Why i want to volunteer at a hospital essay

If the question “How to become a volunteer?” appeared, then there is a desire to do something good! And this is the most important thing. Desire – and there is a thread for which you must hold on to the ball led to the result.

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First of all, you need to find out who such a “volunteer” is. This is one who acts of free will. He wanted to, and he chose what to do. The resource of a volunteer is his personal time, his personal strengths, and abilities.
The resource of a volunteer is his personal time, his personal strengths, and abilities.

In most cases, the volunteer is an unprofessional worker. That is, it works and helps, as it can.

Volunteering is a personal responsibility, on which very much sometimes depends. Maybe even someone’s life. Freedom must be balanced by responsibility. If it is not, it is better not to help.

However, beneficiaries need serious, regular, long-term assistance. This means that the volunteer’s lack of qualifications and lack of experience can only be compensated by his personal choice of a suitable and interesting job. And, I will say it again, a personal responsibility.

A volunteer helps only with labor, participation, care, attention, etc., but not with money. Do not mix these topics in relation to one ward.

Now is the time to ask yourself a second question: what exactly do I want? To whom and how am I ready to help? Put out the fires? Play with children in the hospital? To teach orphans in orphanages useful skills? Help medical staff care for abandoned women? Caring for the cleanliness of parks and squares in the city?

I want to volunteer at a hospital because I want to help sick people in this difficult time fight their diseases.

The volunteer’s task is to integrate into the existing environment and provide assistance in cooperation with the entire environment of the beneficiary, building boundaries and trusting relationships.

There is always an environment around any beneficiary: doctors, relatives, friends, educators, government representatives, etc. A volunteer cannot replace any of this environment; he is obliged to remain himself. For example, in a hospital, a volunteer cannot stand between a mother and a child, even if the mother is “out of her mind”, the volunteer cannot question the doctor’s prescriptions, and moreover, cannot prescribe treatment.