pendulum is used to seek for a specific mark or thing such as H2O, gold, or other minerals. Pendulum divining is the proper term when utilizing a pendulum to foretell the hereafter or supply information.

Pendulums can besides used for dowse and radiesthesia. Both of these footings refer to dousing with a pendulum or divining rod. While they hold that in similarity, what the diviner is dousing for is rather different. Dowse is the proper term for dousing for concealed objects. These concealed objects can be H2O, minerals or other cherished artefacts. It can be lost points or even locating people. The of import thing to retrieve is this: dowse is the term used to happen things.

Radiesthesia is besides used to “ happen things ” . It ‘s merely those things it is happening are of a much more delicate nature than that of person utilizing dowse. Radiesthesia can mention to all signifiers of dousing but it normally refers to medical dowse. It gets its name from the theory that all life organisms emit some sort of radiation or other emanation and it is this that can be detected through dowse. In order to utilize a pendulum for medical diagnosing, the diviner holds the pendulum above the patient and easy moves it about above the patient ‘s organic structure. The theory of how this works is this – when the pendulum is above a morbid portion of the organic structure, the pendulum is so repelled from the disease which causes the pendulum to swing or curve to maintain itself off from the illness inside the patient. The larger the cringle the pendulum makes, the more morbid that organ or country of the organic structure. In other words, radiesthesia is for turn uping medical jobs while dowse is for turn uping objects.

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is an object that has many different utilizations as you will larn through these categories. It can be for your ain personal energy work and can be used in enchantment work. It is a tool that can be used efficaciously to link to your subconscious, the spirit universe and for divination.

Pendulums come in many different forms and can be made from different stuffs. You can buy a really fancy one or do a really simple one. A pendulum can be an elaborately carven rock or crystal wrapped in a beautiful wire design or merely consists of a stone on the terminal of a yarn. You can besides utilize a watchband with a appeal on the terminal or even a necklace with a pendent. Equally long as it is something that can freely travel, it can be used as a pendulum. I have even heard of person utilizing an ear bud when there was nil else available… and it worked!

The chief thing a pendulum consists of is a somewhat weighted object normally at the terminal of a short spot of concatenation that is able to travel freely and is able to swivel. The concatenation can be of varied lengths but the length a individual by and large wants in a pendulum is one where the pivot terminal is held with fingertips, your elbow remainders on a tabular array and the leaden terminal does non make the top of the tabular array thereby leting the weight to swing freely and of its ain agreement. As you can see, the varied lengths of pendulums that can be purchased in a store are due to the different lengths of a individual ‘s forearm – though the concatenation is by and large 6.5-7.5 inches long. If you find utilizing the pendulum works better with the concatenation at a shorter length, you can garner some of the concatenation in your fingers and keep the concatenation closer to the pendulum terminal. Another thing, if you are adept at working with jewellery, you can shorten your concatenation by taking some links from the concatenation. However, I have seen pendulums for dousing much larger and used for standing instead than in a sitting place. There are besides times the concatenation is somewhat shorter every bit good. It is the ability for motion that is most of import.


Below are the footings and definitions you will necessitate to retrieve to finish the assignment for this category.

Radiesthesia – dowse to name medical issues

Rhabdomancy – dowse to turn up points

Dousing – the pattern of turn uping H2O or other concealed points

Divining – the art of seeking to announce future events or detect hidden cognition

Pendulum – a leaden object that is suspended from a fixed point yet is able to swing freely ; a tool that can be used to link to the subconscious, the spirit universe and for divination.


Choosing a Pendulum

There are several different types of pendulums to take from if you decide to buy one. There is no specific type that is the “ best ” to acquire. Travel with what you are drawn to. It may be one made of wood or metal. It may be a pendulum that is a merely cut semi-precious rock. It may be a combination of all of the above or even none of the above. You may even make up one’s mind to do one yourself if you are so cunningly inclined. However it happens, you need to acquire to cognize your pendulum merely as you would any other divination object.

If you are familiar with the belongingss of rocks and crystals, this can assist you out in taking the right rock for you or for what it is you hope to carry through with your pendulum. If you are non familiar, so get down looking at what pendulum attracts your attending. Make note of what type of rock it is ( if it is made of a rock or crystal ) and look up the belongingss of that peculiar rock. If you happen to be shopping in a metaphysical shop, ask! Opportunities are the individual who works there will either cognize the reply or will cognize where to look it up and can assist steer you to do a terrific purchase!

