Why nurse is important essay

A nurse is an important and necessary employee of any hospital, without the high-quality work of which a sick person will not be able to receive qualified help.

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This is a profession that requires all the effort and time for sick and passionate people, without sleep and rest for themselves, their problems and desires. A person does not perceive the world not as healthy. People do not always understand what they need.

Yes, of course, a nurse is not a doctor, and she does not have the right to prescribe treatment, change drugs and their dosage, but she always helps the doctor in everyone. Her work is impossible because she must treat the patient, apply pressure and temperature, soothe and prepare patients for surgery and other manipulations, providing first aid until the doctor arrives. This all affects the quality of treatment, its duration and comfort.

Everyone knows who a nurse is, but not everyone knows that there is a certain classification in medicine. According to this classification, nurses are divided into:

  1. older;
  2. ward;
  3. guard;
  4. manipulative;
  5. operating;
  6. outpatient;
  7. and etc. Depending on the position, their duties are changed.

How to find a job in any profession?

Improve qualifications by getting a higher medical education;
It is possible to earn extra money by performing manipulations at home;
Awareness of the importance of the work performed;
Gratitude of patients and their relatives for a saved human life.
We have all the disadvantages and disadvantages:
Low salary;
Heavy physical exertion;
Work at night and on holidays;
The risk of contracting dangerous, sometimes fatal, infectious diseases;
Emotional stress.
Compensation for patients and their relatives compensate for all the shortcomings of the profession.