Emma In The Novel Madame Bovary English Literature Essay

My inquiry arises after cognizing the character of Emma in the fresh Madame Bovary. In this drama adult females are characterized by a individual character, “ Emma ” , who shows the readers the great influential power that she possesses. Womans are represented in this drama by a strong character which has a great power of use, a strong desire for love and an unbelievable capacity of seduction. Emma is able to act upon the lives of several characters, because she was used to obtaining whatever she wanted, particularly the love of adult male. At the beginning of the novel we can see how Emma seduces Charles with her sensualness and passion which makes Charles autumn in love with her ; taking into consideration that Charles is a low character that believes everything Emma says, after she seduces him and makes him believe that his love is corresponded by her, she treats Charles as an incompetent and hollow individual, she regrets run intoing him and decides to go forth him. For Charles this is something unexpected and he feels that he is worthless and falls into depression.

Emma uses her organic structure and beauty to play with work forces ‘s feelings, she makes them fall in love, and so after she plays a piece with them she leaves them. This causes internal struggles with the different characters with the exclusion of Rodolphe, who we can state is Emma representative in a male version. Emma does n’t merely impact male character emotionally and sentimentally during the drama, she decides to travel farther than that and her selfishness and deficiency of maternal inherent aptitudes leads her to reprobate her lone girl to an unsure approaching hereafter. Her girl is affected in many ways, foremost of all being rejected by her female parent, who prefers holding personal businesss with others work forces that being with her, and the clearly presentation of Emma that she does n’t experience any type of love for her, how much rejected can Berthe experience if her ain female parent neglects her. There are no words to depict what Emma does to her girl ; she is merely the consequence of a untruth love of Emma and Charles, who is considered a error for them and in which Emma ‘s ain insecurities and frights are reflected in her feeling towards Berthe.

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As the drama moves on, Emma leaves Charles, she does n’t disassociate him but she separates from him, after a piece she finds a new lover, who was amazed by her beauty and she decides to hold an matter with him, he ‘s name was Leon and he was able to keep a rather long relationship with her. Again, Emma was able to capture Leon ‘s attending and drama with his feelings, since he was unsure of himself, after a piece he realizes that they were both superficial and they were n’t able to be together much longer. Emma ‘s influence in this character is presented when Leon decides to go forth her and take his ain manner, know he was secure of himself and capable of get the better ofing the beauty of Emma and was able of leave her. After holding a romantic position of the universe with Leon, Emma decides to hold an matter with another adult male whose name is Justin, he falls awfully in love with her, but he shows his love in a really obsessional manner, he was so in love with her that he was willing to make anything for her. She affects awfully the feelings of this character in the minute in which he is blinded by her love and he was capable of making whatever it takes to do her happy, until the point that he gives her entree to the arsenous anhydride that Emma uses to perpetrate self-destruction.

Emma, who ‘s desire for work forces is non stoppable, and is a maestro in capturing male attending leads her to Rodolphe. When Emma meats Rodolphe she instantly falls in love with him, he is everything she has of all time wanted ; he is a fine-looking adult male with legion amount of money. In this point of the novel we can appreciate how the functions of the characters are changed, we are used to seeing how Emma influences males lives but know we have a different position, we see how Rodolphe influences the life of Emma, she is now the 1 that has fallen profoundly in love with him and now he is the 1 that is playing with her feelings. Rodolphe was able to act upon in the life on Emma because he does the same things she has done to every individual adult male, he plays with her, he makes her believe that he is in love with her, when he truly is n’t. Emma at this point feels betrayed by him and it is at this point that she is contemplating what true love is and at the same clip the feeling of being treated as an object.

After holding several personal businesss and impacting the lives of everyone around her, we can see how at the terminal she is the 1 who was affected the most. Emma was able to captive work forces ‘s attending utilizing her beauty and seductive power, but at the terminal want truly counts in love is non beauty but the feeling you have toward the other individual, and that was what Emma was non able to obtain. The incapacity of holding a serious relationship with anyone makes her at the terminal suffer the effects. We can see in the terminal of the drama how the other characters react when Emma is fighting with fiscal jobs and demands help ; their response to her supplications of aid is by giving their dorsum, since they were merely portion of an unserious matter. At the terminal the 1 who ends up being affected the most is Emma, because after she breaks several bosom, she ends up with her bosom broken to, that ‘s what we call karma.

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