A Favourite Piece of Art Nelsons Column

In the summer of 2005 I visited London for the first clip, a metropolis with centuries of history and civilization. While basking museums and other attractive forces, I found myself on the square in the Centre of which a mammoth column with a statue on top was lifting.

This work of art impresses with its size and beauty of craft, which demonstrates the gratitude of an full state to one of its biggest heroes, Admiral Nelson. It non merely reminds of the superb military strategian, but keeps the memory of one of the most important events in universe history – the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This conflict has become an exciting marker in history ; a mixture of world ; magic and gallantry. It put an terminal to the dreams of Napoleon to suppress Britain and started the age of British maritime domination.

Filled with exhilaration by the spirit and memory of the glorious triumph, I stood about breathless, staring at this symbol of bravery and forfeit in the name of the state. Despite the deficiency of his right manus and one oculus that had been lost in old conflicts, Admiral Nelson managed to interrupt the vanguard of the Gallic fleet. “ Thank God I have done my responsibility ” were the last words of the superb military strategian typifying his religion, resting and forfeit.

While standing in forepart of the memorial I felt like I was on the battleground among those brave and nice heroes, led by the most nice among them. I felt like I had witnessed all the events that changed the class of universe history. I felt a portion of it.

All the illustriousness was sealed in my head everlastingly. Anyone who has of all time seen this piece of art will ne’er be able to bury it, and the message it brings to the universe. Lions are the symbol of courage and the tallness of the memorial creates the feeling that it has been raised to the Gods. This is the topographic point where work forces of honor remainder in peace.

When standing in forepart of this memorial and contemplating, I feel connected with this state everlastingly. It has gathered so much love and gratitude that remains in my head and makes me believe about the of import things in life. Ecstasy of the spirit is my feeling of this first and unforgettable meeting with courage, which left its deep mark in my head.

This memorial calls for future coevalss to retrieve, to be proud and to follow the theoretical account of heroes. Because “ England expects that every adult male will make his responsibility ” , as these people have done. Nowadays values are reversed and it is of import to step back and expression in the yesteryear where these people who have sacrificed themselves for the interest of a true and worthy cause to protect their fatherland.

Standing in forepart of the statue I felt something particular. It could non be described in one word. I felt like I was a little piece of something truly large, in the important minute when of import determinations are about to be made. It changed me everlastingly.

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A favourite movie – The Shawshank Redemption

There are films that leave a permanent feeling in the heads of viewing audiences. Movies that are made with idea of the secret plan and way. Attitude to detail and acting game are impressive. The novelette Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption ( 1982 ) , which is one of the best merchandising Steven Kings ‘ books is an inspiring narrative about friendly relationship, hope and religion.

The narrative was adapted for the screen in 1994 into the movie The Shawshank Redemption, which won an Academy award. The manager is Frank Darabont.A

The Shawshank Redemption is a narrative about a successful banker, Andy Dyufreyn ( Tim Robbins ) , who is unjustly convicted of the liquidator of his married woman and her lover. The mild mannered New England banker is sentenced to two back-to-back life sentences at Shawshank State Penitentiary in Maine.

This Gothic prison is a topographic point where unsafe felons serve their life sentences, but besides a topographic point where true friendly relationship is born between Dyufreyn and Ellis Boyd “ Red ” Redding ( Morgan Freeman ) . Red specialises in smuggling points into the prison for the other captives, and he is a 30-year-veteran of the system. As clip base on ballss, the soft spoken banker becomes friend with most of the captives.

Because of his accomplishments and cognition of fiscal affairs, he manages to do the prison guards his defenders – the character does non give up, and uses his cognition to assist himself and the others.

The dark walls of Shawshank prison did non interrupt his will. This is a narrative about religion, hope, friendly relationship, dreams that become true, bravery, and strength of the adult male ‘s spirit.

