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England was the place where the linguistic communication “ English ” originally was created. English presents are spread into broad scope of states spoken as their mother-tongue or 2nd linguistic communication. It ‘s a linguistic communication that has been globalising for 1000000s of people to pass on. However the linguistic communication is slightly differentiated by each part. Although it is one linguistic communication but due to globalising the linguistic communication it has been modified for several old ages.

The cardinal research inquiry of this essay is

“ Why has English become the planetary linguistic communication? And to what extent does it accommodate as the planetary linguistic communication? ”

However in this essay there will be few sub-research inquiries such as

“ Where is the beginning of English? ” and “ An account into how American English differs slightly from modern-day British English. ”

Most of the information was found in several web sites ; nevertheless no proper primary research has been done. The essay discusses majorly on the history of the linguistic communication and partly on the differences of English used in two different parts, England and America. However focuses on the inquiry and explicating why and how the linguistic communication became the chief linguistic communication throughout different states. Equally good as explicating why the linguistic communication would differ even though they are utilizing one same linguistic communication called “ English. ”

The essay concludes that the ground for difference is due to accommodation of the state to suit it with their linguistic communication. Besides due to different idioms used in the part affected the linguistic communication and caused it to germinate through coevalss to accommodate more towards their day-to-day life.


What is English? Where did it come from? Many people believe that English was created in England and was named after the state. However surveies on English callback that the linguistic communication was formed through invasion in Britain by three Germanic folks during the fifth century AD[ 1 ]( Appendix A ) . English merely like any other linguistic communication was created with mixture of other bing linguistic communications. The linguistic communication itself was ne’er complete ; therefore it kept developing and finally evolved to the modern English which we use today.

Today, English has become indispensable for most people, statements such as “ the planetary linguistic communication ” or “ English has become another primary linguistic communication ” is non a false statement. “ What does a linguistic communication demand in order for it to go the planetary linguistic communication? ”[ 2 ]Is besides another common inquiry asked due to rapid addition in population larning English.

Although the linguistic communication is called English, they are non all the same even though it may be the planetary linguistic communication. Depending on the part, there can be minor or major differences in the linguistic communication such as the idiom. There are several states where the official linguistic communication is English, besides several other states where English is near adequate to be recognized as their official linguistic communication. Nevertheless there are two states that are used as a common illustration in comparing the linguistic communication, they are Britain and America.

Through this essay I will province my personal position of English as a planetary linguistic communication and demo my sentiment discoursing the effectivity of it being the planetary linguistic communication. Besides discuss my positions of when English really is officially stated as the Global Language. As a comparing I will discourse other state as an illustration show the effects of English that has been brought into this universe. Last, I will place the differences between the American English and the British English and include other English state to endorse up the statement.

Where is the beginning of English?

History of English leads us all the manner back to 5th century[ 3 ]when the Germanic folks had invaded Britain from South-East. During this clip of period the British people used the Gaelic linguistic communication nevertheless they moved towards the North-West[ 4 ]. These folks who invaded Britain had spoken similar linguistic communication which has become the creative activity of Old English[ 5 ]. Although it is called English, it is non the same as the modern English we speak today ( Appendix B ) .

The period when Old English existed was the aureate age for literature[ 6 ], where the best literatures were created ( Appendix C ) . However around eighth century when Alfred the Great, celebrated male monarch of West Saxon[ 7 ]was in power he had developed instruction systems by edifice schools. Most of literature texts written in Latin were translated into English in order to unite the linguistic communication.

Britain around this period was still unstable, there were several conflicts between European Kingdoms. Norseman, another power that had settled in Britain was another part that had affected English[ 8 ]. Their linguistic communication was slightly similar to British English, there were non much problem for the people to understand each other. Old English borrowed several words from Norseman such as sky, give, jurisprudence, egg and even pronouns like they, their, them[ 9 ]. Old English could be recognized as the base to make English, because it was formed majorly by borrowing words from other linguistic communications such as the Latin and Norse[ 10 ].