Making your ain pendulum is a really personal experience. It is besides non really hard if you have merely a few little tools and the inspiration. You can utilize either a spot of strong yarn, all right rope or a little concatenation ( this can be from a watchband, necklace or found in the jewelry-making subdivision of your favourite trade shop ) . You will necessitate something with a small spot of weight – it does non necessitate to needfully be heavy – merely heavier than your concatenation so that it will be able to utilize this weight to travel. Anything that weighs between 0.5-2 ounces is perfect. Traditionally, the pendulum is an object that comes to a point that hangs down. However, I have had merely every bit much fortune with a wire-wrapped semi-precious rock or a unit of ammunition ball form. The form and the stuff does non count every bit much as it being something that entreaties to you. You can utilize a bead at the top of the concatenation or a knot at the top of the rope as a “ grip ” for your pendulum.

I have made a pendulum by utilizing a hematite ring, set and distorted my ain concatenation utilizing a thin Cu wire and so wire-wrapped a ruddy tiger ‘s oculus rock at the terminal. I have besides made some pendulum watchbands which are nil more than a little spot of concatenation, a rock attached with a bond glued to the top and a clasp so you can have on it and ne’er be without your pendulum. I have used my pentagram necklace as a pendulum at times – I merely need to keep the concatenation in my custodies so it is non excessively long. An old household tradition of mine is to do a pendulum from a nuptials ring and a spot of yarn to foretell the gender of a babe. That was more of a “ goad of the minute ” pendulum and besides a reasonably common common people tradition. As you can see, there are many different ways one can be created.

Sometimes the rock that you hold at the tip of the concatenation will be different than the leaden rock of the pendulum itself or merely as likely it will be a little rock to keep that is the same as the pendulum. You may besides come across metal or wood pendulums. Do n’t dismiss the effectivity of these! Forests and metals have belongingss merely every bit good as different rocks and crystals. The best stake is to seek before you buy. However, if you are unable to be “ in individual ” and alternatively make some online shopping – cognition about what you are buying is ever the best stake. There is a text file included below this lesson ( on the chief page of the category ) with some belongingss of different rocks and their effectivity for pendulum usage. You can utilize this list to assist find what may be the best rock for you in buying or doing a pendulum with a rock or crystal. You can besides see either of the web sites below that lists the magickal belongingss of different metals and forests.

Charming Wood Properties

Magickal Properties of Metallic elements

However you end up with a pendulum, I strongly feel the best pendulum that will work for you will be the one you are drawn to over the one person else says may be best for you. It is non uncommon for person to hold several different pendulums to be used for different things. It is besides non uncommon for person to hold merely one pendulum they use for everything. Travel with what you feel is best for you at this clip.

Whether you have made, purchased or been gifted a pendulum, delight retrieve to cleanse and bear down your pendulum merely as you would any of your other charming tools.


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Purchase or do a pendulum if you do non already have one. Describe how your pendulum looks.

What drew you to this pendulum? How does it experience? How did you cleanse and bear down your pendulum?

What do you experience is the most advantageous belongings associated with the stones/metal/wood that makes the leaden point of your pendulum? If there is a rock at the terminal of the concatenation that you hold, what rock is this and make you experience it has belongingss that besides help the pendulum move?

Pendulum Stone Properties

Here is a list of different rocks and their belongingss in respects to pendulum usage. If you are looking for a specific type of rock or are desiring to make a specific type of work with your pendulum, this list may assist. Some of these rocks already in pendulum signifier may be more plentiful than others. However, if you have a peculiar rock and you are doing your ain pendulum, this list could assist you in doing your pick but I still say travel with what you are most strongly drawn to because that is what will work best for you.

