Analyzing The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne English Literature Essay

“ The Scarlet Letter ” is a narrative written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is based on the Puritans ‘ life style during the seventeenth century in Boston and Massachusetts. It is written in 20 four chapters get downing with “ The Prison Door ” and ends with the “ decision ” . Main characters in the narrative are Hester Prynne, Pearl, Arthur Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth, Mistress Hibbins, Governor Bellingham, and Rev John Wilson. These characters played different interesting parts, some good and some bad. Nevertheless the narrative is about a adult female named Hester Prynne whom the Puritans at that clip, believed she was a symbolism of criminal conversation, because she was made pregnant by an unknown adult male, whom he ‘s individuality remains a secret until the terminal of the narrative. Her long lost forgotten old hubby “ Roger Chillingworth ” who was assume decease, appears in one of the scenes where Hester is been disgraced in public for transporting an unknown adult male ‘s babe. As a effect of her extramarital act, she has to transport a missive “ A ” on her bosom for the remainder of her life. The “ A ” means criminal conversation, and wherever she goes to, she is recognized as the sinful, impure adult female. Hester proves she ‘s tough and decides to take all the incriminations and guilt to protect her lover in a clip when adult females were low-level to their male spouses.

Arthur Dimmesdale was a curate, adult male of God, sermonizer who the Puritans look up to him for religious advices. He appears to play a immense function in Hester ‘s black atrociousnesss. Furthermore, Authors individuality as Hester ‘s lover and babe ‘s male parent is kept merely by him and Hester, but still she takes all the incriminations. He valued his visual aspect more than being a male parent to the babe and this makes him a hypocrate in the narrative. His lip service leads him to be ill and eventually to his grave after squealing he was the Hester ‘s babe ‘s male parent. A lesson is larning in this for people should non value the raising visual aspects than who they truly are as a individual.

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This essay will explicate the evil function played by Roger Chillingworth in the narrative. Just by naming his name, a sense of immorality can be felt, and a unsafe old adult male with a chilling face can be painted in the head of the readers. Roger who appeared in one of the scenes when Hester was being punished and disgraced in public, asked an Indian indigen who appeared to be watching Hester what was traveling, as he was told what go on, He changed his individuality to a doctor. ( the American literature, pg 1384 ) . No 1 could acknowledge him except Hester who spotted him in the crowd. Roger non desiring to expose his individuality places a finger on his lip as a gestation for Hester who knew who he was to maintain it as a secret. Roger ‘s purpose was to travel deep in hunt for the adult male responsible for Hester ‘s public humiliation ; 2nd Roger feels he would be laugh at by the people of Boston if he had been with Hester as a hubby after she carried the vermilion missive “ A ” . She was immature and beautiful transporting person ‘s babe, while he thinks he was excessively old. He blames himself for get marrieding her in the first topographic point, because he loved her with all his bosom and knew she was ever traveling to do him happy. Thingss changed unexpected when he takes the duty to alter his individuality so he could be a free adult male in the metropolis.

Roger Chillingworth becomes covetous, and brings out the immorality in him. He becomes the chief character to play the most interesting and chilling function. Roger Chillingworth ‘s character is dynamic, from a regular doomed hubby, to an unrecognised individual in the crowd, to a doctor.

Roger Chillingworth determination to mask himself is merely known by Hester, but he ‘s chief mission was to uncover Hester ‘s secret lover who is suppose to be portion of the humiliations. He rapidly grabs an chance to be near to the curate after he fell ill and forced to have medical attending from Roger Chillingworth. The curate and Roger Chillingworth rapidly became friends as they get to pass most of their free clip together. While being a good aid to the curate, Roger besides goes deep in the curate ‘s head to convey out the truth about Hester and her concealed lover.

Roger Chillingworth all of a sudden discovers Dimmesdale ‘s function in the secret relationship with Hester. Furthermore, Arthur besides senses something incorrect about Roger Chillingworth non cognizing he was Hester ‘s hubby whom they assume decease. David Herbert litrary analysis of the vermilion missive describes Hester alternatively of Roger Chillingworth as the symbol of immorality in the narrative. “ Oh, Hester, you are a devil. A adult male must be pure, merely so that you can score him to a autumn ” ( DHL chapter 7 ) . David Herbert blames Hester for being the cause of devastation in the life of Roger Chillingworth and the curate Arthur Dimmesdale. Roger Chillingworth ‘s character could be described as person, whose act could do the audience think he believed in demonic worships, ne’er the less he simple believe in the Puritans rules and philosophies.

As a dynamic character, Roger Chillingworth besides brings out a good side from his dark ego when he visits Hester in gaol, gives her medicine for her babe and herself. Bing cunning as he has been he confesses to Hester Prynne for seting her in that state of affairs. “ I, a adult male of idea, the pedant of great libraries, a adult male already in decay, holding given my best old ages to feed the hungry dream of knowledge-what had I to make with young person and beauty like yours? Misshapen from the clip I was born, how could I deceive myself with the thought that rational gifts might veil physical malformation in a immature miss ‘s phantasy! … From the minute when we came down the old church steps together as a married brace I should hold foreseen the bale-fire of that vermilion missive blazing at the terminal of our way. “ ( 1391 ) This act is great and affecting, but really dissatisfactory to cognize he was merely transporting out his evil research to expose the truth. Never the less the both acknowledge the fact that the injury each other.

