Glory Road Texas Western Basketball English Literature Essay

He had ever wanted to train division one hoops but he encountered some jobs early on after taking the occupation. Bing a hapless university, Texas Western could non afford a batch of money to recruit participants, as hoops was non even the precedence athletics. Determined to win, Don Haskins did what had ne’er happened in the history of college hoops. He recruited seven black participants to add to the five white participants the squad already had. His enrolling quotation mark that he used to carry the participants was, “ I do non see colour, I merely see endowment and that is what I put on the tribunal. ” He successfully applied it to acquire the black participants as the good white participants ne’er wanted to play for Texas Western and even the other schools did non desire the black participants as they used to bench them.

That was merely the start of the adversities that Don Haskins was to face. The other struggle was between teammates who were being forced to work together. The white participants did non welcome the black participants and some had ne’er seen a black adult male before. His first undertaking was to unify the participants non merely for the white participants and black participants but besides among the fellow black participants as they had come from different parts of the state. More so the decision makers were non happy with the manager for enrolling so many black participants.

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After hebdomads of difficult preparation and larning cardinal rudimentss of hoops and subject, the squad starts the season with a knock winning all their games. After many undefeated games, their popularity grew but it besides gained many enemies who did non look kindly at black participants taking over their athletics. The squad members were victims of hatred offenses fueled by the ignorance that face and the population in general felt against black people. One participant was attacked and beaten up, their hotel suites were besides broken into and words in blood were written all over their suites coercing Haskins to admit the racism. That became uncomfortable for the participants and they lost the concentration and hence lost their following game. They besides blamed their white teammates for being portion of the menaces and onslaughts. But this was the start of the strong integrity. The manager told them that cipher could take away anything from them that they did non give and that, if they quit now they would hold given them what they want therefore they would hold won. So he advised them to agitate off the hatred and close them up.

After that incident the squad recovers and makes it to the concluding. Following a conversation Don Haskins over heard, he decided to play merely the seven black participants for the NCAA title concluding something that had ne’er happened in the history of college hoops. However the black participants defied all odds and went on to win the NCAA title to put a new tendency in college hoops.

That twelvemonth ‘s NCAA title is of import because of who played in it. It is difficult to believe looking at today ‘s college squads that back in 1966 black participants did non play college hoops. Coach Haskins decided to alter that. There is a spot of contradiction and lip service portrayed in the film. At some point sing manager Don Haskins enlisting of seven black participants, it was said that black participants do non react good under force per unit area, that they are non unagitated plenty or intelligent plenty to play without white way. However sing the college regulations, a squad could play three black participants if the squad is losing. What does this mean? Could it be that the black participants were recognized as really good participants that you merely necessitate them when a squad is losing so that the squad can retrieve and win some games? Or that black participants were merely featured in losing squads?

The film besides shows a squad of participants whose desire and passion to win supersedes some of the most arduous and hard challenges during a period of monolithic cultural and racial convulsion in the history of the state. The manager ever had the desire to win but the last game was more of a societal statement than anything else. He wanted to do things right hence he played merely the black participants.


This game was broadcasted on telecasting and it gained a batch of popularity because of the full route that the participants and the manager from Texas Western University had to travel through in order to acquire to the finals. After winning the concluding game, they gained more than a national rubric ; they won regard and were able to pave the route for future coevalss sing the usage of black participants in a conference that was thought to be chiefly for white people.

We found it unbelievable to believe that so many old ages after bondage was abolished in the United States, there were still many people that thought of black people as being inferior and were non given their right topographic point in a society. We besides liked how this little group of work forces was able to alter the manner of thought of many others and their part to our modern society should non be forgotten.


The film is the perfect illustration of how athleticss can be really helpful in some ways and detrimental in others. The damaging portion was the force experienced by the Texas Western participants and manager plus his household. They were a mark to force, favoritism, verbal maltreatment, decease menaces and more. Basketball was in a manner, advancing this against them. If they had non played hoops they would non hold experienced that maltreatment, at least non at that degree. It is besides of import to observe that this force could hold escalated even more if other outwardnesss would hold been present. Thankfully this was non the instance though, the participants came out alive and winning. The beauty of the athletics prevailed, and endowment and logic excelled.

In this peculiar instance, hoops was helpful as it revolutionized an full society. This squad and the manager, as Coubertin said, “ became an instrument to transform economic system and political relations, and this society as a whole. ” We can believe that the incorporation of African Americans to basketball seems merely obvious because of their physical features, but back in those old ages it was non logical at all. They were considered non smart plenty, missing leading and being weak-willed.

