An integrated marketing communications perspective


First of all, thanks to our lector, Mr. Ahmed, who teaches us so many things about academic authorship. Second, thanks to my group mates: Miss. Quan Ying, Mr. Sun Qiang, and Mr. Yang Xuexiong ; without their hardworking, I can non complete this essay. They truly did a good occupation! Finally, thanks for the interviewees ‘ cooperation, without their aid, our essay can non be finished, neither. Thank you all!

Coca-Cola Company, with the gross revenues volume of more than 1.4 million each twenty-four hours, and Pepsi Company, holding been in the Fortune 500 and succeeded in bring forthing and marketing numinous sorts of saccharide and non-carbohydrate drinks, can be regarded as the most two succeeded companies in the universe. In add-on to being celebrated in the universe, their flagship merchandises are Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, playing a important manner of drinks in the universe, which at the same clip maintain continue to vie with each other to hold a bigger market portion for more than 100 old ages. Furthermore, they have similar history the first clip they were invented. Coca-Cola, a carbonated drink around the universe, was foremost invented by John Pemberton, a druggist, in Atlanta, Georgia in the twelvemonth of 1886 when he was addicted to morphine for being wounded during the war to protect his hometown and looked for a remedy for replace morphia. On the other manus, Pepsi Cola, a celebrated carbonated drink every bit good, was foremost invented, by Caleb Bradham, a druggist besides, in New Bern, North Carolina, as a drink which is made of a goora nut nut infusion, vanilla, and rare oils as a remedy for indigestion, after 17 old ages when Coca-Cola was foremost produced. Its general ingredients are about the same in footings of saccharide, sugar, and caffeine. Undoubtedly, the two merchandises already go deep into people ‘s head, which they about can non populate without them, and consume chiefly while they are analyzing working and besides watching films. Meanwhile, the development of modernisation and better wellness consciousness bring Indian adolescents particularly more attending to some important facets that most people ignore about, such as ingredient, publicity, and wellness.

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Ingredient, harmonizing to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ( 2003 ) , is “ one of the nutrients that you use to do a peculiar nutrient or dish ” which largely includes carbonated, caffeine, and sugar, affects people ‘s pick to purchase Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola. In other words, the gustatory sensation is taken into history as the major consideration of the drink. First, when it comes to carbonated drink, people pay more attending to whether the gas, C dioxide, is strong or non. “ Soft drink makers use C dioxide signifier high-pressure cylinders purchased from makers who produce the gas under rigorous nutrient pureness ordinances ” ( Rick Parker, 2003, Pg.418 ) . There are 20 per centum of people who prefer Coca-Cola because of its strong gas ; at the same clip, 56 per centum of people who like Pepsi Cola because of less gas it has. It is believed that people who like the feeling of the strong gas feel that the excess heat can come out from their organic structure at the same clip with the gas spurting out from the tummy, “ because the solubility of the C dioxide is greater at lower temperatures ” ( Rick Parker, 2003, Pg.418 ) . Second, “ caffeine is found of course in java beans, tea foliages, cocoa, chocolate beans and Cola nuts, and is frequently added to carbonated drinks. This makes it one of the most widely consumed behaviorally-active substances in the universe ” ( Andrew Harrison, para.2 ) . Furthermore, “ caffeine is best known for its stimulation, or “ wake-up, ” consequence. Once a individual consumes caffeine, it is readily absorbed by the organic structure and carried around in the blood stream, where its degree extremums about one hr after ingestion. Caffeine mildly stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It affects the encephalon and consequences in elevated temper, decreased weariness, and increased heed, so a individual can believe more clearly and work harder. It besides increases the bosom rate, blood flow, respiratory rate, and metabolic rate for several hours. When taken before bedtime, caffeine can interfere with acquiring to kip or remaining asleep. “ ( Karen Eich Drummond, 2009, para.2 ) Nevertheless, even though caffeine makes people awake, there are 10 per centum of people who consider that both Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola should cut down the content of caffeine. Finally, sugar, a sort of sweetening, is another of import facet of people ‘s taking drinks. The ground that some people choose Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola relies on whether they like Sweets or non. There are 33 per centum of people who choose Pepsi Cola because its gustatory sensation is sweeter than Coca-Cola ; meanwhile, 20 per centum of people prefer Coca-Cola because there is less sugar in it. On the other manus, 66 per centum of people think that there is a large figure of sugar in Coca-Cola, while 30 per centum of people do n’t wish the sweet gustatory sensation of Pepsi Cola. In order to work out these jobs, Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi Company bring forth several new sorts of Cola. To Coca-Cola Company, there are Coca-Cola Light, which has less sugar, and Coca-Cola Zero, which has no sugar. To Pepsi Company, there are Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi Max.

