Stray Dogs Die Happy English Literature Essay

My top three precedences in my life are God, household, and memories have made me recognize I do non necessitate a mercenary life to be happy. God is my figure one precedence in life and is held with my highest respects, because he has given me a purpose beyond this life and has taught me to prize the of import things in life.

His instructions have guided me through alot of bad luck and confusion doing me the benevolent individual I am today. One of God ‘s most powerful lessons is to value what is most important in life and bask the drive. To cognize what I valued most, I thought approximately decease and what would count to me when that clip came. Inanimate objects were the last thing on my head. Life is short, and with clip ever clicking, I sometimes worry that within a wink of an oculus I will lose out on something of import. Knowing this every twenty-four hours, I try to bask all the approvals I receive and the small things in life, instead so money and stuff demands. The manner I see it is I should merely love what can love me back, and existent hoarded wealth weighs perfectly nil. I love my household and friends and they all love me back. I treasure memories and cognition which has no weight. When the terminal of my life pulling nearer I will have on a smiling unseeable to the human oculus cognizing I have lived a good life prizing what is genuinely of import and populating under the Word of God. Not merely did God convey me into being and taught me good, He sent His lone begotten boy to Earth with his wisdom and the message to atone, salvaging me from my wickednesss. I do non cognize how He endured the hurting cognizing his boy was to decease on the cross. I can non even bare the idea of fring one of my ain darling family with out grief easy deforming my peaceable province of head. But with God ‘s wisdom, I know everything happens for a ground, and I am non to fear decease. Death is merely the beginning to a much larger program, and after I have served my clip on Earth, God has a topographic point ready for my psyche in Eden.

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I have learned many lessons from my household that has prepared me for the universe. I have found the worst and best facets of myself populating with my household. In my household, as a whole, we make seven. My loving female parent, Ana, has helped me recognize the value of a dollar. Equally long as I can retrieve, I have watched her battle with fiscal jobs. So watching her as I grew up made me recognize non to depend on anyone, and that acquiring an instruction is one of my most of import ends in life. She has raised me for 18 old ages, and now I am pull offing her measures and assisting her get out of debt.

My oldest sister Sara has truly inspired me to maintain traveling no affair what and to ne’er allow anyone boss me around when it comes to my dreams. Sara and I have had a batch of the same jobs turning up when it came to depression. We would assist each other get through jobs together, but it ne’er occurred to me that since she is the oldest kid she ne’er had person to speak to turning up. It must hold been twice every bit difficult for her as it was for me. I truly admire the fact she was strong plenty non to depend on anyone for emotional demands turning up. Sara ne’er truly had a pick when it came to her calling or instead she was under force per unit area from our pa to acquire into a field she did non truly hold any involvement in. She lives how she wants now, and she is doing her ain determinations, and I truly look up to how she had and has the bravery to make so.

My 2nd oldest sister, Linda, is the sister I got along with most, and we like all the same things when it came to humour and ideals. Linda and I besides have a deep esteem for composing. We would sometimes state each other amusing fictional narratives and subsequently compose them down with inside informations so we would both acquire a better image of what we were believing of. She was decidedly the better author though. Just being able to speak to her and laugh truly helped me to larn to merely laugh when holding truly bad yearss.

My 3rd oldest sister, Juliette, is the wild 1. She likes to hold merriment and gets along with everyone. Now that she is in college, she works hard while still holding a good clip. Watching her grow stronger has truly inspired me to be a better difficult working individual.

My younger brother, Frankie, we portion a batch in common when it comes childhood jobs, but the lone difference is he is managing them a batch better than I did. Even though he gets on my last nervus invariably, I try to assist him out and indicate him down the right way. He has such good personal appeal that sometimes he is the 1 that helps me out.

Finally, my pa Frank ‘s difficult instructions has taught me that life is non ever just, and the lone manner I will acquire something is working hard for it. He ever reminds me that a good instruction will take to a successful calling. He may be a crabbed old adult male most of the clip and does non manage money good, but deep down I know he wants the best for me and loves me and I could non inquire for more. I have good, and bad memories with my pa, but I would ne’er alter them. I consider memories valuable lessons.

Memories are something I truly value, they help remind me where I have been, what I have done, how I have grown and changed through the old ages. They help me do significance of my yesteryear and assist me anticipate more from the hereafter. Memories of my past aid and remind me where I came from. I will ne’er bury when my household was truly hapless. The old house I used to populate in had holes in the walls the size of hoopss. Of class I was a child, so I ne’er paid it much head. Everything has changed for my household, we I live in a beautiful house now, with tiled floor and high ceilings which makes me truly thankful. I have changed from my yesteryear every bit good. I used to be a truly diffident inactive child, but now I have accomplished things I ne’er thought I would hold done. During my high school old ages I joined the argument squad, got into tennis, and joined the art nine, material like that. I am truly happy I changed if I had, stayed shy and inactive, I would non hold been able to bask the minutes I had in those nines or met the people I did.

Learning and come oning through life has truly taught me everything I need to cognize to hold a happy life. Finding the Creator who gave me life and intent has been one of my biggest journeys. Loving and basking my household, sharing my true ego with them has been a fantastic experience. Keeping memories while turning and larning from my experiences is really of import. Memories tell me who I am and what good and bad experiences I have been through. All of this has taught me that life is short and cherished, so I plan to populate life to the fullest.

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