Studying The Important Aspects Of A Novel English Literature Essay

In Dracula we are introduced to a hideous animal in camouflage as a adult male ; Dracula, from what Jonathan Harker believes, is a really affluent Transylvanian Lord. Upon run intoing Dracula, Harker perceives him to be tall, smooth-shaven, and a really strong adult male. From this point, it seems Stoker gives Dracula sexual qualities to set up an statement from which to construct upon. For illustration, he draws Dracula as a animal with really ruddy lips, homosexual inclinations, and as a onanist. By set uping the ‘bad cat ‘ of the narrative with these qualities, in kernel Stoker is already demonising these human traits, and Stoker is puting down points to debate subsequently in the novel as other characters develop.

Having an cold subject established, Stoker so introduces the really human Lucy, a beautiful immature lady who has three work forces competing for her love. In jest Lucy makes the adumbrative remark, “ Why ca n’t they allow a miss marry three work forces, or every bit many as want her, and salvage all this problem? But this is heresy, and I must non state it. ” About as if punished by those words entirely, Lucy subsequently finds herself falling quarry to Dracula, and after Van Helsing ‘s failure to salvage the immature miss, Lucy is easy transformed into the same diabolic animal Dracula is. By set uping Lucy ‘s qualities so holding her killed and transformed into a lamia, Stoker is proposing that Lucy ‘s determinations and her attitude towards gender have had desperate effects ; that is, demoing Dracula as inhuman and so holding Lucy follow in his footfall shows that the writer is assailing the traits in Lucy he deems ugly.

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As Lucy is deceasing, she becomes much more sexual towards the work forces around her, imploring Holmwood to snog her ; after she passes, her suers even mention that she makes a ‘very beautiful cadaver. ‘ In making this, Stoker is demoing that Lucy ‘s promiscuousness is cold, and that is it non proper for a adult female to be sexually oblique. If that were n’t plenty, the quest for the remainder of the squad is to eventually put Lucy to rest one time and for all, non merely glowering upon her gender but besides trying to take Lucy and her cursing qualities from being.

Similarly, in Feed we are besides introduced to an established inhumaneness ; foremost, we are introduced to Titus and his friends, whose lives seem really unusual to the reader. The male child and his immature friends speak in a simplified English, trusting chiefly on ideas, feelings, and an “ English-to-English ” lexicon for communicating to each other through a provender in their caputs, a device that links their ideas to a web.

After adequately puting the phase for this cooling dystopia, Anderson so introduces Violet ( once more the ‘human ‘ facet in this novel, and once more female ) , a beautiful immature miss that is really unusual and enrapturing to Titus, but much more familiar to the reader. Violet is different from the remainder of the crowd because she has a much better appreciation on the English linguistic communication in comparing, and she understands the harm that the provender has done to interaction, emotion, and development of individualism.

The reader sees Titus and his society as dull, stagnant, and consumer-based, therefore in this fresh alternatively of holding a adult female ‘s descent into inhumaneness as in Dracula, we alternatively have an already dehumanized society and one adult male ‘s Ascension back to humanity through the challenging Violet. After a combination of relentless ridicule from Titus ‘s friends and the emphasis caused by her malfunctioning provender, Violet decides to ship on a list of undertakings to do her feel human and ‘alive ‘ before her eventual decease. As she invites Titus to a hotel for a dark together, he refuses sex because he feels as if she is ‘a zombie ‘ ; she seems already dead to him. An interesting point this shows is that our immature Titus is already dehumanized plenty that he, as a adolescent, is declining to hold sex with a miss he greatly desires, something that most male adolescents of today would non make.

In Feed, one of the most noteworthy facets of humanity – individualism – is easy being destroyed. Violet references to Titus: “ They ‘re besides waiting to do you want things. Everything we ‘ve grown up with – the narratives on the provender, the games, all of that – it ‘s all streamlining our personalities so we ‘re easier to sell toaˆ¦.they maintain doing everything more basic so it will appeal to everyone. And bit by bit, everyone gets used to everything being basic, so we get less and less varied as people, more simple. So the corps make everything even simpler. And it goes on and on. ” It is in this manner Violet helps demo another manner society has become dehumanized ; worlds ‘ alone personalities and involvements have easy been guided into dull simpleness so that merchandises may be more easy marketed to their new generated involvements, provided in portion by heavy advertizement.

Even the music in Feed serves little purpose other than to publicize ; as Violet notes: “ Hear that? The music? They have charts that show which chords are most thumbs-up. Music is marketing. They have lists of cardinal alterations that get thirteen-year-old misss shouting. There ‘s no difference between a vocal and an advertisement jangle any longer. Songs are their ain jangles. ”

Dehumanization is shown in their deficiency of ‘real ‘ music, excessively ; music as we know it is the cosmopolitan linguistic communication that links humanity together, but in Titus ‘s universe everything is empty, soulless, and generated for the best market. Music is non about look any longer, it is about composing vocals that sell for the most. Although Feed does n’t explicitly advert it, one could presume that the music is non written by the dull population, but likely by professionals hired to compose the most tricky vocals that will be most accepted by the apathetic population.

Violet, while a savior and the true supporter to the reader, is the malignant neoplastic disease of this society. In the terminal on the novel, it is because of Violet ‘s undertaking to confound the provender ‘s advertizement penchants that she is rejected aid for her provender malfunction, demoing that her opposition and individualism is really met with decease. Violet ‘s ridicule by Titus ‘s friends shows that any individualism from the norm is met with ill will, and seems to use the proverb, “ the nail that sticks out gets hammered. ” Ironically, society ‘s rabble outlook in Feed is likely the most human facet they have retained, and this last human trait is used to aim and demonise those more human.

In kernel, both writers are utilizing this dehumanising facet to frighten the reader ; in Dracula, Stoker ‘s message is a warning of promiscuousness among adult females and sexual desire, about stating, “ This is what will go on if you stray from the visible radiation. ” This same subject is used in Feed to state, “ This is where we are heading – what can you make about it? ” The subject of dehumanisation is used as the writers ‘ call to weaponries against the cursing societal subjects that are happening during their life-times, and their characters ‘ actions, ideas, and destinies are the writers ‘ manner of voicing their beliefs to the reader. The writers let their voices shine through their characters, carrying the reader to accept the writers ‘ call to weaponries.

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