Exploring The Themes Of Educating Rita English Literature Essay

‘Educating Rita ‘ is a comedy written by the dramatist Willy Russell in 1980. Educating Rita merely focuses on two chief characters. This is non usually used because a truly good secret plan would be needed to maintain the audience interested. The advantage of this is the audience can easy see and understand the relationship between the chief characters. The two characters Rita and Frank contrast in category and instruction. Rita is a immature adult female who had a hapless instruction but now wants to larn literature, so she goes to the Open University. Frank is the Literature instructor that is assigned to Rita. This narrative is based on a alone circumstance because their lives and sentiments are antonyms who would ne’er usually run into.

We see a difference in civilizations from the start as when they foremost run into you see the different manner of address used. Frank uses cagey vocabulary and proper English ‘There, you see, an illustration of vowel rhyme ‘ , while Rita uses mundane linguistic communication ‘Ta. I ‘ll look after it. If I pack the class in I ‘ll post it to y ‘ . I think the large differences in civilization and address between the characters is easy seen and understood by the audience and it is the differences that make Rita and Frank ‘s relationship really alone. Rita is evidently a on the job category individual, in a society that is n’t truly interested in literature and does n’t wish it while Frank is a middle-class individual, a society where literature is of import but Frank is acquiring bored of it. Rita is seeking to travel up a category through making this class.

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Frank does non alter much but Rita provides a breath of fresh air. He stops imbibing whiskey and becomes more attentive. His attitude alterations because of Rita. He becomes more light hearted and learns some of Rita ‘s phrases ‘Assonance, its merely acquiring the rime incorrect ” . Even with the fresh air that Rita provides she does non wholly change Frank.

Throughout the drama there are different illustrations of roadblocks. The drama is chiefly set in Frank ‘s office and the first roadblock is right at the start of the drama when Rita has problem opening the door. This could be seen as she wants an instruction but instruction does n’t desire her. When Rita foremost attempts to alter her life and enter the room she has to fight. Like instruction does n’t desire her. Another illustration is when Frank ‘s Windowss would non open. They have been shut for so long they want did n’t alter. This shows Frank has an opposite sentiment of life to Rita. He does non desire to alter merely be the same for the remainder of his life.

During Act Two the audience can see alterations happening. At the start of Act 2, Frank begins to compose poesy once more, and Rita is dressed in new apparels. This is a ocular alteration and the audience really rapidly notices this. It shows that Rita may hold improved financially or is dressing otherwise because of her alteration in category. Frank may besides of changed because he is recovering his love for literature.

In scene two she attempts to talk in a ‘posh ‘ speech pattern which is an illustration of external alteration by altering the manner she is talking. She is besides now speaking to pupils and going friends with them, she is even be aftering to travel on vacation with them. This seems to do Frank covetous and left out.

By scene three we see, that Frank is traveling down his bibulous route once more and the new Rita seems to collide. ”I do n’t necessitate you to keep me manus every bit much ‘ Frank still wants things to be like when he was the instructor and she the eager pupil, but Rita now wants independency and for Frank to handle her as an equal. Rita now wants some independent, alone clip. It seems due to Frank ‘s covetous reaction ‘It struck me that there was a clip when you told me everything ‘ and a development similitude for Rita he wanted more out of their relationship.

In scene 4 we see another alteration. Rita has now changed to working in a coffeehouse. This may explicate why she was able to purchase new apparels and a pen for Frank. Frank does n’t wish the fact that he does n’t cognize as many things about Rita any longer. ‘It struck me that there was a clip when you told me everything.

In comparing Act one showed there was a opportunity that things could stop in a happy manner and that Rita may merely convey Frank back to the universe outside literature. However by Act two it seems even Rita ca n’t halt Frank traveling down hill. He starts imbibing to a great extent which highlights his intoxicant jobs. Thingss were so bad he made a comparing of himself to Frankenstein.

In decision I feel the dramas ends with the fact that instruction does n’t wholly alter Rita, but it has given her the ability to hold more picks and do independent determinations.

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