Agate: Balance on all degrees ; vistory ; protection against danger

Agate, Eye: Connection with the guardian spirit

Agate, Moss: Good for happening a new house, occupation or resettlement site

Amazonite ; Self assurance ; creativeness ; communicating

Amber: Past lives

Amethyst ; Develop psychic abiities ; increase spiritualty ; mending

Aquamarine: Banish frights ; balance emotions ; composure ; protection

Sunstone: Good wellness ; focus ; good fortune

Beryl: Advanced ideas ; increase psychis consciousness ; happen concealed things

Bloodstone: Protection from misrepresentation ; goodhealth ; prosperity

Carnelian: Reconciliation ; assurance ; drives off evil

Chalcedony: Protection during travel ; cleanses the aura

Chrysocolla: Protection ; releases tenseness ; enhances communicating

Chrysoprase: Reveals the truth ; balancs actions and attitudes

Citrine: Raises self-pride ; working with karma ; prosperity

Flourite: Grounds energy ; heals ; cleanses the aura ; past lives

Hematite: Evidences ; physiques courage ; dissolves stress

Jade, Blue: Neutralizes karmic influences ; relaxation

Jade, Green: Banishes evil ; composures

Jasper, Brown: Grounds ; stabilizes

Jasper, Green: Heals ; balance

Jasper, Red: Eliminates negative energies

Labradorite: COnnects with cosmopolitan energies

Lapis Lazuli: Releases anxiety ; additions creativeness and psychic abilities

Malachite: Repels evil ; removes subconscious obstructions ; heals

Obsidian, Black: Eliminates negatives

Obsidian, Snowflake: Balances ; prosperity ; protection

Onyx, Black: Deflects and destroys negative energies

Quartz Crystal, Clear: Protects ; enhances communicating with the spirit universe

Quartz Crystal, Rose: Balances emotions ; brings love ; heals

Quartz Crystal, Smoky: Evidences and centres ; breaks up subconscious blocks ; strengthens the psychic

Tiger ‘s Eye: Gives clear penetration into jobs ; brings good fortune ; past lives

Tourmaline, Blue: Calms ; gives lucidity of penetration

Tourmaline, Dark Green: Attracts money and success

Tourmaline, Watermelon: Removes instabilities ; solves jobs

Turquoise: Protect, balances, enhances communicating ; strengthens the psychic

This list of rocks for pendulums comes directly from the Big Little Book of Magick by DJ Conway.

Lesson Four

Geting to Know Your Pendulum

In the past few lessons you have learned a spot about the pendulum, it uses throughout history and you have one in your ownership – it is clip for you and your pendulum to acquire acquainted. This lesson and the undermentioned lesson will concentrate on the relationship edifice between you and your pendulum. You will go familiar with its motions and it will go familiar in reacting to your bids. The undermentioned lessons of exercisings will be important to fostering lessons and working with your pendulum in many different countries so acquire familiar with it and hold merriment!

The first thing we have to make to acquire ready is to ready ourselves and our manner of thought. Most of us go through our day-to-day lives utilizing the left side of our encephalon – the analytical side. In order to tap into any kind of divination work ( and this goes for any kind – good beyond pendulums ) we need to cognize how to wake up and exert the right side of our encephalons – the originative and intuitive side. This intuitive side of our encephalon is how we can link to our subconscious, to the spirit universe and to the Godhead. Meditation is normally a good index on exerting this country of the encephalon. Particularly if your speculation pattern is non the “ all must be stillness and quiet ” sort but is, alternatively, the kind of speculation chapeau allows for ideas, images and whatever else flow approximately. Using a pendulum can really assist with this by giving the analytical side of your encephalon something to make ( a physical object on which to concentrate ) go forthing the intuitive side of your encephalon to get down to stretch and work its admirations through your pendulum. Using a pendulum is portion you, portion pendulum and can besides include other parts ( liquors, the Godhead, etc. ) which we will discourse much later. Right now it ‘s all you, your subconscious and your pendulum. Subsequently in this series of categories, we will larn how to utilize the pendulum for spirit contact and even reach with the Divine.

Many believe that each object, populating or otherwise, gives off electro-magnetic quivers. These “ vibraphones ” are what you will be experiencing or turn uping or tapping into along with the spirit world/subconscious/divine when making any pendulum work.

Talk to your pendulum. State it you are its new proprietor ; you will maintain it safe and in return it can help you. The first manner it will help you is to let the two of you to acquire to cognize each other. You can even pet it and love it and call it if you like. Some people do call their pendulum because they set up rather an confidant relationship with this little and fantastic tool.

