Catcher In The Rye By Jerome English Literature Essay

The narrative of the book takes topographic point in USA around 1950s. Holden Caulfield is the chief character and he besides narrates the narrative himself. So, linguistic communication of the book reflects the linguistic communication spoken between the immature people in those old ages. Holden is in a infirmary and the events he narrates take topographic point six months before he begins to narrate them. The events in the book take topographic point in three yearss before the Christmas holiday begins. He is 16 old ages old, he has already failed three schools, and he is being expelled from the school he goes, the Pencey Prep which is a celebrated school in Pennsylvania, because of his failure in four out of his five categories.

Three yearss before Christmas holiday Holden goes to his former history instructor ‘s place to state adieu. When he goes to the house of his former instructor, Mr. Spencer, he begins to give Holden advice about his academic failure and life but Holden does non like being lectured and goes back to residence hall. In this portion of the book Holden says “ One of the biggest grounds I left Elkton ( one of his former schools ) was because I was surrounded by hypocrites. That ‘s all. ” ( Salinger 12 ) . Apart from this portion, throughout the book Holden defines many people as hypocrite.

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In residence hall, while Holden is reading a book Ackley, the male child who lives in following room, comes to Holden ‘s room and distracts him. Holden describes Ackley: “ He was a really curious cat. . . [ T ] he whole clip he roomed following to me, I ne’er even one time saw him brush his dentition. . . he had a awful personality. . . I was n’t excessively brainsick about him to state the truth ” ( Salinger 16-17 ) Although Holden insists him to go forth him entirely he merely goes after Stradlater, Holden ‘s roomie, comes to room. Holden defines Stradlater as a “ secret sloven ” ( 23 ) wheras he defines Ackley as a “ sloven ” ( 23 ) because “ he was ever looked all right. . . but for case you should ‘ve seen the razor he shaved himself. It was ever rusty as snake pit. . . [ H ] vitamin E ne’er cleaned it or anything ” ( 23 ) .

Stradlater tells him that he has a day of the month with Jane Gallagher, Holden ‘s former neighbors who he used to play with and he still likes and wants Holden to compose a composing for him. Holden gets really aroused when Stradlater tells his day of the month with Jane as Holden says “ ” Jane Gallagher, ” I said. I even got up from the washbasin when he said that. I damn near dropped dead. ” ( 26 ) Stradlater goes to run into Jane and Holden writes a composing about the baseball hand of Allie, his brother who has died of leukemia. When Stradlater comes back, Holden asks about the inside informations of his day of the month with Jane. When he does non reply Holden gets angry and attacks him. They have a battle, and so Holden decides to travel to Manhattan, where his household lives, and remain in a hotel for three yearss. He does non desire to travel place because he does non desire his parents to understand that he is expelled before they get the intelligence from Pencey.

He gets on the train to travel to New York, on the train he encounters with a female parent of one of his co-workers from school and he tells lies to the adult female about his boy although he thinks “ [ H ] er boy was undoubtedly the biggest asshole that of all time went to Pencey ” ( 48 ) . Although Holden defines many people as hypocrite because they tell prevarications and act hypocritically, Holden himself besides exhibit that sort of behavior and he is cognizant of this state of affairs as he says “ I ‘m the most terrific prevaricator you of all time saw in your life. It ‘s atrocious. ” ( 14 )

He arrives at New York, gets in a cab and goes to the Edmont Hotel. After he checks in he calls Faith Cavendish, a adult female whose figure he has got from a male child in a party. Faith gets angry by being called in a late hr and attempts to set up a day of the month tomorrow but Holden does non desire to wait and bents on.

Holden goes to the cabaret of the hotel. Before he goes at that place he thinks about naming his sister, Phoebe, but does non name in instance his parents reply the phone. In the cabaret he dances with three adult females who he thinks in their mid-thirtiess. After doing gags about Holden ‘s age they go and Holden pays the full check. He goes to buttonhole and starts to believe about Jane Gallagher once more, and how he got to cognize her. “ All of a sudden, on my manner out to the anteroom, I got old Jane Gallagher on the encephalon once more. I got her on, and I could n’t acquire her off. . . I know old Jane like a book — I still could n’t acquire her off my encephalon. I knew her like a book. ” ( 69 )

He goes to Ernie ‘s wind nine and he encounters with Lillian Simmons, a miss that his older brother, D.B. , used to day of the month. Lillian asks him to sit with her and her fellow but Holden says he has to run into person and goes back to the hotel. While he is traveling to his room Maurice, the lift operator, offers him to direct a cocotte to his room for five dollars. He accepts the offer and goes to his room. After a piece a immature miss, Sunny, comes to Holden ‘s room. She takes of her frock, Holden tries to hold a conversation with her, so Holden feels peculiar and claiming he has an operation late and is non recovered plenty to hold sex with her, he gives her five dollars and asks her to go forth. Sunny wants five dollars more but Holden refuses to pay any more money. After a piece, Sunny comes back with Maurice, they demand another five dollars. Holden refuses to give money, Maurice punches him and while he is on the floor Sunny takes five dollars from his billfold.