It is of import to denote that manager Haskins was non seeking to alter the universe or make a revolution, he merely wanted to play division hoops against the best squad. Given that, he was left with small or no resources. He went for what was available: natural endowment. He was smart by admiting that no affair the colour of their teguments every bit long as they were good, he could utilize them. He did the evident and played with the best. A adult male with no biass decided he did non care about what the other people thought, if it was legal he could make it. Sports can make that, convey the best out of people, in this instance it did for Don Haskins. The passion for hoops gave him the bravery to play with five inkinesss in the concluding game. The love for the athletics besides inspired the participants to go on playing and non give up. This is the positive side of athleticss and if the right conditions are met, athleticss move, inspire and alter the universe.

In the terminal of the film we see how because of that game, Adolph Rupp the manager of the University of Kentucky recruited his first black participant in history before stepping down. This shows how even person so loath to the thought of black participants, changed his head. Universities all across the provinces realized that there was nil incorrect with enrolling black participants, and that if any, they were truly talented and could assist them win titles. As it states in the film, in 1997 the University of Kentucky hired Tubby Smith, the school ‘s first black caput manager who lead them to a National Title the first twelvemonth. This besides proves how the former stereotypes of inkinesss non being able to take was wholly incorrect. Again, hoops helped everybody recognize this. As colleges continue enrolling black participants, the NBA was able to descry better participants and finally the full history of hoops was modified. Society changed, it started accepting and even encompassing the thought of watching assorted games. The economic system changed, by black participants being offered more scholarships and even NBA contracts, that societal group started geting more power. Furthermore the result became a really strong land that changed the hoops kineticss in the United States. Biass were broken in a great manner because of that one game called the most of import game in college history, all for this athletics.

In a manner, the concluding game can be seen as the game against racism. It was subconsciously a game to turn out a point. Black participants can besides play, they can take, they can believe, and they can make every individual thing white participants could ; and they proved it in that game. If Texas Western had lost, we do non cognize how many old ages or how much clip would hold needed to go through for society and regulations to alter. But they did win, so the game, and the universe changed for good and everlastingly. Nowadays hoops is a athletics that is predominately played professionally by black participants. It is more than ‘normal ” now to see black participants in the NBA, we could non hold guessed that before Texas Western and Don Haskins this was non a world. Endowment does non distinguish between race, colour, sex or age and at least in this film and in existent life athleticss contribute to the improvement of the universe and the publicity of peace.

What is even more impressive is that even today there are still many people that think in a similar manner, racial favoritism is a serious job in many societies. But we were able to appreciate through this movie and the re-enactment of the squad members, hoops was used as a tool for societal alteration. Different athleticss can besides be used in order to accomplish similar alterations in the manner people think a society. It does non hold to needfully take at racial favoritism, it can besides assist to stop pack force, societal re-integration in a station struggle zone, or even authorising adult females. The construct of fight that is built-in in about every athletics draws people together and this assemblage of people can be really helpful if right combinations of schemes are used to accomplish the specific ends.

We believe that utilizing athleticss as a tool for peace edifice can be really effectual if used in the right manner. This film uses breakthrough methods that shook the very foundations of a athletics that was overrun by a bulk of white participants. In state of affairss were the societal foundations are so embedded in the people ‘s head that radical methods served better to accomplish the end. Using a similar attack, athletics can be used, with the assistance of different undertakings, to prosecute is societal convulsions. From pack wars, to state edifice in station struggle countries. Direct interaction between opposing party members can make a procedure of humanisation and finally decrease tenseness amongst them.

These techniques have already been used in station struggle zones like Rwanda, were UNICEF organized an enterprise in the state to present athletics as a reunion tool in school as a manner to retrieve from the race murder. A similar scheme was used in Colombia, were association football was used as a manner to increase gender equality in the state. Co-ed squads of kids were created and no ends would number unless a miss was involved in the drama that lead to the end.


Glory Road showed that adequate exposure and bonding can get the better of racism. A squad formed out of nil stood against all challenges and triumphed. The self- subject and importance of difficult work and squad work imposed on the squad by manager Haskins was portrayed. This marked the beginning of new things to come in the history of USA college hoops. Many doubted, others ridiculed and laughed at the squad and manager but one conjecture you could state they had the last laugh.

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