Working with Your Pendulum

Get yourself in a relaxed province. If you are in a fidgety temper so the pendulum and any exercisings will non work suitably for you. You need to be in a unagitated province. Your energy degree can be high but your organic structure and head can non be all jumpy. Meditate if demand be for a few minutes. Rather than speculation, you can besides take a few proceedingss to merely take a breath ( this works truly good for me ) . Just acquire your ego comfy and think of nil but your breath. Take in a deep breath, easy make fulling your lungs and your tummy. Keep it for a minute and so easy exhale. Breathe in the composure by easy inhaling that composure and so expire the heebie-jeebiess or excitedness or whatever has got you in a non-relaxed temper. Continue this slow deep external respiration. I am normally relaxed after making three good long deep breaths. It may take more for you or less – it is different for different people but as a general regulation, three is reasonably good.

Keep the terminal of the concatenation between your pollex and index leting the concatenation to swing down with the leaden terminal hanging free and your cubitus resting on the border of a tabular array to maintain you stabilized. Keep the terminal steadfastly but slackly leting freedom of motion for the pendulum and maintaining yourself relaxed. If need be, utilize your other manus to calm the pendulum because you will desire it to be held still and non traveling at this clip. If there is a little shudder, that is all right but do maintain note that a little shudder in the pendulum is non an existent motion. Any motions your pendulum will do will be clear and concise motions whether they are singing or round motions. The little shudder is normally your ain motion impacting the pendulum somewhat.

If this is your first clip in utilizing a pendulum or if it has been some clip since utilizing one, you will necessitate to pattern a few exercisings foremost to “ acquire in form ” . Practice these exercisings at least one time a twenty-four hours for the following hebdomad. You may go on to pattern these exercisings for longer, every bit long as you feel you are acquiring good responses from your pendulum and you are confident in the motions.

Keep your pendulum as instructed antecedently and mentally inquire your pendulum to do clockwise circles. You can voice your bid every bit good if you feel comfy but this is non necessary. Since you are exerting the intuitive country of your encephalon, will the pendulum to make your command. It may non react right off. You may necessitate to wheedle it by gently utilizing your manus to swing it in that round gesture. Then halt it and once more will the pendulum to travel in a clockwise circle. Once the pendulum is responding decently, state it to halt and it should halt. You may necessitate to halt it yourself but so will it to swing once more and acquire it to listen to your mental stop bid.

Once this is working satisfactorily, you can so get down to play with it holding it swing in smaller or larger circles and halting. After you ‘ve got the clockwise gesture down-pat, travel onto counter-clockwise circles in the same mode. Again, doing bigger and smaller circles and halting in a counter-clockwise gesture.

When you have become successful at holding your pendulum create the round motions, so it is clip to seek a back and forward swing and so to swing from side to side. Use the same mental bids, halting between each new bid and get downing once more as you did when making circles. You can besides do it swing faster and wider or slower and smaller.

This might look silly at first, but it is assisting to make a connexion between you and your pendulum. It is besides assisting to exert that right side of your encephalon and acquiring that intuitiveness fluxing good before traveling on. This will besides assist you at a ulterior clip when you will get down inquiring your pendulum inquiries. How so? Because you will cognize what a commanded swing feels like and when it is a gesture you did non command, but one that comes from another beginning ( your deep subconscious, liquors or the Godhead ) you will be able to experience the difference. It is that “ feeling ” that turns it into a “ knowing ” .


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Practice the exercisings from the lesson with your pendulum at least one time a twenty-four hours every twenty-four hours for at least a hebdomad and maintain path of your consequences.

How did you experience when first acquiring acquainted with your pendulum? Did you experience silly or were you comfy? Did you call it and if so, what name did you give it?

How many times did you have to try the round exercising before your pendulum responded? Did you have any troubles?

How long did it take your pendulum to react to the vacillation exercisings? Did you have any troubles?

Which exercising do you experience was easier to finish – circles or swings? Why do you believe that is?

Lesson Five

More Exercises

In the old lesson we got familiar with our pendulums and were able to command their motions. In this lesson there will be more motion bids but these will be done somewhat otherwise and you do n’t necessitate excessively many particular tools. What you are traveling to necessitate is yourself, your pendulum, a tabular array or other level surface to work on, three coins and three cups. Two of the coins must hold the same day of the month and they should all be of the same denomination ( pennies are normally truly good for these exercisings ) .

Take the two coins that are the same denomination and day of the month. Put them about a manus width apart on your surface. Keep your pendulum as you were taught antecedently with the pendulum hanging over the infinite between the coins. Now, here is the cockamamie inquiry you askaˆ¦ Ask your pendulum to state you which coins are the same. Yes, it is silly but it will do sense shortly. Your pendulum will either swing over the two coins or it will do a round gesture over the two coins. Once it has answered your inquiry right, state it to halt.