Following forenoon he calls Sally Hayes, a miss whom she used to day of the month, they arrange a day of the month and they decide to travel to a Broadway drama afternoon. He leaves the hotel and has a breakfast in a sandwich saloon. He calls Jane Gallagher but when her female parent replies Holden hangs up the phone. Then, he wants to see Phoebe and goes to Central Park because he thinks she might be at that place but he encounters with one of Phoebe ‘s friends at that place. He meets Sally and they go to the drama. After the drama, the spell to Radio City to frost skate. After skating for a piece they get a tabular array and Holden attempts to explicate her why he is non happy at school. He says there are a batch of hypocrites at school. Soon, they have a treatment and Sally leaves Holden.

Then, Holden goes to a apothecary’s shop and buys a sandwich and malted. After he calls Jane once more and gets no reply, Holden calls Carl Luce, his pupil adviser at Whooton School who is a Colombia University pupil now and they arrange to run into at the saloon in Seton Hotel. Luce used to speak to boys at Whooton School about sex and when they meet at saloon Holden tries to do a conversation with him about it but he refuses and leaves early. After he goes Holden gets intoxicated and goes to the laguna at the Central Park to see whether the ducks are still at that place or non. When he goes at that place, his hair begins to stop dead because he has wet his face and hairs at the hotel in order to sober up. He decides to travel to place to see his small sister. He sneaks into house and aftermaths Phoebe. After speaking about her school and the drama she has a portion Phoebe realizes that Holden has come early from school she realizes that he is expelled. She gets huffy at his brother. He tries to explicate why he does non similar school but she blames him for non wishing anything. He begins to state what he wants to be and state her the verse form he is inspired by. Phoebe tells him he has mistaken the verse form by Robert Burns as “ if a organic structure catch a organic structure, coming through the rye ” ( 155 ) , it is really “ if a organic structure meet a organic structure, coming through the rye ” ( 155 ) . Then he tells her that he wants to be “ the backstop in the rye ” ( 156 ) :

I said. “ Anyway, I keep visualizing all these small childs playing some game in this large field of rye and all. Thousands of small childs, and cipher ‘s around — cipher large, I mean — except me. And I ‘m standing on the border of some brainsick drop. What I have to make, I have to catch everybody if they start to travel over the drop — I mean if they ‘re running and they do n’t look where they ‘re traveling I have to come out from someplace and catch them. That ‘s all I ‘d make all twenty-four hours. I ‘d merely be the backstop in the rye and all. I know it ‘s brainsick, but that ‘s the lone thing I ‘d truly wish to be. I know it ‘s brainsick. ” ( 156 )

Holden phones Mr Antolini, his English instructor from Elkton Hills. Mr Antolini tells Holden that he can come to his flat. Mr Antolini negotiations Holden about his ejection and attempts to give him advice about his hereafter. While they are speaking Holden ca n’t forestall himself from yawning and Mr. Antolini makes up the sofa. After kiping for a piece, Holden all of a sudden awakens and finds Mr. Antolini stroking his brow. He says “ I felt something on my caput, some cat ‘s manus. Boy, it truly scared snake pit out of me. . . Boy, I ‘ll wager I jumped about a 1000 pess. “ ( 172 ) Mr Antolini claims it was nil but Holden thinks Mr. Antolini has been doing a homosexual progress, Holden excuses himself and leaves, spends the dark in Grand Central Station.

Holden decides to go forth the school and hitchhike to west and populate at that place. Before he leaves he wants to give the money he has borrowed from Phoebe back and state adieu to her. Holden goes to Phoebe ‘s school. He sends her a note stating that he will go forth and wants to run into her at the museum. Phoebe comes with a suitcase full of apparels and says Holden that she wants to travel with him. He refuses in an angry manner and cries at her, and she begins to shout and rejects him when he tries to talk to her. He tells her that he will non travel. He knows that she is traveling to follow him and he goes to the menagerie, and so takes her to carousel. He buys a ticket for and tickers her while she is siting. It starts raining and everybody goes to under the roof of carrousel. Holden becomes really happy while watching his sister ride the carrousel.

My runing hat truly gave me quite a batch of protection, in a manner ; but I got besotted anyhow. I did n’t care, though. I felt so bloody happy all of sudden, the manner old Phoebe kept traveling about and around. I was bloody near wailing, I felt so bloody happy, if you want to cognize the truth. I do n’t cognize why. It was merely that she looked so damn nice, the manner she kept traveling about and about, in her bluish coat and all. God, I wish you could ‘ve been at that place. ( 191 )

Holden stops narrating the narrative here, he tells “ I could likely state you what I did after I went place, and how I got ill and all, and what school I ‘m supposed to travel to following autumn, after I get out of here, but I do n’t experience like it. I truly do n’t. That material does n’t involvement me excessively much right now ” ( 192 ) He says he misses wholly people he talks approximately. He tells “ I think I even miss that goddam Maurice. It ‘s amusing. Do n’t of all time state anybody anything. If you do, you start losing everybody. ” ( 192 )

Throughout the fresh Holden feels the hurting of turning up to adult universe. He defines many people about him as hypocrite. He thinks the grownup universe is full of phoniness and I think he admires Jane Gallagher because he knows her as a kid, he has non met her for a long clip and she reminds him his childhood. His phantasy of being “ the backstop in the rye ” is an effort to protect the artlessness of childhood. He wants to protect kids from falling off a drop. Cliff represents to him the growing to adulthood and the loss of artlessness of childhood.

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