Vincent Williem Van Gogh English Literature Essay

Vincent Williem Van Gogh is one of the most popular Dutch painters. He was born on March 30, 1853, in Zundert Netherlands to Theodorus Van Gogh, a curate, and Anna Cornelia Carbentus. Vincent ‘s male parent was a successful sermonizer, and through him, Vincent learnt to see his fellow worlds with due regard. His female parent was an recreational creative person, and from her, he inherited a love of nature and art. He was the first born in a household of six ( Klein 9 ) .

In his childhood old ages, he enjoyed being in nature and loved reading. He spent clip memorising long extracts from his favourite plants by Harriet Beecher and Charles Dickens. His love of reading besides resulted into a love of composing throughout his life whereby he wrote more than eight hundred letters of which most were dedicated to his brother, Theo, stating him the confidant inside informations of his work and life. Some of his favourite out-of-door activities were roll uping insects and analyzing workss and animate beings. He besides made up games for his younger brothers and sisters ( Valerie 8 ) .

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He began go toing the small town school at Zundert in 1861 and subsequently went to a boarding school in Tilburg, Netherlands where he studied a broad scope of topics including Gallic, German, Arithmetical, History, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Geometry, English, Mathematics and art. Vincent was non happy as a kid ; he was diffident, quiet and unsociable in school. Peoples described Gogh as the small male child with ruddy hair and lentigos who barely of all time smiled. He was besides perceived to be ill-mannered and hot tempered ( Malam 7 ) .


In 1868, at the age of 15 old ages, ( Bodden 1870 ) he left school and spent a twelvemonth place with his household. In July 1869, he was employed at Goupil and Co. , an international art house that specialized in selling original pictures, lithographs, etchings and prints as an art trader in The Hague. He was transferred to London in 1873. In his free clip, the 20-year-old explored the metropolis, perusing its museums, familiarising himself with art and chalk outing the people he encountered.

Here, he fell in love with his landlady ‘s girl and was disappointed on larning that she did non love him back which made him Moody and cranky and he refused to travel out, which made people get down to label him as flake, a name he was called more and more as clip proceeded. At work, Vincent was he was eager to win in the art trade. In fact both painters and clients said they enjoyed working with Vincent. In this company, he learnt to appreciate art since ; in each metropolis he worked he was exposed to new museums and creative persons, his favourite 1s including Gallic painters Jean-Francois Millet and Camille Corot ( Collins 4 ) .

In the month of October 1874, he was transferred once more to Paris, France. Here, he began go toing church services on a regular footing and exhausted quality clip in the metropolis ‘s museums and galleries. He besides became unhappy with art trade, which was frequently displayed in his work by systematically oppugning his clients about their gustatory sensation of art and knocking them. On recognizing his alteration of attitude and deficiency of betterment, he was fired in the month of April 1876 ( Bodden 1872 )

For months, he suffered deep depression, which made him glooming and finally he cut off any societal life. He became lonely as he seldom communicated with his household. As a consequence, he became more interested in faith. In May 1877, he was sent by his household to Amsterdam to analyze divinity where he stayed with his Uncle Jan new wave Gogh who was a naval Vice Admiral. He prepared for the entryway scrutinies with his other uncle, Johannes Stricker, a famed theologist and a publishing house of the first “ Life of Jesus ” but failed. He left his uncle ‘s house in 1878. He subsequently undertook a three-month class at the Vlaamsche Opleidingsschool Protestant School in Laeken but failed. He moved on to go a sermonizer. Since he failed to obtain a grade in divinity, he worked as an revivalist in a really hapless mining country in Belgium ( Crispino 13 )

During his ministry, Vincent displayed the other side of him that people seldom knew of ; his bosom was charitable. He had already devoted four old ages to work as a sermonizer and above all shared his personal properties with his brethren since most of them were miserably hapless. After a short piece, he looked really hapless and even turned his face colour to black, which made him differ aggressively with his higher-ups. His higher-ups viewed his extreme charitable behaviour as incompatible with the sum of self-respect associated with an ecclesiastic place. They challenged him to alter his behaviours but in vain ( Blummer, 519 ) .

Artistic Life

When he refused to the full to conform to their wants, he was dismissed by the church and once more he faced a serious reverse in his life. At this point in his life, Vincent suffered yet another pronounced depression. His parents were extremely distressed on seeing their boy had abandoned those spiritual beliefs that had all the manner sustained him and began to pay attending to socialist thoughts. It is unusually clear to see that Van truly wanted to touch people ‘s lives and be of usage to them. He expressed his depressive emotions by composing to his brother, Theo, bespeaking that he had non changed ; that his lone concern is about how he could be utile to the universe. He, eventually at the age of 20 seven resolved to travel back to art with an purpose to bring forth artistic work for people.

Depending mostly on his ain, he pursued his new calling with a individual purpose. He suffered deficiency of acknowledgment though he was able to persist. His brother, Theo, was giving him unfailing fiscal support since he had become an creative person in Paris. He was scorned by his widowed cousin, Kee, who he had a passionate doomed infatuation with and as a consequence he distanced himself from most of his household by live togethering with a cocotte and two of her kids for a twelvemonth. When he went to populate with his parents for a short piece, he often and violently argued with his male parent ( Blummer 520 ) .

Vincent went to Paris in March 1886 to analyze at Fernand Cormon ‘s studio, where he stayed with his brother Theo. Since they no longer needed to pass on by usage of letters, less information is known about his stay in Paris than the earlier or later periods of his life. During his stay in Paris, he bought Nipponese woodblock prints, of which he had involvement since 1885 during his stay at Antwerp when he was utilizing them to adorn the walls of his so studio. The 100s of prints he collected can be seen at some of the backgrounds of his pictures.