Promotion, defined by Richard J. Semenik ( 2002 ) , it is “ a blend of communications tools used by a house to pass on straight with mark markets ” which is used in many different ways to pull people ‘s attending to purchase Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola, of which advertizement, publishing ace on the screen, and gives promotional activities are some manners to name. In fact, harmonizing to Richard J. Semenik ( 2002 ) , “ advertisement tends to be the most glamourous and elaborate of all the promotional tools. Ad is defined as a paid, mass-mediated effort to carry, ” and these two companies have different accent on pulling people ‘s attending in order to advance their merchandises expeditiously: Pepsi Company concentrates on immature grownups and adolescents ; that is, “ they believe that if they get their clients while they are immature, they will hold them for life ” ( Anonymous, 2009, para.2 ) ; on the other manus, Coca-Cola Company focuses on all people in every age group. In other words, “ Pepsi advertisements are different because most of their clients are repeat consumers ” ( Anonymous, 2009, para.1 ) , because “ most of its advertisements used adolescent presenters or aces who were hero of immature people ” ( Anonymous, 2009, para.1 ) . But, there are 65 per centum of people who think that the advertizement has no consequence on their pick. It is believed that, even though the advertizement of Pepsi is better than that of Coca-Cola, they ever keep a wont of imbibing Coca-Cola, because Coca-Cola attempts to maintain in touch with people ‘s life all the clip. Besides, both companies provide their clients with some promotional activities, and 40 per centum of people will alter their pick if there are promotional activities.

Health, which attracts people ‘s major attending to do their determination to take which 1 should they devour either Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola is regarded as the most of import thing. It is true that people begin to pay more attending to nutrition in the drink at the present clip. In other words, people think whether the drink affects their wellness or non before they buy them. In fact, there are five per centum of people who do n’t desire to purchase neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi Cola, because they think that some ingredient in the drink is harmful to their organic structure, such as caffeine, sugar, and C dioxide. In add-on, even though caffeine makes people wake-up, “ caffeine can be mildly habit-forming. Even when moderate sums of caffeine are withdrawn for 18 to 24 hours, one may experience symptoms such as concern, weariness, crossness, depression, and hapless concentration. The symptoms peak within 24 to 48 hours and increasingly lessening over the class of a hebdomad. To minimise backdown symptoms, experts recommend cut downing caffeine consumption bit by bit ” ( Karen Eich Drummond, 2009, para.5 ) . Furthermore, “ caffeine appears to increase the elimination of Ca, a mineral needed for healthy castanetss. Calcium is peculiarly of import to forestall osteoporosis, a bone disease characterized by loss of bone strength and seen particularly in older adult females ( although work forces get it excessively ) . Moderate caffeine consumption does non look to do a job with Ca, every bit long as one is devouring the recommended sum ( big work forces and adult females should be taking between 1,000 and 1,200 mgs of Ca, depending on age and gender ) ” ( Karen Eich Drummond, 2009, para.11 ) . In world, if one individual receives caffeine more than 200mg per twenty-four hours, he or she will acquire chronic poisoning, and the symptom can be insomnia, dyspepsia, crossness, etc ; moreover, there are 65mg of caffeine in one can of Cola. So, if people drink more than three tins of Cola, they will acquire these jobs. There is 35g sugar in each can of Cola, which is equal to 140 Calories but small nutrition in it. In add-on, “ sugar is consumed as an indispensable or heightening ingredient in broad assortment of alimentary nutrients. Besides, there is no ground for any concern as sugar ingestion does non lend to any alimentary lacks in population ” ( Anonymous, para.1 ) . If people ever drink Colas, they will acquire a large figure of sugar and become fleshiness. Meanwhile, it is believed after people drink Cola, they feel something uncomfortable on their dentitions, so the sugar is harmful to people ‘s dentition. In other words, sugar can do the dental cavities. Furthermore, legion sugar can besides take to diabetes, which “ is a upset of the organic structure ‘s metamorphosis. Many scientific surveies show that the hazard of diabetes is reciprocally related to saccharides and sugar ingestion. In other words, people who develop diabetes have been found to eat less sugar than healthy people ” ( Anonymous, para.1 ) . On the other manus, “ C dioxide in soft drinks contributes to the sourness, but the chief acids used are phosphorous, citric, fumaric, tartaric, and malic acids. Besides moving as preservatives, the acids in the soft drink lower the pH ” ( Rick Parker, 2003, Pg.418 ) . It means that the acid in Cola can do the pH in people ‘s tummy lower than usual ; hence, people get dyspepsia. In add-on, “ in high adequate concentration, phosphates, block Ca soaking up and flowers calcium out of your castanetss, which makes them thin, weak and brickle ” ( Dr. Russell J. Martino, 2008, para.17 ) . In short, a great trade of acid can besides do people have job in absorbing Ca, and people easy acquire osteoporosis. Besides, Cola can impact human sperm motility. “ Testing of assorted Colas formulas on sperm motility utilizing a trans-membrane process did non diminish motility to less than 70 % control in a 1-hour period. Diet Coca-Cola had the strongest spermicidal consequence followed by Authoritative Coca-Cola, Caffeine-free Coca-Cola and New Coca-Cola. Since there are no known substances in Cola that consequence cellular membranes, the consequences of these trials were non unusual. Other trials have been done utilizing higher dilution of Cola which could consequence sperm motility and give different consequences for spermicidal authorities ” ( Hong CY, Shieh CC, Chiang BN, 1987, para.2 ) . In short, Cola has consequence on sperm motility.

To sum up, Cola war has non been finished and will certainly be continued, and which cola to take depends on each people ‘s position. Anyway, whether Cola has benefit or non and whether is suited or non for different sorts of people, Cola has already been deep in people mind and people can non populate without it.Besides, in order to vie with each other and continuously attract people ‘s attendings, bring forthing new types of Cola and promotional activities is frequently indispensable and utile for Coca-cola and Pepsi cola to suit people ‘s assorted gustatory sensation. Consequently, even though Cola can be regard as one portion of people ‘s life, wellness should non be ignored.


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