The Outsiders By S E Hinton English Literature Essay

Ponyboy Curtis is a immature wetback who has a sort bosom. he does n’t hold much bravery and he ‘s sort of like a scaredy cat. He depends on his pack to maintain him safe. By the terminal of the book he has been through so much material that has scared him for life. So when he sees the socs nearing him his ideas are like you have caused a ripple consequence of atrocious things that happened to us so come near me and I will kill you!

He has ever tried to make the right thing and when he comes to life or decease state of affairs what else is he supposed to make. He ran into the firing church with Johnny and Dally behind him a pulled the childs out to safety. But that ‘s non the terminal Johnny happened to be at the incorrect topographic point at the incorrect clip, and board hit him in the dorsum. The manner I identify with Ponyboy is I have a sort bosom and I would hold done the same thing they did and salvage the childs and non experience any compunction or repent at all.

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Sodapop Curtis, yes that ‘s truly his name, is Ponyboy ‘s older brother. He ‘s a 16 twelvemonth old wetback who is an cheerful cat who likes most people, does n’t wish the socs ‘ , and he ‘s a sweet bosom. He dropped out of school because he thinks he ‘s dense, he ‘s truly non, he ‘s truly good looking, handsome, whatever you want to name it. He ‘s the in-between kid of three, Darry, the oldest, Sodapop, the center, and so Ponyboy. Throughout the book he ‘ll largely be called Soda. So Soda is the sort of cat anyone could hang out.

Darry Curtis is the oldest at 21 old ages old. Darry is old adult male in a immature adult male wetback organic structure. He ‘s ever in charge, but he has to be. These three immature wetbacks had their parents torn off from their lives in a auto accident. So of all time since so they have been populating together with Darry in charge and him and Soda delivery in the wage function. Darry is difficult on Ponyboy and pony thinks it ‘s because he hates him and does n’t care but before you jump to conclusions the existent ground is because he loves him and does n’t desire him to go like them, working three occupations and ne’er been through college.

Now, Johnny is another narrative. Johnny is a wetback and even though he ‘s been hurt emotionally and physically he ‘s a sweet, sort, and dying 16 twelvemonth old. Everyone who reads this book has to maintain that in head. His parents either injury or disregard him. So he ‘s the pet ‘s pack if he does n’t desire to travel place he has like 8 other houses to kip but he normally merely hangs out with them.

The scene of this narrative is in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the sixtiess. It ‘s non the scene that brings life to the narrative it ‘s the characters. In my sentiment the scene is sort of dull.

First off this is where the narrative begins Ponyboy is walking place from the films, entirely so automatically means problem, right. So he ‘s walk-to place and a bluish mustang pulls up and 4 or 5 socs get out. Ponyboy sees them and he sort of monsters out and starts walking faster but walking fast turns to running and of class that ‘s what they want so they run after him and undertake him. Pony immediately regrets walking place entirely but what can he make now? They cut his caput and fundamentally jump him until his friends save him.

Nothing truly immense happens until this one peculiar thing that sparks everything after this. Johnny and pony went to the films and met these to soc misss, Marcia and Cherry, and they start speaking and they “ pick them up ” . Bob and Randy pull up as they ‘re walking out and of class they ‘re rummies so they get angry that two wetback boys “ pick up ‘ their girlfriends. To halt the controversy Cherry agreed to allowing them take Marcia and her place if they do n’t contend Pony and Johnny. Subsequently on they go and walk in the park to quiet down and Bob wants retaliation so he starts submerging Pony and Johnny reacts and aˆ¦.. putting to deaths Bob. They get scared and run and acquire aid from Dally Winston. He tells them to travel to this abandoned church in the state and gives them his jacket, some money, and a gun.

Make you retrieve when I mentioned that Johnny saved those childs with Pony ‘s aid? Well he got hurt badly and got in the infirmary. This is the worst portion in my sentiment but it has to go on to maintain the narrative traveling. Well, I ‘m acquiring in front of myself ; before that cryptic thing happened the socs and wetbacks were acquiring ready for a rumble. They start the rumble and win, yay right. Well non truly. Because after that they go to the infirmary and Johnny ‘s died.

Dally freaks out and a run off but Pony merely stands there non believing he ‘s dead. He goes place and everyone ‘s merely lying about. So he tells them Johnny died. And about 1 minute subsequently they get a call from Dally that he robbed a convenient shop. So they all take off at a dead tally and acquire at that place in clip to see him standing in the parking batch about to acquire shot by the constabulary. Dally dies excessively but the thing is he wanted to because he could n’t take the hurting of losing Johnny because he was the lone existent thing he loved in the whole universe.

This book is a assorted up narrative chiefly about how people judge people on where their from, where they live, how they dress and where they were born. And a mixture of friendly relationship and edifice bravery.

Ponyboy is the chief 1 who gets bravery. He does n’t cognize how to stand up for himself at the beginning. But by the terminal he ‘s tired of being treated atrocious so he does n’t allow anyone muss with him.

This is a truly good book and I liked the parts about friendly relationship. I did n’t like the portion about Johnny and Dally deceasing. It was n’t of all time confounding or predictable and it was n’t difficult to believe. The stoping was sad but in a good manner.

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