Case Study Of John Wayne Gacy English Literature Essay

John Wayne Gacy, a consecutive slayer who was born in Chicago, Illinois, was the lone boy in John Samuel Gacy ‘s household of three kids. He grew up in a household where they had an fond female parent but a cruel male parent, an alcoholic, who used to train Johnny, as his female parent called him, utilizing a belt. The male parent used to be both physically and verbally opprobrious to the full household ; he would name Gary a “ mamma ‘s male child ” and a pantywaist. Gary faced some excess difficult childhood jobs, including being molested by a household friend at merely nine and being struck by a swing right on his brow when he was eleven. The consequence was a caput injury that became root to a blood coagulum that was foremost noticed five old ages subsequently ; that is when he started enduring from black outs ( Sullivan & A ; Maiken 2000 ) . The chesty male parent ne’er truly took the blackouts earnestly and thought that John was feigning in an attempt to get down deriving understanding from his household, particularly his male parent. However, Gacy was given medical attending and a few prescriptions to fade out the coagulum were made. His jobs ne’er ended at that place ; he attended four different high schools, dropped out of every individual one of them and, at the terminal, ne’er graduated. After a wrangle with his male parent when he was 20 old ages old, toilet decided to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he got a occupation as a mortuary attender for about three months. He so returned to Chicago, where, without holding to travel back to high school to seek graduation, he registered at the Northwestern Business College and graduated at that place. After his graduation, he managed to procure a direction trainee place at a shoe company and made some major springs in life after that, including acquiring promoted as a salesman in Springfield, Illinois, in 1964 and acquiring married to Marlynn Myers the same twelvemonth ( Kozenczak & A ; Henrikson 2003 ) . About a twelvemonth missive, he was promoted into a director and improved his activities in Springfield ‘s societal organisations. He joined the Jaycees and in 1965, he became the Springfield frailty president of the Jaycees. Gacy was appointed as the director of his father-in-law ‘s three eating houses and moved to Iowa with his household in 1967, after which he had a boy and a girl ( Linedecker 1986 ) . Gacy ‘s perverted life started to acquire deeply defined when he got fellated by a adult male who was his co-worker in the Waterloo Jaycees when he was rummy.

Outline of Crimes

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Gacy ‘s perverted side worsened in Waterloo when he started unnatural sexual activities including erotica, married woman swapping and harlotry every bit good as homosexualism. He besides abused drugs. Teenage males at work started being sexually abused by Gacy ; he constructed a cellar at one of the eating houses where he opened a saloon. Here, he used to take teenage male employees and forced them to execute unwritten sex on him. He besides claimed to execute scientific research when he paid the adolescents fifty dollars each to hold sex with each other ; he called them homosexual experiments. Thingss got a small midst for Gacy in 1968 when two teenage male childs claimed holding being sexually assaulted by him ; he got off with it when there was no grounds found. The same twelvemonth, a young person confessed against Gacy ; he had hired him to molest one of the two male childs, seeking to intimidate them. This clip, he got 10 old ages in gaol after acquiring convicted of buggery and on the same twenty-four hours, his married woman filed for divorce – he ne’er saw his kids once more and his male parent died while he was in prison, after which he had a reasonably difficult clip seeking to procure a compassionate leave to travel and bury his male parent ; he ne’er succeeded. In 1971, Gacy was accused once more by a immature male child who claimed to hold been sexually assaulted by him but the instance got dismissed since the immature male child ne’er showed up in tribunal. In 1972, another accusal for Gacy came up when he was arrested and accused of buffeting a immature adult male. The adult male was claimed to hold been battered when Gacy flashed a Sherriff ‘s badge, portraying a constabulary officer and enticing him into his auto. He allegedly forced him to suck him but the instance was dismissed after claims of the adult male seeking to blackjack Gacy for money were raised. Gacy continued to perpetrate more offenses after 1972 including slaying many people, most of them immature male childs and work forces, perpetrating colzas on teenage male childs and other major offenses. Between 1972 and 1978, Gacy had raped and killed 30 three teenage male childs.


