The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole English Literature Essay

Adrian Mole is a fuss-budget and dogged by sick wellness. He believes he is an rational and because of that he writes verse forms and reads a batch of books. In fact he is n’t that ache at all, but merely an ordinary male child. He besides looks like one. He has, through his eyes, tremendous musca volitanss ( the sum of that frequently returns in the book ) . He thinks, till the portion when he finds out that two adult females are in love with him, he ‘s really ugly. He interferes himself with everything and comes up for what he thinks that ‘s right. Though he is besides afraid of a school bully named Barry Kent.

Other of import characters:

Mrs. Pauline Mole is the female parent of Adrian, but non a really good 1. She ‘s member of a nine that comes up for the rights of the adult females and because of that she wo n’t make the family merely by herself any longer. After the disapproval from her hubby she leaves him for the neighbor. He treats her like a sexobject, what is besides against the rights of the adult female, so she leaves him every bit good.

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Mr. Mole is the male parent of Adrian. It seems that he does n’t care a batch about his boy. If the problems are excessively much to him, he drinks them off ( like when his married woman leaves him, he feels lost and starts imbibing ) . Most of the clip he ‘s unemployed. He does n’t care about his expressions, and that you can see.

‘If my male parent took more attention of his visual aspect, none of this would hold happened. It stands to ground that any adult female would prefer a adult male to have on a suit and a batch of gold jewelry to one like my male parent who barely of all time shavings and wears old apparels and no jewelry. ‘

Mr. Lucas is the neighbor of the household Mole. He has merely divorced and when Pauline feels sorry for him he becomes her ( secret ) lover. His moniker by Pauline is Bimbo but Adrian calls him ‘creep Lucas ‘ . He looks really all right as you can besides read in the quotation mark by Mr. Mole ( there he ‘s the adult male with the suit etc. ) .

Bert Baxter is the ( 89 twelvemonth ) old adult male Adrian takes attention of, for the Good Samaritans group. Bert makes a bad first feeling upon Adrian. ‘But worst of all, Bert Baxter is non a nice old age pensionary! He drinks and fumes and has an Alsatian Canis familiaris called Sabre. Sabre was locked in the kitchen while I was cutting the monolithic hedge, but he did n’t halt grumbling one time. ‘ Subsequently in the book they become friends. When Bert, with a batch of protest, must travel to the infirmary for his wellness he meets Queenie. They fell in love and marry.

Pandora is the new miss in category whom Adrian is secret in love with. When she ‘s traveling out with Nigel, Adrian is in entire daze, really sad and despairing. Subsequently when the twosome interruptions, Adrian is full of joy and, after the following relationship of her and Craig Thomas, he and Pandora autumn in love.

‘There is a new miss in our category. She sits following to me in Geography. She is all right. Her name is Pandora, but she likes being called ‘Box ‘ . Do n’t inquire me why. I might fall in love with her. It ‘s clip I fell in love, after all I am 13 ? old ages old.

Pandora has got hair the coloring material of golden syrup, and it ‘s long like misss ‘ hair should be. She has rather a good figure. I saw her playing netball and her ches was coggling. I felt a spot amusing I think this is it!

Nigel is the best and merely friend of Adrian. Adrian is most of the clip covetous of the things Nigel ‘s got. Like Nigel ‘s new xanthous motorcycle, Pandora and the fact he has n’t got a individual topographic point.


The book is a portion of the journal of Adrian Mole. It tells about 1? twelvemonth of his life.

In this portion:

His parents are in a break-up, his female parent leaves his male parent for the neighbor, but get ‘s back to his male parent after a piece.

He fells in love with Pandora but his love is n’t answered for a long clip.

He is bullied by Barry Kent.

Adrian becomes a poet ( receives two letters from the BBC therefore ) and an rational.

Gets a new ( really old ) friend by his Good Samaritan work and meets besides new friends by his male parent ‘s new work.

Gets in contact with a captive, named Grace Pool, because she has made a toothbrush holder for Adrian.

And Adrian is being terrorised by large musca volitanss

You can state, a really busy twelvemonth for a male child who worries all the clip.


Sue Townsend is born 2 april 1946 in Leicester.

At the age of 15 she already worked as an attender of a garage. She was interested in literature and read much. After her divorce she began to compose, in the beginning for theater. The First Diary of Adrian Mole was her break-through in 1985. This book was instantly a universe broad success, what led to a twosome of subsequences. Besides she wrote a few ( humoristic ) novels.

Sue is still active, but became blind due diabetes.

Personal Response

1. I ‘ve truly enjoyed reading the book, because Adrian has a really screaming expression at life. He worries merely excessively much about his jobs, and that ‘s realistic for a adolescent ( who besides wants to be an rational ) . His two New Year ‘s declarations give a good illustration of how he wants to populate, those declarations are crackbrained but non unthinkable. I think that makes the book ‘both touching and screamingly amusing ‘ , his life and sentiment of life is crackbrained but non unthinkable.

2. I liked the book really much because it ‘s rather comparable to about any adolescent ‘s life. Of class his character and problems are different but it has facets you recognize.

3. At one point Barry Kent tries to rob Adrian 25 pence every twenty-four hours, and Adrian sort of ( he tries to be in the pack of the biggest third-years ) lets that go on. ‘Barry Kent said he would make me over unless I gave him 25 pence every twenty-four hours. I told him that he was blowing his clip demanding money with threats from me. I ne’er have any trim money. My female parent puts my pocket money straight into my building-society history and gives me 15 pence a twenty-four hours for a Mars saloon. Barry Kent said I would hold to give him my dinner money! I told him that my male parent pays it by check since it went up to sixty pence a twenty-four hours, but Barry Kent hit me in the goolies and walked off stating ‘There ‘s more where that came from. ”

I merely ca n’t conceive of you can allow that go on or that there would n’t be anyone who instantly stands up for you ( later in the book his grandma does ) . I merely would n’t give the money: that makes Barry merely more powerful. If he would hit me I would seek to acquire aid every bit shortly as possible or else hit back. Maybe it would n’t be every bit difficult as Barry does, but I would n’t let him to acquire his money by hitting people.

However, this made me sympathize in being a victim of toughs, and I think that ‘s a good lesson, to cognize what it ‘s like for his side in such state of affairss.

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