How Text And Meaning Relate To Critical Thinking English Literature Essay

Critical thought is the ability to near complex jobs by showing accomplishments in information analysis, seeing things from multiple positions and holding an consciousness of a wide scope of constructs and thoughts that have personal and planetary significance. Before I took the class on text and significance, I used to see a text as any piece of authorship, but after the class my definition of a text has truly changed, a text is non merely a piece of authorship, it can be a film, a drama or a image. In fact a text can be any piece or signifier of art. A text can demo a batch about the significances contained in the text. For illustration in the short narrative “ Quality Street ” written by Chimamanda Adichie that was used for most portion of the class, the text can be analyzed in so many ways to convey out a batch of significance and constructs. After analyzing some constructs on the canon, deconstruction, Roland Barthes “ decease of the writer ” I have come to the decision that through critical thought, the information in a text can be evaluated hence doing me make up one’s mind what to believe and acknowledge.

Elaborating on the deconstruction theory by Jacques Derrida, deconstruction merely means that a text has more than one significance. Associating the deconstruction theory to Quality Street in footings of character alteration, Sochienne was non the lone individual who had changed in character, Mrs Njoku had besides changed. From the text Sochienne seems to be the lone 1 who had alteration, but from the cognition and apprehension of the deconstruction theory, I was able to analyse the text in more than one significance hence besides placing that Mrs Njoku had besides changed in character.

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In “ The decease of the Author ” by Roland Barthes, he argues that the writer is merely a medium within which a narrative is portrayed. The writer does non determine or construction the narrative, but instead mediates, and portrays the narrative as it exists. Barthes bases his rule on the fact that the position of the reader should be considered instead than the writer ( Barthes 4 ) . Associating Roland Barthes rule to “ Quality Street ” the writer Chimamanda Adichie was seeking to edify the struggle between foreign civilization and African civilization ( Adichie 1 ) . From my point of position I think that the text is unifying the both foreign and local civilization, this is clearly seen in the portion where Sochienne married her Kenyan fiance Mwangi. The text besides shows the female parent and kid struggle, this struggle in my sentiment is due to the fact that they were separated from each other for a piece.From this rule I have learnt, I am able to read and analyse a text non taking the writer positions into consideration instead understanding the text from my point of position.

During the class I studied how to utilize metaphors, I learnt that a metaphor is figure of address that shows the apprehension of one construct in footings of another construct, where there is some similarity or connexion between the two. For illustration, love is the firing fire deep in my psyche. This phrase is a typical metaphor which shows the connexion between love and combustion fire. Associating the cognition I have on metaphors to “ Quality Street ” a typical illustration of a metaphor in the text is “ Faith was like a Sn of Quality Street ” ( Adichie 4 ) . This phrase is comparing religion and a Sn of Quality Street which are unrelated. I have hence learnt that the usage of metaphors encourage me to pull a comparing between two unrelated points, and happen similarities between them hence I have found different attacks in placing a metaphor through critical thought.

Taking the film Marie Antoinette, I learnt of import constructs about the film which has truly changed the manner and mode in which I watch films. Elaborating on the scene of the film “ Marie Antoinette ” which was produced by Sofia Copula, the film was produced in 2006 but has a scene in the eighteenth century where the Gallic monarchal regulation is at its extremum. The film was produced at the clip when there was serious economic crisis worldwide and I am able to associate the film to the economic crisis because the film negotiations about how France went into debt through the excessive nature of its Queen Marie Antoinette. Furthermore taking declaration into consideration, the declaration is clearly seen when Marie Antoinette loses her female parent and the common mans start to revolt. Besides as the blue bloods and the people of the castle tribunals begin to fly because of the looming danger, it is clear that the film has come to an terminal. I have been able to knock and analyse the film from my point of position.

Another construct which I learnt during the class was the intrinsic attitudes of a text. The intrinsic attitude reveals the substance in the text. The intrinsic attitude trades with the manner, character and secret plan. In the intrinsic attitude of analysing a text, the writer is non taking into consideration. Associating my cognition on intrinsic attitudes to “ Quality Street ” , the secret plan of the narrative builds up to the nuptials ceremonial and besides the confrontation between female parent and girl. From my position the manner of the film seems informal because the linguistic communication used is informal.

Further more I besides learnt about the extrinsic attitudes of a text. The extrinsic attitude reveals the context of the text. The extrinsic attitude trades with the subject and the scene. In the extrinsic attitude the history and background of the writer is taking into consideration. Associating the extrinsic attitude of analysing a text to “ Quality Street ” the narrative was set in Lagos a suburb of Nigeria. From the background of the writer Chimamanda Adichie, the writer is a indigen of Nigeria and an Igbo. It can be seen from the text that the most of the characters are Igbo ‘s hence ; I can pull a decision that the writer was picturing her life narrative. I have hence learnt how to use critical thought in analysing a text extrinsicly.

After taking a class in text and significance, I have been able to associate critical thought in analysing the significance of a text for this ground through critical believing the information in the text can be evaluated doing me make up one’s mind what to believe and acknowledge. In add-on I have been able to understand really good the basic constructs I learnt during the semester for illustration deconstruction, Roland Barthes “ Death of the Author ” , the usage of metaphor and placing the intrinsic and extrinsic attitudes of a text.

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