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Bing so unusually different from its predecessors, the digital camera is surely one of the major discoveries in its line of inventions.Adigital camera ( alsodigicamorcamerafor short ) is one that takesvideoor stillphotographs, or both, digitallyby recordingimagesvia anelectronicimage detector. This study aims to research the assorted facets of a digital camera, moving as a usher for the consumers so they can move more sagely while buying a digital camera. The study further elaborates upon what the most enterprising companies in this field have to offer.The model of our theoretical account is based on a 3 measure usher that focuses on the consumer ‘s demands, the characteristics in digital cameras that meet those demands and eventually, short listing of trade names and theoretical accounts to carry through all these specifications. The study further analysed the assorted characteristics of digital cameras that are important to such determination devising from the point of position of an informed consumer.The concluding consequences of this study provided consumers with a comprehensive and enlightening usher on what features to look out for with regard to their demands and involvements. Furthermore, comparing of three popular digital camera trade names has been made. based on Singapore client sentiment studies ( from our research ) . The study can lend to doing the determination devising procedure for consumers purchasing digital cameras, a batch easier and systematic. It is recommended that consumers maintain abreast with alterations in the market and engineering before trusting on the consequences and methodological analysis prescribed by this study. The dynamic digital camera market will go on to alter with new and improved cameras and theoretical accounts come ining the field, with promotion in engineering.



Digital cameras have become an built-in portion of our lives – a trustworthy comrade on a vacation with household and friends, on an excursion to the local eating house or merely on a random twenty-four hours at university with friends – all to capture those memories and perfect minutes. In fact, digital cameras have become so much a portion of our lives that few of us retrieve a clip when we used movie and developed exposures, while footings like ‘cam-whoring ‘ and posting exposure albums on networking sites like Facebook have become a day-to-day activity to some of us.

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Consumer Electronics Association ( CEA ) did a recent survey and found that 77 % of American families now own at least one digital camera. Consumers were found to hold snapped an norm of 72 digital exposure at the most recent event they attended and shared about 51 % of these images. These statistics can easy be applied across the Earth and are likely comparable to statistics specific to each part.

Digital cameras come in many types. Choosing a digital camera involves tonss of factor considerations and depends on the user ‘s penchants. From cost to megapixel, rapid climb capableness and lens quality to more proficient footings like aperture, shutter velocity and ISO – the experience of the user and his demands will qualify what sort of camera he buys.

The compact digital camera is what we tend to see most normally around us. Those of us with a greater disposition in this field travel for the Digital SLR cameras – which themselves range from recreational theoretical accounts to professional 1s. Costss vary with specifications and trade name names and it is difficult to calculate out which camera trade name and what specifications make an ideal combination that is worth its monetary value and gives quality public presentation.

While most picture taking partisans would reason that each camera and its specifications will accommodate a lensmans ‘ manner and penchants depending on what he wants to hit and so on, it is of import to be more cognizant and be able to compare the trifles in the field of digital camera to be able to do an informed and wise pick.


In this epoch of cut pharynx competition among companies and high rise misrepresentation, it becomes necessary for a consumer to cognize how and what to look for when purchasing a trade good, particularly something every bit high tech and complicated as a digital camera. A common error that the people make is being sucked into purchasing cameras beyond what they truly need. This study has potentially the undermentioned aims:

  • Raising the consumer consciousness sing the assorted characteristics of a digital camera and what is each is meant for.
  • Showing the worth of each characteristic in footings of its monitory value that adds to the entire cost of the camera.
  • Comparing the same characteristics of different outstanding companies to look into the ground behind the difference in rates.


In our study we compare different characteristics of the camera and look into the part of each characteristic to the image quality of the camera. However, we would wish to indicate out that our range is limited to a few basic characteristics. We have non covered all the characteristics of the digital camera due to infinite and clip restraint. We have explored the part of these properties to the existent cost of the instrument. Digital cameras with similar characteristics are offered by different companies, but at that place lies a great cost difference between them. We have analysed this instability in pricing, restricting it to three companies viz. , Nikon, Cannon and Sony.

Literature Review

This sections aims to research current and relevant cognition about digital cameras – the trade names available, the assorted specifications and characteristics, preceded by the general considerations made by people while purchasing one. The present tendency in the market sing popular trade names is besides discussed.

Digital Cameras in our Lifes Today

From a clip where we knew the construct of ‘developing movies ‘ , engineering has come a long manner and has enabled world with digital picture taking. Fuji DS-1P was the first true digital camera developed in 1988. ( Wikipedia History article ) Today consumers looking for cameras are spoilt for pick as the market bombards them with infinite trade names, types of digital cameras every bit good as ever-changing new and improved characteristics.

Digital cameras have doubtless taken an built-in topographic point in our day-to-day lives today and gross revenues and market tendencies make it apparent that they are here to remain. While compact point-shooting cameras are seen more frequently as they areareeasier to utilize, those who take an involvement in amateur and professional picture taking use D-SLR cameras with extra equipment like lenses. Compact cameras have the advantage of being portable, low-cost and easy to utilize without cognition of the art of picture taking. D-SLRs enable the lensman to hit better quality exposures based on the specifications he requires – for illustration: lighting, hiting velocity and motion of the topic.