From 11th century to fifteenth century, Old English has turned into what ‘s called the Middle English. During this period William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy had invaded England[ 11 ]. At the clip because of their new swayer there have been alterations in construction of English. Normandy which is now portion of modern France, they used what can be called the Early Gallic. Because of this linguistic communication the categories in England were divided, those of higher category used Gallic and lower category used English. For several old ages England was under the regulation of male monarchs whose native linguistic communication was Gallic[ 12 ]. This has caused major alteration in English. The sound or grammar of the linguistic communication was n’t affected nevertheless vocabulary had changed significantly. Many of the new vocabularies were related to authorities, faith, nutrient, colourss, family, drama words, literary words, and instruction and farther more[ 13 ].

Other than the Gallic influence on vocabularies, English was still used as how it was during the Germanic invasions. Middle English focused more on the construction and vocabularies ( Appendix D ) , in order to show emotions in assortment waies[ 14 ].

By the terminal of Middle English another changed had occurred within the linguistic communication. It was the riddance and displacement of vowels[ 15 ]. Elimination of the vowel sound was highly an of import alteration for English as it gave new facet of the linguistic communication[ 16 ]. Another alteration was called the Great Vowel Shift where vowels were pronounced shorter[ 17 ]. Because of these two alterations Middle English has been divided by Modern English. Not merely these alterations occurred but as Britain reached the mediaeval age more trades were go oning with many other states. Several vocabularies were changed or more words were introduced during this age.

One of import innovation during this period was the printing system introduced by William Caxton[ 18 ]. Peoples were able to acquire in touch with literature and farther develop their cognition. Because of the printing system the linguistic communication was standardized, in order to publish they needed fixed spelling, grammar and they used London idiom ( Appendix E )[ 19 ]. This is the period where English was going much of a proper linguistic communication with existent construction and grammar. It has allowed for celebrated authors to be born such as Shakespeare ( Appendix F ) .

Around 16th century the British colonized North America, and it where a distinguishable American English was created[ 20 ]. The American English in fact can be recognized as more traditional linguistic communication despite the fact it came over from Britain. British English has developed and evolved moreover making the modern English. However American English stayed much the same as Shakespearean English ( Early Modern English )[ 21 ]. However American English did travel on as the Spanish had come in. Vocabularies such as canon, spread, stampede and vigilance man are illustrations of some influence[ 22 ]. Not merely Spanish but one time once more Gallic and West African words were freshly introduced in American English[ 23 ].

An account into how American English differs slightly from modern-day British English.

American English and British English are both English, nevertheless they are different. Those who uses American English could sometimes hold problem understanding their opposition, this can be the same for whom utilizing British English. There are several grounds for this problem, its likely because of little differences within the linguistic communication. Despite the fact that English was originally created in Britain and was spread to America, there are other states where English is their official linguistic communication such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

The common differences between the two linguistic communications are the speech patterns. Harmonizing to different parts their speech patterns would differ but in this instance the two linguistic communication uses different system. The emphasiss in the vocabulary is slightly different. Equally good as the construction of their sentences can somewhat change. Not merely these but the existent vocabulary and the spelling are different. The word color/colour is an easy illustration. The American manner of spelling is “ colour ” where as Britain spells it “ color ” . Not merely Britain but other states such as Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Australia uses it. This is affair of emphasizing the word or non utilizing the vowels. Such minimum differences can be found easy between the two linguistic communications.

Associating more to the accent British people tend to stress the alphabet R in many instances. An illustration is ‘here ‘ the British manner of stating the word is much smoother and in comparison American manner sounds rougher. Wordss that end with ary, ery or ory is pronounced really otherwise. American manner would be something like ‘secretory ‘ where the British manner would be something like ‘secretery ‘ . American English utilizations ‘a ‘ and ‘o ‘ really likewise, hence sometimes words with those alphabets can sound unlike the manner it is spelled[ 24 ].

