What Makes A Good Teacher English Language Essay

It is perfectly true that we are those who choose what we want to be. Sometimes we choose to be person that we can non be. If we talk about professions, with no uncertainty we can state that learning is like no other profession. In my sentiment non every individual who wants to be a instructor should be a instructor. Some people list learning as one of easiest professions, they frequently thing to alter their ain professions with learning profession. These people think that the procedure of instruction is really easy, with no troubles and they think that instructors do non hold a batch of things to make. But for certain it ‘s non true.

Even as every other profession instruction has it ‘s particulars. Before I start talking about procedure of instruction, I would wish to advert some of indispensable ( basic ) qualities that instructors should hold.

First of all, they have to cognize their capable. Now is considered that good instructors should non merely cognize the capable affair because nowdays the instructor is non considered the lone beginning of information, I surely agree with this theory, but I consider that you should non be a good instructor of English linguistic communication if you do n’t cognize English, by this I mean that good instructor expect other particulars he/she should cognize the topic. Then other quality that the instructor must possess is the quality called “ cognizing your pupils ” , by cognizing our pupils we will cognize what do they necessitate, what do they cognize and what they do n’t cognize. Of class by cognizing our pupils we will utilize the appropriate method for them during the procedure of learning. And the 3rd quality which I wanted to advert is being prepared for the category. The last one is related with both the first and the 2nd 1. And by this we would non be possible to neglect at, because we know the capable affair, we know our pupils, and we are prepared good. In my sentiment being prepared agencies that we know what we are traveling to talk, which method we will utilize, so we know how long we will talk to pupils etc.

When we talk about instruction, should be said that there are a battalion of elements that satisfy it. In my hereafter as a instructor, I would wish to be a instructor that inspires pupils to love acquisition, explore new Fieldss of survey, and lose the school, non the other 1 who does merely the opposite. Of class I would wish to be defined as a good instructor, and as a good instructor I would wish allow my pupils know that I am the 1 who pushes them to make their best and at the same clip I ‘ll seek to do larning interesting every bit good as originative. I would wish my pupils to be unfastened with me, to discourse things with me. I ‘ll be at that place to assist them. I would wish to promote my pupils to be non merely good pupils, but to be good people excessively. I do n’t desire them to be good memorisers of texts. I want them to larn and be able to use what they learned, non merely to go through the trials. I do n’t desire to halt instruction when the bell rings. I am traveling to keep excess Sessionss for them if it is necessary. Some pupils need excess attending. I ‘ll take my occupation earnestly because one twenty-four hours I would wish to be proud with my pupils. Expect these things good instructors should cognize good how to speak to their pupils.

From my experience I learned that instructors who talk aloud and instructors who normally knock with a chalk or a stick on a tabular array or chalkboard they normally disturb pupils so they get afraid of their instructors. So great importance as future instructor I will besides give this subject, I will seek to shun things that make pupils experience confused. It is of import pupils to experience good during my communicating with them. The truth is that every thing in schools should be made in favour of the pupils. In the beginning of this essay I said that it is of import for instructors to cognize their capable, but expect this they should cognize how to construe things they know to their pupils. As every good instructor in my hereafter I will seek to be simple and logical. Even more I ‘ll seek to give to my pupils all sorts of information that they need. Another interesting and of import issue for which it was debated a batch, is the issue of who should speak more pupils or instructor. It ‘s good to hold a balance between STT ( Student Talking Time ) and TTT ( Teacher Talking Time ) . While we are speaking about English instructors it is better to hold the upper limit of STT because pupils will pattern words that they learn during debating and they will be more freely, but instructors ‘ aid will be welcome.

In this instance as a hereafter instructor I will form the category and the clip in that manner that my function to be merely as an helper, I ‘ll merely give instructions to pupils in the beginning and so I ‘ll allow them work in groups or other methods, but I ‘ll help them every clip they need my aid. So by this I think they will be more independent. Another of import point is the manner we organize our talks. We have to take different manners of learning. Teachers particularly at simple degree, need to be really originative with their instruction manner, because non every kid learns the same manner, nor are they interested in same things.

Teachers should utilize assortment talks, because pupils need surprises, they get bored composing all the clip or listening all the clip. Despite this instructors need to be careful, they have to happen a balance in which all pupils will experience good and satisfied. Some pupils like alterations some non. Some of them feel insecure in these alterations and are afraid to talk or be portion of schoolroom activities. Nowdays instructors use programs for each category, but in my sentiment we should non utilize programs, because good instructors should be ever prepared or better say they should be flexible.

I decided to go a instructor, because for me being a instructor is a pleasance. It is good to cognize that there is a kid that adores and loves you. And I ‘ll be more satisfied when I ‘ll cognize that they are larning things from me. I do non wish to be endearing from my pupils merely because I ‘m their instructor, but I would wish them to value my work. I thing that I have sufficient grounds to go a instructor. I hope one twenty-four hours to be the most successful instructor.

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