Following, topographic point three coins on the surface about a custodies width apart in a triangular form. This clip two of the coins must be the same and the 3rd coin is different. It can be a different day of the month or denomination -that does n’t count. It merely needs to be different. Again, inquire your pendulum to demo you the two coins that are the same. The pendulum will swing between the two coins that are the same. When it has completed this undertaking successfully, state it to halt. It truly is first-class pattern to acquire into this wont after each and every bid or inquiry. You can go on exchanging out coins and proving your pendulum in this manner until you are satisfied your pendulum is working in this mode decently.

The following measure is to convey out the cups and maintain one coin. Put the coin on the surface and topographic point a cup inverted over the coin. Put the other cups inverted on the surface every bit good. Skid the cups around the surface blending up their order until you are diffident which cup has the coin underneath. Now, with your cups in a line and keeping the pendulum so it dangles in forepart of the line of cups but besides doing certain it is several inches off. You will necessitate room for its motions. Ask the pendulum to indicate to the cup with the coin underneath.

This is a small trickier and it may take a small while before your pendulum begins acquiring the right reply. Do n’t give up! It is a larning procedure non merely for your pendulum but besides for your ego and your right encephalon!

Normally, I would state you that your pendulum is a serious divination tools and to non utilize it for playing game. Seriously, it is. You would non utilize your tarot cards to play fire hook, right? Or your set of runic letters for a different kind of balls and knuckleboness game, right? The same holds true for your pendulum. These “ games ” we are playing now are exercisings for you and your new tool. They are to be used to better aid you along in farther usage with your pendulum. This will go apparent when we get to that lesson. Your pendulum is a serious tool and should be treated as such. It is non to be used for parlour fast ones.

Practice these exercisings every bit frequently as you can or necessitate to in order to set up a good working relationship with your pendulum. These are a little more hard and may necessitate a little more clip – particularly the last exercising. Do non give up hope! You can make it!


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Truthfully, how silly did you experience inquiring your pendulum to demo you the two indistinguishable coins when there truly was merely two indistinguishable coins?

Did you have any troubles with any of the exercisings? How many attempts did it take before you and your pendulum were able to right place the coin under the cup?

What do you believe these exercisings will take to in making different divining techniques in the hereafter?

Lesson Six

Divining with Yes/No Questions

In the past few lessons you have learned a spot about the pendulum, it uses throughout history, you have one in your ownership and the two of you have gotten a small acquainted. Now it is clip for you and your pendulum to acquire down to some merriment material and a small divination type of work larning the most common manner people use this tool for divination – replying yes and no inquiries.

Keep the terminal of the concatenation between your pollex and index leting the concatenation to swing down with the leaden terminal hanging free and your cubitus resting on the border of a tabular array to maintain you stabilized. If need be, utilize your other manus to calm the pendulum because you will desire it to be held still and non traveling at this clip.

Ask it “ Show me Yes ” . It may non react instantly but it will react. If needed repetition the inquiry. You want it to set up a definite swing and non merely a little small frisson. It does non hold to swing so far or fast that it threatens to take out an oculus – but it does necessitate to demo you a definite motion so you can set up a on the job form. Remember which manner it was singing ( right-to-left or back and frontward ) because this will be established as the reply “ Yes ” to a Yes/No Question you ask it. “ No ” should swing the opposite manner of “ yes ” . In other words, if “ yes ” was right-to-left so “ no ” will be normally be back and frontward. Be certain to state the pendulum “ Stop ” between each different motion and bid. It is good to acquire in this wont now because it is one that will be used ever when working with your pendulum.

Sometimes, and this juncture seems pretty rare, a pendulum will travel doesil and widdershins for “ yes ” and “ no ” . This could even go on for “ possibly ” or “ do n’t cognize ” . However, it will non go on for both or all. Each answer the pendulum will give you is alone to the pendulum but is besides ever the same. If “ yes ” is back and forward it will ever be back and frontward. Likewise, “ no ” will ever be left-to-right and so on nevertheless your pendulum has made this clear.

You can even set up “ possibly ” and “ do n’t cognize ” in the same manner. Be certain between each clip you tell your pendulum “ Stop ” . We need to set up these replies of “ possibly ” and “ do n’t cognize ” every bit good because sometimes the reply is non unequivocal.