British English and American English decidedly have different speech patterns. However there are other states that use English but have wholly different speech patterns to both of these states. An illustration state would be India. Most of Indians learn English as their second-language and utilize it every bit fluent as their first-language. However most of their speech patterns are no-where similar to the original English, and this is due to effects of their ain linguistic communication. Indian as a linguistic communication has a particular speech pattern or tone in speech production, and because they are really used to their ain manner of doing the sound they have the wont of utilizing the tone when talking English. Just because of the tone or speech pattern it so creates another type of English when it is still recognized as English.

Why has English become the planetary linguistic communication? And to what extent does it accommodate as the planetary linguistic communication?

As shown above English has a long history. The linguistic communication has evolved for centuries and now it is about to take another measure into the universe by going the Global Language. Is it necessary? Would it be utile for everyone? The replies to these two inquiries can change depending on different positions.

English is non officially recorded as the Global Language and there are no Torahs that everyone should cognize English. However people believe that English could and will go the chief beginning of communicating. It is estimated that about 2million people around the universe speaks English and it is continuously increasing therefore it is believed that English is or will be the Global Language[ 25 ].

Comparing to Chinese English has much more complexness in the construction. Harmonizing to population charts there are more native talkers in China nevertheless English is what this universe has chose. Why? It is because of the effectivity within the linguistic communication[ 26 ]. Chinese as planetary linguistic communication seems to miss in quality. Grammar, prepositions, verb junction and tenses all autumn behind when compared to English[ 27 ]. Using Chinese, it would be disturbing to show complex thoughts and emotions. The chief issue is that most Westerners find Chinese features hard, but on the other manus Chinese or other portion of the universe finds Alphabet easy to larn[ 28 ]. Therefore Chinese could non go the Global Language.

English is defined lingua franca which merely means that its and international linguistic communication for those whose female parent lingua is non English[ 29 ]. It is common for people to talk English to people who are non from the same state. It has besides become a demand for many intents such as concern, scientific discipline, amusement, and diplomatic negotiations[ 30 ]. Many concerns require connexions to foreign states hence English has become a demand. Knowing the rudimentss of English might non be plenty, they have to be able to pass on fluently although they might non be at the degree of a native talker.

English has become celebrated due to America going the greatest state. Every state those are willing to develop demands to do trades with America. In order to make this they must be able to pass on, and America is n’t the 1 who is in demand of aid. Once America had developed their economic system it has become much indispensable for others to larn English and that fact can non be denied. Economic manner English going the Global Language is much of an advantage for most portion of the universe.

Despite the fact that other linguistic communications can vanish is it truly a great pick to hold a Global Language? It is difficult to specify whether it is a good or bad pick. The results may change depending on different positions that there is n’t yet a solid reply. Many states who have preserved their ain linguistic communication for 100s and 1000s of old ages are still working to maintain the remnant of their linguistic communication. As English is going more celebrated those linguistic communications can no longer be. Korean is an illustration linguistic communication that is being affected by debut of English to the universe. The Korean linguistic communication could be defined as pride to many Koreans nevertheless as new coevalss are going globalized they seem to lose involvement in their civilization chiefly linguistic communication. They modify the linguistic communication utilizing cyberspace to do it simple and use words with incorrect definitions. Soon there could no longer be the linguistic communication Korean but an English assorted Korean could be born or merely English could be left.

Literature creative persons will non hold holding English as Global Language. The ground being is because Literature is genuinely beautiful once it has been written in their ain linguistic communication[ 31 ]because that is how they learnt to show their sentiment. When celebrated literature written in a linguistic communication other than English is translated into English, would it still incorporate the message the author wanted to go through on? Sometimes it will go through but that is non ever the instance. Once it has been translated the literature could no longer be a good work of art, it is a manner of destructing it.