Vincent enormously admired the artistic plants of Adolphe Thomas Monticelli instantly he arrived at that place in 1886. Van and Theo helped animate the publication of the initial book about Monticelli. For the clip he worked at Cormon ‘s studio he often visited the circle for John Peter Russell, a British-Australian creative person, where he met his fellow pupils who subsequently painted his portrayal with pastel. Paul Gauguin was one of the friends he met at Paris. Gauguin subsequently became celebrated and was strongly influenced by the motion of impressionists.


Vincent began to endure from fits that consisted of sudden panics and oversights of consciousness. Those close to him detect that he had a curious stare, and subsequently a confusional-amnestic- stage followed ; he became quarrelsome and untidy and his inordinate usage of intoxicant and smoke are believed to hold significantly contributed to his unwellnesss ( Blummer 521 ) . As clip passed by, Vincent started holding jobs appreciating other creative persons ‘ positions about their work. Conflicts arose between him and his friends. Theo found Vincent intolerable given that he awoke him at dark with unneeded differences. Fortunately, they agreed and made peace by the spring of 1887.

In February 1888, he moved to Arles with the hope to procure a safety, a clip he was unwell from imbibing and was undergoing a tobacco user ‘s cough. He stayed in a room at the Hotel-Restaurant Carrel. He came to the town with brilliant outlooks that it was descent but nevertheless Arles to him felt like a unsafe foul topographic point to be ; like a foreign state. He felt lonely and disturbed but sought aid from Theo. As a consequence, they persuaded Gauguin to remain with him towards the terminal of the twelvemonth where they established a studio. Their relationship nevertheless worsened as they often quarreled and two months down the line Gauguin announced that he would go forth. However, Vincent was non impressed by Gauguin ‘s proclamation. He rapidly threw a glass of abstithe ( an alcoholic drink ) at Gauguin.

As Gauguin left the house, Vincent followed him and attempted to assail him with a crisp razor. Unsuccessful, he chopped off his ear lobe with the razors, gave the cut off piece to his favourite cocotte and subsequently covered his ear with a newspaper. The constabulary was alerted of his intended onslaught and found him in the house unconscious and he was hospitalized ( Collins 260 ) .

In 1889, Vincent went to the infirmary in Saint-Paul-de-Mausole to seek medical aid where he met Dr.Theophile Peyron. Dr. Peyron organized two little suites for Vincent that were next to each other. The suites had barred Windowss and he was to utilize one of them as a studio. During his stay in this infirmary, Vincent went on with his artistic plants concentrating more on his surroundings.He concentrated more on the clinic and its garden as his chief topics of his pictures though he besides studied the infirmary ‘s insides as good. At the infirmary he would be allowed short but supervised walks which brought about the images of cypresses and olive trees of which he would so exemplify in his drawings. However, he lacked a broad scope of capable affair due to his parturiency in the little clinic ‘s milieus with deficiency of entree to the universe outside the clinic. This meant that he had to work on other creative persons ‘ pictures every bit good as his ain work that he had done earlier.

In May 1890, Vincent left the clinic and moved to Auvers-sur-Oise, a topographic point he would be near the physician Dr. Paul Gachet and at the same clip closer to Dr.Theophile. Dr. Paul Gachet was an recreational creative person and he had treated several creative persons before. The following month, he painted Dr. Gachet ‘s portrayal and did other two of his portrayals in oil and a 3rd one by etching, all exposing the physician ‘s melancholy position. During his last hebdomad at Saint Remy ‘s clinic, he had remembered of the North. He made about 70 oil pictures while remaining in Auvers-sur-Oise from those memories from the North such as the picture of The Church at Auvers ( Malam 21 ) .


After he was acquitted from hospital Vincent ‘s wellness deteriorated in December 1889. He had suffered mental unwellnesss throughout his life but it worsened and became more marked in his last old ages of his life. In some of the times he mentally suffered he would experience unwilling to paint, or at other cases were willing but unable to paint which added more defeats in his life. He subsequently was so mentally disturbed owing to his inability to paint that he suffered a terrible depression ( Klein 5 ) .

On July 27 1890, he went to a field and shooting himself with a six-gun in his thorax. He suffered from the incident but still he managed to travel back to his hotel room where he stayed for the following two last yearss of his life. His brother, Theo went to soothe him but Vincent passed on two yearss subsequently, aged 30 seven old ages ( Klein 5 ) .

Posthumous Fame

Vincent ‘s celebrity had grown among his co-workers, traders, art critics and aggregators steadily in the late 1880s owing to the first exhibitions he took participated in the late eighties. After his decease exhibitions were conducted in his memory in Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and The Hague. There were retrospectives in the early 20th century in Amsterdam ( 1905 ) , Paris ( 1905 ) , of import exhibitions by groups in Cologne ( 1913 ) and Berlin in 1914. Those exhibitions had a considerable impact and influence on the other coevalss of creative persons and by mid of the 20th century he was seen as the most celebrated and recognizable painters in history.

Vincent attended several schools in his early childhood old ages. His parents wanted him to acquire the best instruction and therefore looked for the best school for him. Later in his life, Vincent attended art schools and even pursued a class in Theology. This is a clear indicant that instruction is critical in everyone ‘s life. One should seek an instruction that compliments his endowment to do it more enhanced. He pursued the Theology class twice but failed which shows his finding to accomplish his dream.

Vincent used to look up to the plants of people like Jean-Francois Millet, Joseph Monticelli and Anton Muave, showing the value of friendly relationship and mentorship in one ‘s life. Van Gogh ‘s love for Japan allows kids to research other civilization from another position. His relationship with his co-workers can be employed to analyze the exchange of thoughts, communal working and artistic emulation ( Blummer 522 ) .

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