First, Gacy ‘s mental position can non be said to hold been normal, particularly after what had happened to him when he was immature. He grew up in a household where the male parent was a sociopath ; he insulted and tortured Gacy every bit good as the remainder of the household, doing Gacy non appreciate the positivism of life at the clip when he was meant to turn in it. Alternatively, he grew up comprehending life reasonably negatively, doing other people ‘s lives as difficult, if non harder than his because he likely grew to believe that they played a portion or were someway responsible for the wretchednesss he faced. The rage that he got when he got hit by a swing, acquiring molested by the household friend and the reverberations non being appreciated by some of the most important people in his life, including his male parent besides played portion in the actions he perpetuated. He likely enjoyed making it because he believed that he was taking retaliation against the universe that treated him so severely ( Herrmann 1986 ) . As he grew up through his teenage, he was besides acquiring affected by the black outs that resulted from the swing hit ; there is a possibility that he was holding encephalon harm that denied him a opportunity to ground right or interact socially with people in the right manner, doing him a societal misfit. The consequence of all these factors could merely hold been a negative attitude and attack, non merely to life itself but to everything else that it had to offer including the people, the environment and the chances that he so severely misused. This can be seen from the manner he perceived life as shown in most of his buffoonish pictures, one of them being where he depicts himself as “ Pogo the Clown ” . The negativeness was farther provoked by the sentences that he got after the legion offenses that he committed ; he most likely took them, non as a manner to assist him alter his behaviour, but as a manner to penalize him and do his life much more suffering, so he took retaliation through penalizing the ineffectual teenage male childs.

Second, insanity was another claim ; Gacy ‘s defence argued that he acted non in his normal capacity as a human being but he was insane ( Ressler & A ; Schactman 1992 ) . On the informant base, attesting for Gacy, his female parent tried to explicate how difficult Gacy ‘s life had been, mentioning as an illustration how his male parent had abused him on several occasions when he was immature. He was, hence, arguably supposed to be considered to hold been insane when he committed the actions that he did ( Darvick 2010 ) . They mentioned him as a of course pretty superb adult male who had been abused and was hence non able to command his actions because he was insane.

Thomas Eliseo, a psychologist who was said to hold interviewed Gacy before he had been taken to tribunal described him as been a really intelligent adult male who, most unluckily, suffered an damage called boundary line schizophrenic disorder. A few other medical practicians gave the same sort of testimony, adding that Gacy was enduring from multiple personality upsets including antisocial personality upset ( Time-Life Books 1992 ) . Gacy was, hence, argued as being incapable of non merely being cognizant of perpetrating a offense but besides being incapable of understanding the committed offenses ‘ magnitude.

Harmonizing to Edmund Kemper, every human being experiences fury and inappropriate sexual desires but all human existences have been given a natural capableness and duty to be the one in control of those feelings ; we can all maintain those “ monsters ” enclosed within us through ego control. But one thing that is non possible to understand about consecutive slayers is what they miss in their emotions ; is it the natural taming, the societal orientation or morality. It is, nevertheless, believed that, irrespective of whether these virtuousnesss exist or non, the forces that exist within consecutive slayers can be overcome by other forces that exist within the same being ; if non, how did that being acquire to bring forth the impulses to kill, colza or destroy while he or she bears intelligence and mind that animate beings do non. In a nutshell, slaying, colza and other offenses that are committed by consecutive slayers can non be blamed on the unstable mental or psychological wellness of the consecutive slayer ; possibly they can for another sort of a slayer. Gacy had gone to imprison several times before 1972 and had even become a leader of other inmates, but when he got his freedom, he committed even worse offenses. The inquiry, hence, might lie between the environment into which he got freed or the one in which he got jailed and if so, why does it matter. It might be entirely because he had been in complete capablenesss to take control of his impulses to kill and ravish but non the desire, he merely ne’er was willing to.

Psychopathy as a Personality Disorder

Gacy has besides been believed t0o have been affected by, among many other personality upsets, mental illness. Psychological ratings run on Gacy in several interviews showed that he really had a mental upset. This mental upset has been described as mental illness by some research workers ; Gacy was non mentally ill but he had a mental job that caused him to act in unnatural ways, commit offenses such as colza and slaying while to the full cognizant of the effects and non look to worry. He ne’er seemed to care about what the effects were traveling to be. Psychopathy is non precisely related to being psychotic. The chief difference is that a psychotic individual in usually partly or to the full withdrawn from world ; such people as known to see hallucinations and psychotic beliefs and are, hence, said to be wholly incognizant of the things they do. John Wayne Gacy was none of these. A sociopath, on the other manus, is said to be wholly moving in his full senses ( Cahill 1986 ) . Sociopaths are rational in their actions and there are to the full informed of the picks they make. The actions that they take are premeditated and they make certain that they serve their effectual agencies to the terminal. A sociopath is said to be a societal predator who are socially appealing to the people around them ; they are pitiless in pull stringsing and killing their victims while they are to the full cognizant of what actions the society is traveling to take against him, yet it does non count to them. Gacy was precisely this sort of individual. However, mental illness is sometimes brought about by the challenging or painful events that occur in person ‘s life-time ( Peck & A ; Dolch 2001 ) . The sort of life that Gacy, his societal capablenesss to act upon and his intelligence degree could likely warrant his being could be some major factors that contributed to his being a sociopath. However, his actions could ne’er be justified ; no account on the planet could perchance assist him and his people win the instance they defended him against and that is why he got convicted.

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