However many concern work forces, scientists or mathematicians will hold holding English as the Global[ 32 ]. This is because common words used in these Fieldss are largely English and it is easier for these people to pass on to each other one time the linguistic communication has to the full been unified. Business related words such as company, concern or gross revenues are all English words that are used world-wide. This is a common ground why they all prefer English to go the Global Language. The word concern is already an English word that concern work forces use all over the word. The non-native talkers of English would hold their ain manner of stating concern nevertheless they chose the word “ concern ” , and that possibly is an grounds already to demo that English has become Global Language in that sector.


English is a linguistic communication that has evolved from the really start of A.D. which still exists today. It is astonishing for English to hold been used for 100s of old ages and yet it still continues on developing. There is n’t a solid statement to state the beginning of English, nevertheless we can specify it by saying that English pre-existed before the Germanic folk had invaded but it was them who had led to the creative activity of modern English. Each one of those influences from other states had besides helped making the modern English, such as France, Spain, Roman Empire or France. Because English had loanwords from those states they were able to make alone vocabularies. Besides the printing system developed in the mediaeval age was a great beginning of betterment to the linguistic communication, as it was the beginning of a fixed linguistic communication.

There are many other states where their official linguistic communication is English and many others where their 2nd linguistic communication is English. However non everyone does talk the same manner or pronounce it the same. Depending on which English they studied they will be different to one and other. It seems that American English is much popular today as America is known to be the great state. Because of Holly Wood films, American English is much more familiar to people and attracts more people to analyze it. That does non intend British English is ignored, it is merely that British English sounds much more classical and high category. American English sounds much more modified that it fits good to younger coevalss, those called slang words are frequently used by adolescents. It is besides Internet that has great consequence on those two linguistic communications, because American English is composing as it sounds whereas British English is reading how it is written.

Traveling back to the chief inquiry of the essay, is English going the Global Language the best pick? In my sentiment English is a great linguistic communication, it allows me to show my feelings better than utilizing my mother-tongue linguistic communication ( which is Korean ) . It may be because I am a 3rd civilization kid but Korean is n’t the linguistic communication I can utilize with friends to speak in my day-to-day life. English sounds much better in all ways, cognizing this linguistic communication makes me stand in the crowd, and I feel much superior to others who can non talk the linguistic communication. Because it is the linguistic communication many people wish to larn and necessitate for their hereafter I feel like it was a great pick, and I do n’t truly care much of my ain linguistic communication because it seems useless for my life. If this is how every non-native talkers will experience when they learn English that means in this universe no other linguistic communication will be. If everyone merely cares about their hereafter and lose the least of nationalism so their state could even be gone.

As I take Business and Management category I studied many vocabularies associating to the topic. Sometimes I would discourse with my male parent about concern and there is no usage of cognizing Korean. I found this fact astonishing ; this is because although he does n’t cognize English much the words he has to cover with everyday are all English. It surprised me and made me believe once more, is English truly that good distribute over the universe? Then what is the point of reasoning whether it should go the Global Language when it already has.

I had asked my male parent about his sentiment on English going the Global Language, he said he expected Chinese to go the major linguistic communication but it turned out America has put some excess attempt into it. He says that English is a great linguistic communication and one time it officially becomes the Global linguistic communication so the universe will run much smoother nevertheless it will intend losing our ain individuality. As Koreans we should take pride in our ain linguistic communication and non be interfered by others. For the interest of our ascendants who worked to continue the linguistic communication for us to hold our ain manner of stand foring the state, if we decide to allow travel of it so we are blowing all their attempt.

The point is that one time English becomes the Global Language there will surely be a great advantage for economic system but it will convey an terminal to the lives of literature written in the signifier of original linguistic communication. Once it is translated into English so it will merely go a narrative without a message or at least a incorrect message. I agree that English is a great linguistic communication but I do non wish it to go the first linguistic communication of this universe because there are people who merely do n’t wish to be influenced by others. Merely cognizing the linguistic communication is adequate, there is no demand for it to go the official linguistic communication.

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