Poem Cause And Effect English Literature Essay

The verse form Cause and Effect is about how a individuals picks affect that individuals life. It besides says that your way in life is already decided if you ‘re hapless. The verse form says something about how uninteresting life a hapless adult male will acquire, and you can state that the verse form chiefly say that “ If you are hapless, you are already failed as a individual ” Being hapless becomes an consequence and the failure is the cause, of class are at that place other effects and causes that lead to the failure. You can besides state that the verse form is a symbol on how difficult it is to be hapless in the American society.

I do n’t believe that rich people are happier than the hapless, it is more about what you do with what you got. You can still acquire a good instruction even though you do non hold a batch of money. This is sort of “ the American Dream ” That if you work hard, you get consequences and can acquire out of poorness. So I do non believe that money is the key to happiness, but can be a tool to accomplish felicity.

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No, it is non more hard to be honorable and observant if you are hapless, than if you are affluent, it could be an alibi or a ground for some to be it – but it does non intend that it is harder. The lone thing you have to make if you are hapless is to acquire a occupation, gain money. You do n’t hold to rob, steal or kill person, merely because you ‘re hapless. However, I understand that person gets despairing and do things like that. They look at it as the lone chance to acquire money and nutrient on the tabular array. But, it does non warrant offense – even though you are hapless.

A barbarous circle is a circle that goes on and on. If you do one thing it leads to another thing. The verse form Cause and Effect is about a barbarous circle. So you can state that it is a circle that is difficult to interrupt out of excessively. Some even mean that to be in a barbarous circle is bad, that it destroys your chances. There ‘s besides smaller barbarous circles, that is easier to acquire out of, as “ The fatter I get, the more I eat – to acquire happy ” You can state that this is a barbarous circle.

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Part two

The Blind Side and the American Dream

hypertext transfer protocol: //commentarama.blogspot.com.es/2011/03/film-friday-blind-side-2009.htmlThe film The Blind Side is about how a homeless adolescent, Michael Oher, he goes from being hapless to go an highly good football participant ( American football ) . He did this with aid of a affluent household, the Tuohy household. The Tuohy household includes Michael Oher in their household. They give him nutrient, apparels and a topographic point to populate. They even pays for his instruction, and after a piece, they adopt him. Michael besides gets a scholarship from some of the best “ football-colleges ” in the USA, but Michael had to work hard.http: //2.bp.blogspot.com/-A_v85Cr6K08/TXm3rhO8yAI/AAAAAAAACV4/5Oe0w9lDiwI/s1600/The-Blind-Side3.jpg

In the USA today, a batch of people are hapless and unrecorded in poorness. There is a immense difference between the hapless and the rich in the USA. Michael came from one of the poorest countries in Memphis, or you can state that it was sort of a “ ghetto ” . People got threaten if you did non make the things they wanted you to make. On the other side of the metropolis, is Mrs. Tuohy on a tiffin with her friends on a posh eating house. So you can clearly see the contrasts in the American society.

The film besides shows some of racism in the USA, even though you think that racism does non be any longer. There are several illustrations that show that racism is non eradicated in the USA. An illustration is when Michael plays a football lucifer at outside the metropolis, and one of the people in the crowd shouts: “ aˆ¦ They got a large black bear on their teamaˆ¦ ” The adult male who shouts this, looks at Michael as something different as himself and the others on the squads, because he is black and “ large ”

Sports are besides really of import for the Americans, even if you are rich or hapless. In the film is the Tuohy household really engaged in athleticss, and after a piece, Michael becomes really engaged in athleticss. It besides seems as they are into athleticss in the “ poor-area ” , where Michael is from. They besides got some athleticss in the USA, that we do non see much of here in Norway. The athletics that ‘s most talked about, and most showed is of class football – American football. Baseball, is another athletics that we do non see much of is baseball. However, there are besides athleticss that we do in Norway that they do non make in the USA. For illustration: handball. I think that athleticss are of import for everyone, hapless and rich, it is a manner to get away “ real-life ” for a piece. At least for me, making athleticss is a good manner to loosen up.

The American school is besides different from the Norse school. The American school is much stricter than the Norse school. For illustration is it prohibited with nomadic phones at school, non even in the deferral. Compared to Norway, we ‘re allowed to utilize the phone at school – merely when we got recess, of class.

You can state that The Blind Side is about the “ American Dream ” Michael Oher, works difficult with school, and achieves his dream.

The phrase The American Dream was made popular by James Truslow Adams in his book “ Epic of America ” : ” But there has been besides theA American dream, that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and Fuller for every adult male, with chance for each harmonizing to his ability or accomplishment. It is a hard dream for the European upper categories to construe adequately, and excessively many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is non a dream of motorA carsA and high rewards simply, but a dream of societal order in which each adult male and each adult female shall be able to achieve to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, irrespective of the causeless fortunes of birth or place ” This shows how the American Dream was looked upon earlier. It was to go forth Europe for a better life in the USA.

As the clip has changed, has the American Dream changed with it. Today is the American Dream more about acquiring out of poorness, to accomplish something. Just like Michael Oher did. They might necessitate some aid, a small push on the manner, but what the American Dream is about today, is that everything is possible – but you got to work for it. hypertext transfer protocol: //4.bp.blogspot.com/-BoWTok3w1s0/TZCgx45BlPI/AAAAAAAAADg/lMsL07ezjzo/s320/20081123_barack_obama_comic_01.gif

As you can see, you can acquire a batch of significances and information by watching a film. You learn about their civilization, and their manner of life. You besides learn about differences in the society – you got the community where Michael was from, and where the Tuohy household came from. So, as said, you can larn a batch by watching a film.

However, I think that the American Dream is still alive, merely expression at what Michael did with his life, you merely have to desire to alter it. Maybe it is a small different from what it used to be, but the American Dream is still alive, some may intend something else.

However, I believe that the American Dream is still alive.


Fredrik Overlier

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