Many times, people will make a board to transport with their pendulum to reply merely such inquiries. The board can be every bit simple or every bit fancy as you want it. It can be a board with the waies painted or wood-burned into the surface ; a piece of cloth with the waies drawn, stitched or painted on ; or even a piece of paper. Here is an illustration of what your board may look like:

Establishing this good working relationship with your pendulum will profit you as a novitiate pendulum diviner and will still be a endowment you will go on to utilize as a maestro diviner. You may even go so familiar with the motions of your pendulum that you will no longer necessitate your Yes/No board. Whether or non this is true, the manner your pendulum moves in reply to the inquiries will ever be the same. This holds true whether you are tapping into your ain subconscious ideas and feelings ( as we are with this lesson ) or whether you are working with the spirit universe and the Godhead ( in subsequently categories ) .

Be certain when you are inquiring your pendulum yes/No inquiries that you are non concentrating on a specific reply because you will it to be so. If you do this, so your pendulum will either respond to the mental bid you are giving it or it will be confused and non respond at all. Alternatively, inquire the inquiry with an attitude of “ I wonder what the result will be? ” Besides, maintain in head the reaction of the reply the pendulum gives you. If it is a full and good swing so you answer is rather definite. If it is a more halfhearted swing, so the reply could be “ yes ” ( or whichever manner the pendulum was singing ) but a “ yes ” that could be more unequivocal with other factors in topographic point. Another thing, if your pendulum does non travel it could be due to a refusal to reply the inquiry you asked. paraphrase it and see if you can acquire an reply so. Last, stick to your ain ethical motives and codification of moralss. If it is against your beliefs to be glancing in on others, so make non make it with your pendulum either. Stick to your ain comfort zone and boundaries in ethical motives and moralss merely as you would in any other divination or magickal state of affairs.


Post in the Discussion Board:

Print out and/or create a pendulum board ( click nexus below for image with words to cut out if inclined to make so & A ; topographic point in countries ) so you can hold a paper one OR you can acquire more originative and do your ain out of another stuff. Describe how you made your pendulum Yes/No board and the swing of your pendulum swings for each way.


Post below:

Ask your pendulum a series of inquiries ( 3-5 inquiries ) . Record the inquiries and replies here.

Do you experience your pendulum gave you accurate replies to your inquiries?

Lesson Seven

Personal Energy Work

Now that you have a pendulum and you ‘ve established a good yes/no/maybe/do n’t cognize relationship, allow ‘s travel on to research other ways you can work with your pendulum. These following few exercisings in this lesson will assist steer you into making some energy work with your pendulum.

As a magickal practician of any kind, you should already cognize that there is energy all around you and within you. This energy is what you use when directing out any kind of enchantment work. There is besides energy within you and environing your organic structure. This is called your energy field. If you have of all time had an aura reading done or an aura image taken, this is the energy the camera or reader is sing – the energy that surrounds your organic structure. When you raise energy either through enchantment work, ritual work or even heightened emotions this energy field is besides raised and spreads out farther from your organic structure.

In this first exercising, you are traveling to utilize your pendulum to observe the energy field around you. State your pendulum, “ Show me my energy field. ” Remember to utilize a steady manus, rest your cubitus on a tabular array border if need be and let your pendulum freedom of motion. It will get down to swing about in either a doesil ( clockwise ) or widdershins ( counter-clockwise ) gesture. Whichever manner it swings, does n’t intend anything. It is the act of the motion itself that you ‘re concentrating on. If your energy field is high, the round gesture of the pendulum will be fast and broad. If your energy field is low, so the round gesture of the pendulum will be little and slower.

In this following exercising, we are traveling to concentrate on raising and take downing your energy field through the usage of your pendulum. When your energy field is high and you are holding problem foundation, this simple act can really assist you to anchor. As the pendulum does its round gesture of fast and big, state it to decelerate down. State it to assist convey in your energy field. Sometimes, this will take a few proceedingss and sometimes it is a affair of minutes but finally the pendulum will decelerate down and the round gesture will acquire smaller. Continue with this exercising until you feel the pendulum has helped you to acquire your energy degree to a more manageable province and so state the pendulum “ Stop ” .

