Turning your Sorrows into Joy – Classroom Tasks

Turning your Sorrows into Joy

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The people of Bhilara territory waited thirstily to hear yet another life transforming narrative from ‘Badi Dayee’( old grandmother ) as she was called. For the last 20 old ages Badi Dayee has been giving her clip to the villagers, promoting them to contend their conflict of life andreenforcingthe demand for difficult work. An old worn out bluish saree draped Badi Dayee from caput to toe. This was what the seeking eyes saw at a distance as she walked towards the old banian tree where her audience awaited her. She breathed profoundly and took her royal place to portion from her wealth of narratives one which would animate her followings. she began in a sweet composure andcomposedtone, the narrative of a immature girl- her parents called her Helen.

When Helen was really immature, non even two old ages old, she became really, really ill. She was so ill that she about died. She did n’t decease but she lost her hearing and her sight. Yes, she became deaf and blind.

Can you conceive of what it means to be both deaf and blind? You will hold an thought what it would be like. Helen got over her complaint and was experiencing better which took a long clip, but she found she could n’t make really many things. She was knocking into things and stumbling over about everything. Her female parent and male parent could n’t state her where to walk or play as she could n’t hear them, and they could n’t demo her because of class, she could n’t see them. Helen wanted to make things but it was n’t possible so she gotfrustratedand was ever angry and disquieted. She would contend and hit people. She could n’t speak because she had non learned before she was ill, so she could non state her parents what she wanted, or what she was believing. Her parents tried to learn her things but it was really hard.

When Helen was about seven old ages old her parents hired a instructor to come and populate with them. The teacher’s name was Anne Sullivan. She had a really hard undertaking but she tried many different ways to acquire Helen to understand.

http://www.egogahan.com/images/helenkeller/1.jpgShe encouraged Helen to touch and experience objects around her so she could distinguish them from each other.

That is what Helen ‘s instructor did. Sometimes she would take her to some object like a tree, a flower, a Equus caballus, a tabular array she would acquire her to touch it so that she would acquire an thought of what its form and size was. Then she would publish out the letters of the alphabet of the wordrepresentedthe object on the thenar of Helen ‘s hand.Well, she did this for yearss, hebdomads and several months, but Helen was still non able to understand what was go oning. She loved traveling out for walks with her instructor and touching the foliages and flowers and everything else in the garden. She was bothcontentedand happy. One twenty-four hours Helen ‘s instructor was seeking to learn her how to spell H2O but she did non look to hold much fortune with it. Finally, she took Helen out into the pace where there was a H2O pump and she pumped H2O onto Helen ‘s custodies, weaponries and face, and she kept composing the letters W-A-T-E-R- on the thenar of Helen ‘s manus. Suddenly, merely like a miracle, Helen realized that the letters being written on her manus meant the cool something that was being splashed over her weaponries and face was H2O. She understood that all the other things her instructor had been spelling on her manus represented the things that the instructor had gotten her to touch. From that clip on Helen’s acquisition was really rapid. She had discovered what words were even though she could non see them or hear them.

When Helen was older, she learned to read books that have particular letters calledBraille.

As Dayee stopped to take a sip of H2O to wet her pharynx, she saw wet eye-popping eyes of her people who felt the strength and finding of immature Helen. With a soothing smiling Badi Dayee continued.

Helen subsequently went to a college and larn how to compose. She wrote many books and traveled all over the universe instruction and assisting other people who were blind or deaf. One of Helen’sfavourite books was the Bible, and by reading with fingers she came to cognize all about Jesus and she learnt to love the Lord and to populate by His Word.

In malice of the fact that Helen could non see and hear, her life was rich, happy and productive. Even today the universe remembers her as Helen Keller.

When Badi Dayee finished, she could see the flicker of a new beginning on the faces of her audience.

Helen Keller’s life is aninspirationto all of us to make the best we can with the approvals that God has given to us.

Badi Dayee walked down theruggedway into the dark to be back once more the following twenty-four hours with another true life inspiration.

AbidooWord Galaxy

  • audience people gathered to listen or watch a drama
  • braille a signifier of written linguistic communication for unsighted people in which characters are represented in the form of raised points that are felt with the fingertips
  • composed composure and in control of one’s feelings
  • contented happy
  • frustrated being upset or annoyed as a consequence of

being unable to alter or accomplish


  • inspiration ability to make or experience something
  • reenforcing brand stronger
  • represented show or describe in a peculiar manner
  • Abidoorugged uneven, tough

Question clip

  1. Correct the undermentioned sentences.
    1. The people of Bhilwara disliked Badi Dayee and her narratives.
    2. Helen Keller was born blind.
    3. At the age of 17 her parents hired a instructor for her.
    4. Helen ‘s life was wasted because she could non see and hear.
    5. Helen learned to compose with a pencil.
  1. Fill in the space with one or more words.
    1. Badi Dayee walked towards the ___________ to state her narratives.
    2. When Helen was seven old ages old, her parents hired a new ________ .
    3. One of Helen’s favourite books was _________ .
    4. Helen read books that had particular letters called ________ .
    5. For the past _______ old ages Badi Dayee had been stating narratives.
  1. Find words in the transition which mean
    1. happy
    2. trouble
    3. encouragement
  1. Answer the undermentioned inquiries
    1. What was Badi Dayee’s purpose in stating narratives to the villagers?
    2. The instructor helped Helen rise from her autumn. Is it true? How?
    3. What all did Helen achieve in her life-time despite her imperfectnesss?
    4. Did the narrative of Helen Keller touch the life of the villagers? Support your reply with lines from the text.
    5. Do you believe ‘Turning your sorrows into joy’ is a suited rubric for the narrative? Why?



1.Solve the word mystifier with the aid of the hints.

You drive in nails with the aid of this tool. _ _ millimeter _ _

You sew apparels with this. _ee _ _ _

The name of a fruit. _ a _ a_ a

This carnal brays. _ on _ _ _

A shed where aeroplanes are kept _ _ N g _ _

Childs are taught in this _ _ _ o o_

Movies are shown here _ _ N _ m _

This pulls the train vitamin E _ _ i_ vitamin E

A machine that pulls ploughs T _ _ c _ _ R

An animate being that ploughs our Fieldss _ _ cubic decimeter cubic decimeter _ _k

A thick woollen covering used on beds b _ _ _ k _ _

The name of a vegetable _ _ B b_ _ _ _

One who delivers letters p_ _ _ _ _ N

A immature biddy degree Celsius H _ _ K

2.Insert ‘is’ or ‘are’

  1. Everything on this tabular array ______ white.
  2. Everyone in my house __ ailment.
  3. All the books on this tabular array ______ mine.
  4. Both the students in that corner ____ my friends.
  5. AbidooThere _______half a liter of milk in that bottle.

Creative Writing

mascot0005.pngWrite few lines on any celebrated personality who overcame his/her failing and achieved excellence like Helen Keller or Louis Braille.

Fun Time

Watch the film ‘Black’ .

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