General Considerations

While purchasing digital cameras, people by and large tend to look at characteristics like better megapixel, rapid climb and weight and portability. However, due to miss of proper apprehension or ignorance with regard to the trifles, people tend to overlook important characteristics such as focal length, which is in fact the chief difference between a 35mm camera and a digital camera. ( http: // )

Research online

Types of Digital Cameras

In this study we discuss two major types of digital cameras, the 1s most used and considered by the common consumer while purchasing himself a digital camera –

  1. The Compact Point and Shoot Digital Camera
  2. The Digital SLR Cameras – Amateur and Professional

The Compact Point and Shoot type of digital cameras are more normally owned by consumers. This can be attributed to their compact size, easiness with which one can larn to utilize them, portability and how this type of digital camera serves the chief intent of snaping moderately good quality exposures with easiness and efficiency.

The Digital SLR type of cameras are considered by consumers who have a acute involvement in the field of picture taking and are interested in amateur or even professional picture taking. These cameras enable them to custom-make each shoo the manner they want, based on the current conditions of the set. Photographs can be taken without a clip slowdown, as shutter velocity is no longer a concern. Lighting, Shadows, Subject ‘s motions and everything in the set can be customized and taken into consideration. These cameras by and large give better quality exposures and normally come with a batch more characteristics packed into the relatively larger and heavier camera organic structure. Assorted types of camera equipment like lenses can be bought to heighten the already bing characteristics in the camera.

Common characteristics and Overlooked characteristics.

Higher declaration, sophisticated but user-friendly controls and better engineering has made it 10 creases easier to snap and hit with the same camera. Some of the characteristics decorating this new-age device are discussed below. Get downing with the 1s largely looked for by people we move on to the 1s that are frequently over-looked but do a batch of difference otherwise.

The common 1s:


Most of the digital cameras available in the market offer a declaration of at least 5 megapixels these yearss. The more the pels, more is the image lucidity and the convenience of enlarging a image to a blow-up. However if the exclusive intent of snaping the images is to portion them with friends or publish them at snap-shot sizes, so this facet should n’t truly be given much penchant.

Size and weight

This is one characteristic that offers the widest scope of merchandises. What we, nevertheless expression for is something that is portable, less destructible and convenient in footings of transporting. This in no manner undermines the fact that the smaller the camera, the more delicate it is. Besides, smaller cameras have smaller dials and controls that make them more inconvenient alternatively. Hence it ‘s what best suits the state of affairs that should be selected.

Rapid climb lens

Having a powerful rapid climb lens means non holding to amplify the topic and so utilizing separate package for cropping. One should do certain that there is no confusion between optical and digital rapid climb, since the former means that the camera has a motorized lens that moves in and out to do the lens rapid climb in the scene you want to take without losing crispness or item, while the later, is non a truly rapid climb at all. It works on the premise that a digital image is traveling to hold far more pels in it than you truly necessitate, hence ensuing in a loss of quality. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


These include quite a many excess characteristics like the “ ruddy oculus remotion ” , “ automatic face sensing ” , and so on. They may sound fascinating and ground adequate to take a camera, but largely they ‘re nil but catchs on the portion of the makers. They add really small if anything, to the existent value of a camera.

The 1s that affair:

Battery Life

This being the most of import and normally the one characteristic that ‘s normally overlooked. Digital cameras are frequently known to rapidly run out batteries — particularly alkalic batteries-which, as everyone knows are rather expensive and so this can be reasonably raging. Battery life is non wholly related to the cost. There are some rather inexpensive cameras holding a great battery life, and some expensive 1s that need to be charged up more often. Either manner, it ‘s a good thought non to disregard this facet of a camera.

Exposure Controls

This one characteristic is what most of the professional lensmans would give worth to. It fundamentally refers to the aperture and shutter precedence manners that are offered by a camera. These allow us to custom-make the lens gap and shutter velocity that finally makes a great trade of difference to the image.

Focal Scope

This is another really of import but unhappily neglected characteristic of a digital camera. The cameras with larger focal scope can whizz out to suit more into a shooting or rapid climb in to make full the frame with the topic. This characteristic is closely linked to the camera ‘s declaration which has already been discussed above.

Top Brands Available Today

Among the tonss of options that consumers are presented with when looking for the ideal camera are Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung and Panasonic. Each trade name has its ain virtues and demerits among its countless features and specifications.

Canon and Nikon were the first companies that made the passage from movie to digital cameras and hence, doubtless are the dominant participants in the digital camera market – more specifically in the Digital SLR camera market. ( cite ) While some people prefer Canon DSLR cameras and Nikon point-shooting cameras, the frailty versa applies to others.

Sony is besides a comparatively old participant in the digital camera market and has a good repute for its quality. However, as compared to Nikon and Canon, Sony is a comparatively new participant. After Nikon and Canon, all other trade names seem to be viing for the 3rd place in the digital camera market.

With respects to indicate – taw cameras, Canon and Nikon once more make quite an feeling, based on market tendencies, but companies like Fujifilm and Panasonic besides seem to do the list of top point-shooter cameras. In the instance of Amateur Digital SLR cameras, research claims that Canon novice DSLRs are equipped with more characteristics than Nikon. In the Professional DSLR class nevertheless, Canon seems to hold an border over Nikon cameras for studio-work related picture taking, while Nikon cameras are preferred for news media.

( Insert tabular array about trade names and their market portion and explain/elaborate pie chart )

Methods and Materials

Consequences and Discussion

After the elaborate research about the characteristics of a camera and a market study in Singapore, we have been able to happen that every characteristic of a camera is required for different intents and if it is used consequently, it will convey out the perfect image for the client.

In the tabular array ( ) , it is reflected that how each characteristic is required for different sort of image taking procedure. In the tabular array it is explained how the demand of a user is fulfilled by the camera features.

In our research, we had a drawback that there are assorted camera companies in the market and their theoretical accounts maintain on altering mundane. Therefore the characteristic of cameras can alter. With the engineering improving, there are besides some extra characteristics added which we can non include in our research.

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