Hester and the curate experience guilty and to seek salvation, walking off from their wickedness and shame. Hester finds a community service while the curate ‘s effects for his wickedness put him into great hurt and physical and mentally breakdown. Roger Chillingworth becomes the in-between individual to understand what Hester and Dimmesdale are traveling through. He transforms into more evil than he had been. He finds means to destruct Hester ‘s repute which was already in bondage. As old ages goes by, Roger Chillingworth ‘s transmutation makes him the existent symbolism of immorality in the narrative.

Hester describes Roger Chillingworths past as person who was a “ deformed bookman ” who was “ somewhat deformed, with his left shoulder a trifle higher than the right ” ( hawthorn 2003, p.50 ) . So he ‘s evil and chilling description is non a new thing, but something the writer had describes in the beginning, distinguishing him from other characters in the narrative.

Over the class of the narrative, wickedness becomes portion of the chief characters life. Arthur is guilty for transgressing with a married adult female, Hester commits criminal conversation, ne’er the less Roger Chillingworth ‘s wickedness is the biggest of all because all he does is ill retaliation to ache and destruct others. Second he ‘s been blasted for he ‘s lost that put Dimmesdal and Hester in the muss in which they are in. The Puritans believed that every evildoer should be penalizing, and Hester was merely a victim in this instance.

Hester finds herself in an internal struggle with Roger Chillingworth. She fears the curate being around the sham doctor, and frights non state him that Roger was her hubby. She knows how unsafe Roger was. The audience does non understand why she hides the truth from the curate. Hester gets into an external struggle with the environment in which she lived in. she became uncomfortable with every individual around her including Roger Chillingworth. The lone individual she could look up to was the curate, and they merely topographic point for them to run into was in the wood. Never the less it ‘s non secured because evil Chillingworth would watch from every corner. Men, adult females, immature and old, made merriment of her, She had no support and no nutrient for her and the babe Pearl. Populating in existent life with no household or friend to look up is thwarting. She is frustrated even in her ain place because of Roger Chillingworth ‘s presence.

Conflicts were non merely Hester ‘s, but Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth did face struggles. Dimmesdale cause for his unwellness and dislocation was as a consequence of conflicting with his inner ego. Hester was the lone character to conflict a group of people. This is seen when her kid was taken from her, she fights. Hester makes the red missive more merriment and have on it in a more manner manner that an ordinary individual thought the “ A ” stands for an angel from Eden. She decides to maintain the missive even when she had the opportunities of taking it out. The red missive became a symbolism of love to Hester ‘s girl. She admires it and could place her ma quick when she had the missive on her bosom.

The writer presents retaliation as an unnatural act that twists a individual ‘s psyche into something evil. In the puritan universe, “ retaliation ” belongs to God entirely, however, roger takes upon himself to play God ‘s function and becomes the existent Satan that Christian churches preach against. His ability to pull strings over people helps brings out some of the concealed truth that ‘s been kept between Hester and Dimmesdale for a really long clip. Roger ‘s craft conversations, eventually puts him in a place to expose and destruct the concealed lover ‘s repute. Nevertheless Pearl is the symbol of wickedness committed between the curate and Hester Prynne. Roger Chillingworth is besides described as an intellingent adult male, who intelligence turn to evil and he was so smart to make whatever he did.

Arthur Dimmesdale believed he besides carried a Scarlet missive deep in his bosom even though it was n’t seeable. Because of this, he carried most of the hurting and agonies. Roger Chillingworths purpose was existent immorality when he confessed non to kill Hester Prynne or the babe Pearl, but to do Hester suffer for the remainder of her life. He wants the truth to be known merely by him so he will hold the power to transport more evil actions. This idea besides tells the audience what an evil individual he was.

Roger Chilling now non merely became a doctor but person to find evil and good babes. This is seen when he examines Pearl and said she was clean and ok. His purpose was non to do Pearl been taken off, alternatively to maintain her with her female parent so he would hold the chance to torture her the more until he became satisfied which he ne’er did. He says complains of Pearl belonging to Hester merely and non him, and she would ne’er acknowledge his voice “ Live, hence and hear about thy day of reckoning with thee, in the eyes of work forces and adult females, in the eyes of him whom 1000 did name your hubby. “ ( Nathaniel Hawthorne, chapter 4 )

Roger Chillingworth might hold been making the right thing since he himself was the Puritan, and anyone in his place would hold done the same thing. He tries to do himself a good adult male throughout the narrative, none the less, Hester confirms him by stating “ thy act are like clemencies, but they words interpret thee as a panic ” ( pg.1426 ) . Roger Chillingworth and Minister Dimmesdalel ne’er acquire to be friends after they knew who was who. Dimmesdale ‘s disclosure puts Roger chillingworth in a hard place. He became defeated and does n’t cognize who to fault and toment any longer.

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