Relationships and execution of services

How different were the relationships and executing of services by Toundi and Pedro Segundo with their several Masters.

Poverty, in its simplest description is the deficiency of basic human demands. Often people see working hard in an ethical mode as a manner of get awaying poorness and bettering one ‘s criterion of life. My comparing is based on two characters who I believe where able to promote their place within their societies by working smart ; in this instance for a superior race. Ferdinand Oyono ‘s fresh Houseboy is written in the signifier of a diary by Toundi who is a Cameroonian houseboy of the Commandant. While turning up in a hapless vicinity, Toundi was frequently spellbound by the white universe and tempted to work for them so as to travel frontward in assorted facets of life. On going the Chief European ‘s male child, the ambitious Toundi noted that “ The Canis familiaris of the King is the King of Canis familiariss. “ [ 1 ] On the other manus, Pedro Segundo was appointed to be the chief and caretaker of Tres Marias in the fresh House of the Spirits written by Isabel Allende. His leading qualities along with his trueness and dependableness won him the trust of his frequenter, Esteban Trueban. However this place brought him no more privileges, merely more work.

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Both the Masterss had threatened their retainers from the get downing about the effects of neglecting in their functions as retainers. The Commandant tells Toundi, “ I ‘m non a monster… but I would n’t wish to let down you, ” while Esteban had made it clear that Pedro would pay in a heartfelt way for any bad lucks that would happen while he was gone. As clip goes by, Toundi learns more about the family personal businesss of the Commandant and his life style and is naive to believe that he is purportedly adhering more with this proprietor than before. I suppose he registered more than he understood. Pedro besides grew closer to his frequenter ‘s married woman who treated him as a friend. But once more he knew his boundaries and would non seek to seek more cognition of his frequenter so required. Pedro realized from the beginning that he was ne’er treated as his frequenter ‘s friend and therefore was intelligent to ne’er talk against Esteban or his policies and ever look upon his frequenter with a mixture of fright and resentful esteem.

Some similarities which I came across were that both Pedro and Toundi were portion of societies where different categories exist and therefore their functions demonstrated the battle they went through and the ferociousness they faced by colonial decision makers or in other words their Masterss. Although Pedro did n’t confront any physical maltreatment, but Toundi did at times face sexual maltreatment, once more because he was considered a minor due to his colour.

Often their Masterss were able to fault them for jobs that were taking topographic point. This blasted game escalates from maltreatment to menaces, particularly when the Masterss were traveling through nerve-racking times. Like for case, when the Commandant finds out about his married woman ‘s criminal conversation and he can non make anything about it, he brings out his fury and hatred on Toundi. Similarly when Esteban faces issues with his married woman and household and is in a bad temper, he founds the smallest jobs in Tres Marias and incriminations in on Pedro. Toundi is frequently portion of treatments where he hears unfavorable judgment or narratives about his maestro and her married woman but keeps quiet about it. Similarly, Pedro besides listens to much unfavorable judgment of his frequenter from the other provincials but decides to non do much noise about it.

Toundi enjoyed his position of being the Commandant ‘s male child. He carried out his undertakings good and frequently had great esteem for his maestro. But Pedro detested Esteban and merely lodge about because he enjoyed the position of being the caretaker of Tres Marias when Esteban was n’t about.

Interesting both Pedro and Toundi had certain feelings for the married womans of their Masterss. Pedro becomes near to Clara when she takes charge of the plantation after the temblor and shortly Begins to value every minute of her presence. He ‘s at that place to soothe Clara after Trueba knocks out her dentitions over a het argument sing the relationship of Blanca, their girl and Pedro Tercero, Pedro Segundo ‘s boy. Clara frequently turned to Pedro when she was ‘alone and confused. ‘

Toundi found the Commandant ‘s married woman really reasonably and was filled with joy on the twenty-four hours of her reaching and after his first brush with her. No words could show his felicity after he had ‘held the manus of his queen. [ 2 ]

Towards the terminal of the novel, Houseboy, Toundi is the whipping boy who is sacrificed because of the jobs between the Commandant and his married woman. He had been tortured intellectually by believing into, because of his guiltless nature, the political policies of his Commandant. And so he was tortured physically in prison because he knew about the illicit matter of the Commandant ‘s married woman with M. Moreau.

Pedro Segundo

ne’er sees any of the household after that point, for he

leaves the plantation instead than witness what might

go on when Trueba takes his retaliation on his boy.

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