Hale Is Considered To Be Brilliant Man English Literature Essay

The Crucible by Arthur Miller, exempts both pride and inordinate pride which influence most of the characters throughout the drama. Pride can be best described as self-respect of oneself. Throughout the drama, pride greatly influenced the character ‘s emotions, actions, and reactions in a manner that set up the struggle and declarations of the drama. Three characters, Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, and John Proctor are driven by their pride. Hale takes pride in his cognition to observe witchery. Elizabeth Proctor, whose pride gets in the manner of forgiving her hubby wickednesss. John Proctor, whose pride caused him to disregard world and his duty.

Hale is considered to be a superb adult male is able to observe any sort of witchery. Salem was worried about enchantresss in town and called Hale to assist with the state of affairs. “ This is a darling errand for him ; on being called here to determine witchery he felt the pride of one specializer whose alone cognition has at least been publically called for ” ( Miller, 158 ) .

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When things got unsmooth Hale took his occupation personal and he begs to the people who were convicted of witchery to squeal. He feels that he is responsible for their lives because he came to Salem to happen and convict enchantresss, but merely guiltless lives were being lost. He thinks himself as a failure since he can non convert the inexperienced person to squeal to witchcraft. “ I came into this small town like a bridegroom to his beloved, bearing gifts of high faith ; the really Crown of holy jurisprudence I brought, and what I touched with my bright assurance, it died ; and where I turned the oculus of my great religion, blood flowed up ” ( Miller, 132 ) . He so urges Elizabeth Proctor to allow John be hanged and pleads to her to convert her hubby to squeal.

Elizabeth Proctor is a cold adult female who had been profoundly hurt by her hubby, John Proctor. Her pride fuels the fire and merely strains the already unstable relationship. Her hubby merely wanted her to forgive him for his wickedness of criminal conversation and forgot it of all time happened. Elizabeth tells John, “ John, it come to naught that I should forgive you, if you ‘ll non forgive yourself. It is non my psyche, John, it is yours. Merely be certain of this, for I know it now: Whatever you will make, it is a good adult male does it. I have read my bosom this three month, John. I have wickednesss of my ain to number. It needs a cold married woman to motivate lechery. ” and “ John, I counted myself so obviously, so ill made, no honest love could come to me! Intuition kissed you when I did ; I ne’er knew how I should state my love. It were a cold house I keep ” ( Miller, 145 ) .

Elizabeth could non acquire the thought that he needed her forgiveness before he could forgive himself. As a consequence, Proctor takes back his old confession of witchery because he wanted his married woman to look at him as a good adult male. Subsequently on Elizabeth was able to forgive John. It is a common to allow plume to acquire in the manner of forgiveness. She let her plume acquire off from her, to the point where John allow himself to be killed, merely because John wanted Elizabeth and God to see him as a good and faithful adult male. Elizabeth was non the lone Proctor to fight with pride ; it cause John merely every bit much jobs.

In the town of Salem John Proctor is seen as a disdainful adult male. He believes he is a fraud, But people would non anticipate it. He has excessively much pride to state people that he is a evildoer. Elizabeth beg him to acknowledge to his wickedness of criminal conversation in tribunal to stop Abigail Williams ‘ credibleness. He would non make so, until his married woman was accused of witchery, and he does non desire his married woman to decease by Abigail ‘s strategy. He should hold told the town the truth of Abigail, before the accusals of witchery they were unmanageable. It could hold aid salvage the loss of guiltless lives.

Pride was a major constituent of this drama. John and Elizabeth Proctor ‘s pride had given them a blind oculus. Elizabeth had problem seeing that her forgiveness is what John need to forgive himself. Proctor could non see that he needed to state the truth about Abigails Lies before the accusals started.

Proctor ‘s and Hale ‘s pride gave them much heartache. Proctor ‘s brought unhappiness into his life when Elizabeth was accused and Hale ‘s began when he saw guiltless lives being lost. Proctor ‘s concluding determination was based on warranting his pride. He wanted to populate, but he did non desire to squeal to a prevarication, because John wanted to hold Elizabeth see him as a better adult male. Another ground was he did non desire to allow the tribunal to hold the satisfaction doing him confessed to a wickedness because he would instead decease than populate a prevarication. This is utmost because he allow his pride get in the manner of his original determination to squeal. The rubric of the drama besides displays the subject of pride. Crucible, means to be put to a terrible trial and throughout the drama, each of the characters pride was put to extreme trial. Many were life changing to themselves and others. These trials of pride had developed the narrative from the beginning to the terminal.

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