Similarly, you can use your pendulum to assist raise energy if it is low. This is done in precisely the opposite manner of take downing the energy field. You do this by stating your pendulum you want your energy raised. Depending on how low your energy degree was to get down with will depend on how easy your energy degree is raised. Another blocker in either instance will be either your willingness to let the energy field to be raised or lowered. You truly necessitate to be in a province of head of credence of this happening so that you do non acquire discouraged. The elevation of an energy field can sometimes be a small more hard than take downing it. Once your energy field is raised, state the pendulum “ Stop. ” Repeat the procedure of take downing your energy field by utilizing your pendulum until you are at a manageable energy province once more and once more state the pendulum to “ Stop. ” This will assist you in larning another manner to maintain your energies in balance.

Continue with this pattern until you are comfy in acknowledging your energy field every bit good as raising and take downing your energy field. Then finish the assignments below.

Assignments – Post to Discussion Board

When you foremost used your pendulum to observe your energy field, what was the consequence? Was your energy high or low? Make it observe it right or make you experience the pendulum did non accurately observe your personal energy field?

Raise your energy field by utilizing your pendulum. How long did it take to carry through this? How does it do you experience?

Now lower your energy field to a manageable or comfy degree. How long did it take to carry through this? How do you experience now?

Do you experience comfy utilizing your pendulum in this pattern for your ain energy field?

Lesson Eight

More Energy Work

The old lesson we learned how to make balance in the energy field for ego by raising and lowering/speeding up and decelerating down the round gesture of the pendulum. This was accomplished through many different channels. It was through your bid of the pendulum and its motions. It was besides through utilizing your right encephalon and tapping into your subconscious to command your energy field. I told you that those earlier gestures lessons were traveling to stop up paying off – and we have hardly even scratched the surface!

These following energy field exercisings will necessitate the cooperation of another individual. For this following 1 we will be turn uping border of another ‘s energy field/aura. First, you ( the diviner ) will stand following to another individual. Right following to them. Keep out your pendulum and inquire it to demo you their energy field. Your pendulum should get down to swing broad and fast or travel in a big round gesture. As you slowly travel off from your spouse, the pendulum ‘s swing should decelerate until it becomes smaller and Michigans when you are at the border or merely outside the boundary of their energy field. If you take a measure near them once more, the pendulum should so pick up its impulse once more.

Try this either with different people or with different degrees of energy. Emotions can play a big portion in the size of a individual ‘s energy field. Angry emotions tend to be held tighter and closer to a individual as do feelings of apprehensiveness. Happiness tends to make big nergy Fieldss around a individual. Have some merriment and laugh, so seek this exercising once more. If your spouse is a practician of the trade, they can seek some things as you approach or travel off with your pendulum. They can seek to screen themselves and see how that affects your pendulum. They can seek to raise energy in other ways ( similar to raising energy during ritual or for spell work ) and see how that affects your pendulum and how it reacts to their energy field.

In this following exercising, you ( the diviner ) will hold your dorsum to your spouse. Keep your pendulum out in forepart of you. Now have your friend move easy and softly towards you but you truly necessitate to be incognizant of their propinquity to you. If need be, someway hold your ears plugged so you can non hear their attack. At the beginning of this exercising, state your pendulum it is to travel when your spouse stairss into your energy field. When your spouse comes to the border and/or crosses the boundary line line of your energy field, your pendulum should swing to alarm you of their attack.

This exercising can be a spot more hard and sometimes does non work ab initio. A batch depends on the working relationship you have established with your pendulum. Stick with it and shortly you can go an unstoppable divinatory brace!


This full category is a basic lesson in how to run your pendulum, use it for some simple energy work and some really basic divination techniques you can make by inquiring yes/no type inquiries. Those types of inquiries can truly pay off in the long tally. You merely necessitate to inquire several of them and through the different replies you can find a batch. You can even believe of it as a game of “ 20 Questions ” where you need to inquire a batch of inquiries in order to come to a decision. Working with your pendulum in this mode can be rather good in many different ways – far excessively many to even get down to advert here. I hope you have enjoyed this category and in going acquainted with your new tool and friend!


Post to the Discussion Board

How good did the energy exercises with a spouse work for you? What difficulties did you face, if any?

What ways can you believe of to utilize a pendulum in working with energy that was non mentioned in this category?

How frequently do you believe you will now be utilizing your pendulum?

Did you bask this category? What is so far your favourite portion of utilizing your pendulum? What was your favourite exercising?

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LESSON FIVE – Mention:

The Big Little Book of Magick by DJ Conway

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