For six old ages Dyufreyn restores the prison library, and helps all captives who want to be educated – giving them a opportunity to see the universe from a different point of position, opening the doors of cognition and giving them a opportunity to get down a new life once they are released from prison. Andy does non lose religion, from the beginning of his stay in prison he manages to convey his religion, and positive attitude to the other captives. It is the thing that allows the self-proclaimed guiltless adult male to last what may, or may non be an unfair imprisonment.

The banker succeeds where the other captives fail – he manages to maintain his hope and ne’er gives up.

Dyufreyn ‘s hope for legal freedom dies because of the actions of the commanding officer who does n’t desire his fiscal maltreatment to be revealed. Then Andy takes affairs into his ain custodies and implements his program that takes him more than 20 old ages. With craft and common sense, he escapes from prison, steals the commanding officer ‘s money, and tells the narrative of the maltreatment. Commander committed a self-destruction and the caput of the guards is arrested.

After three unsuccessful efforts to excuse, Red managed to acquire out of gaol after 40 old ages and finds his friend in Mexico.

This movie is a affecting narrative about how of import is for a adult male non to lose hope and religion. The influence on the viewing audiences is obvious – the movie has won many awards and has become foremost in the ranking of www.imdb.com. This movie touches the bosom of the spectator signifier the really first minute.

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A Favourite Piece of Classical Music – The Nutcracker

It is of import for parents and instructors to demo us the beauty of classical music. Without proper debut to classical music it can look sort of piercing, or even intolerable at the beginning. Over clip, thanks to person or merely by opportunity, people found Tchaikovsky as a composer and began to bask his lovely music. After hearing several times Swan Lake or ??he Nutcracker, everyone can continue to Coppelia and Giselle. There is merely one measure between the pleasance of detecting concert dance and the ability to value Baroque music, and the distance to symphonic music is even smaller. The single develops his hearing and does non lose his old gustatory sensation because of acquisition and developing. Possibly one twenty-four hours he will bask the finest concerts or operas…

Similarly, if we were non taught to comprehend picture, we will look at some images and will non understand what their significance is. Yet, as in music, everyone can larn how non merely to but to see the image so he can larn how to bask it.

One of the finest concert dances that Tchaikovsky was composed is The Nutcracker. He wrote it in 1891 – 1892. The premiere was on December 18, 1892 in St. Petersburg and but it was non really successful. The composer himself was really self-critical and did non like his work. The concert dance begins to play outside Russia in topographic points such as the UK, USA, where it has become one of the most popular winter narratives played on phase.

The narrative of the concert dance begins under the Christmas tree in the hall of the Zilberhaus household, where kids, including Clara and Fritz, receive gifts. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours Clara is sad because of the terminal of the jubilation, and gets a nutcracker as a present. It instantly surrounds the kids with love. At midnight the small miss goes in the hall where she has left the nutcracker, and all of a sudden finds herself a informant of a conflict between mice and lead soldiers. The conflict is led by the King of Mice, and the nutcracker who is a beautiful prince. He takes Clara in Fairyland Candy, where the miss is declared as a hero, because she has saved princes ‘ life. Celebration begins. After the festival ends, Clara wakes up under the Christmas tree with the nutcracker in her custodies.

The Ballet The Nutcracker is a world-wide Christmas tradition. Not merely because kids love it, but besides because the fantastic winter wonderland is filled with all those miracles which every kid expects on the Christmas ‘ vacation ; dolls that semen to life, turning Christmas tree, nowadayss, the thaumaturgy of snow, and restlessness. In each of our lives, when we wake up at Christmas we still experience the same euphory, as we did at Christmas as kids.

The concert dance features a great assortment of used vehicles of looks. This applies to the musical looks, and interrupting the statics of the libretto. It is really hard to execute because of its countless pirouettes and hard care that terpsichoreans should make.

There are many versions of the concert dance, but directed by world-famous Russian concert dance terpsichorean and choreographer Yury Grigorovich is one of the most brightly presented as play, way and narrative. The music of The Nutcracker is peculiarly keen and absorbing, and today is among the most popular of Tchaikovsky musical compositions.

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