Money In Fact Is The Ultimate Villain English Literature Essay

Many of the characters in the novel are corrupted because of their compulsion with money. Gatsby is so haunted with Daisy and wealth, that he is willing to give his full life to trying to win the bosom of a married adult female by deriving every bit much wealth as he perchance can, in order to do himself noticed. Furthermore, he earns all his money in irregular and illegal ways, working for Meyer Wolfshiem, “ the adult male who fixed the World ‘s Series back in 1919. ”[ 1 ]

Tom and Daisy are besides corrupted by wealth. Daisy, who has grown up affluent, is misanthropic, and this is seen through her hopes that her girl will turn up to be a sap, as she believes that is the best one can be: “ I hope she ‘ll be a fool – that ‘s the best thing a miss can be in this universe, a beautiful small sap. ”[ 2 ]Tom has ever been used to holding a huge sum of wealth at his dispense, holding been portion of a affluent household ( “ even in college his freedom with money was a affair of reproach ”[ 3 ]) . He sees money strictly as power and a agency of ranking – the more money one has, the more of import they are. It is for this ground that he feels he is superior to all the other characters in the novel and described as holding “ chesty eyes ”[ 4 ]and being aggressive. His societal high quality complements his physical power and aggression. Combined, these are what characterise Tom as being able to pull strings and “ physically travel ” others as if playing a board game.

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Myrtle, excessively, is besides a victim of corruptness. She has become so determined to go portion of the Upper Class, that she is willing to travel against ethical motives to make so. It was this compulsion that culminated in the event of her decease. This introduces another aspect of the novel: sloppiness. In The Great Gatsby, with wealth, comes sloppiness. The characters believe that they can utilize money as an flight from their jobs. This can be seen in the undermentioned case, where one sees that money buys favors:

“ All right, old athletics, ” called Gatsby. We slowed down. Taking a white card from his billfold, he waved it before the adult male ‘s eyes.

“ Right you are, ” agreed the police officer, tipping his cap. “ Know you following clip, Mr. Gatsby. Excuse me! ”

“ What was that? ” I inquired. “ The image of Oxford? ”

“ I was able to make the commissioner a favor one time, and he sends me a Christmas card every twelvemonth. ”[ 5 ]

In another instance, Daisy, who seems inadequate of being a female parent to her kid, solves this job by paying a nurse to look after her girl.

Carelessness is besides seen in major events within the secret plan. Tom and Daisy tend to get away from their jobs utilizing money, without believing about it twice. Alternatively of Daisy halting the auto after hitting Myrtle and alternatively of her and Tom go toing Gatsby ‘s funeral, they flee from the action and go on to populate their lives without looking back on it. They besides believe that money can purchase favor. Merely with the sum of money the Buchanans have, would this effort be possible every individual clip.

The novel, as a unfavorable judgment of the American Dream, gives the reader the thought that money is ne’er plenty. The Buchanans and Gatsby both live on Long Island, and are highly affluent, and yet, ironically, they are continually dissatisfied. This is a true illustration of the cliche that money can non purchase felicity. The characters ‘ dissatisfaction can be seen as the trigger for many of the events that take topographic point. For illustration, the fact that Tom has a kept woman, and has bought an flat in the metropolis for her could hold sprung from his dissatisfaction. Another case is when Tom, Daisy, Nick, Jordan and Gatsby go into town merely but to pass money by leasing a hotel room for the afternoon.

Most significantly, money is delusory. Having corrupted characters, taking them to take careless lives, and doing them to go disgruntled and greedy are what can be seen as the typical features of a true scoundrel. In Gatsby ‘s instance, money was n’t plenty to acquire Daisy back, and ironically, one could state that it was n’t excessively much love that killed him, but instead excessively much wealth.

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