The Makings Of A Psychologist English Literature Essay

for a human being, life will non be complete better yet absurd if theres no 1 like us, for we are the 1s who probe the intricate and puzzling head of a human individual ; the 1s who mend the shattered-psyche of a living psyche ; the 1s who bring the beacon of hope and enlightenment to those hopeless and lost in the thick of adult males unreason ; the 1s who listen and decipher the deep calls of mentally challenged persons ; the 1s who consider the corporeal universe as our life research lab and worlds as our ever-eluding yet however fantastic topics ; we are the one ‘s who catches the persons autumn and allowing him stand one time more with more energy and assurance to defy the clobbering force per unit area of mundane emphasis ; we will be your knoll during your journey in life ; and most significantly we will be your usher and your friend till the end.we are simple persons but with great devisings and immense duties.


by: Lee Thunder Bernasor, BSPsych 2008

Is have known dame lara since I was in my nursng old ages and through these old ages she has destroyed a batch of things in my life. chiefly, she ‘s the 1 who destroyed the very foundations of my superficial position in life and for that I was renewed. she snatched off my nursing calling yet she uncovered the eternal dimensions of psychological science before me and for that I was able to rectify my irrational determinations. She crushed the really evidences of my submisiveness yet fortified it with the importance of standing to my ain determinations. she mutilated my tasteless lingua yet provided me the petroleum ingredients 4 me to be able to cook the perfect repast of which i am enjoying right now. she has torn my pre-determined way in life yet she ushered me into the universe of uncertainness, for that I was able to value the every second of my life. eventually, she chased me off from my comfort zone and for that I was able to value the kernel of chance. Thankss dame for destructing my life en 4 that I am in debt 2 u 4ever.. : )

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Psych Major leagues: Proliferating the Academic Prowess to Harness Competence.

( by: Lee Batch 2008 )

It is said that after graduation, one is faced with merely one hardship and that is to belong in the statistics of being “ employed ” .Many have in vain tried to subject as many sketchs that they could give to companies or bureaus in which the ambiguity of being employed swims in the kingdom of chance ; many of us have exhausted the list of available occupations in the ever-changing periodicals ; a batch of us burn the colloidal suspensions of our places against the scorching and hostile roads in the elusive path to employment ; countless have been into one of those rendezvous in the hall of human resource, making our best to carry the doubtful and the punctilious ; in the terminal our hope and aspirations lie suspended in the delicate strand of “ what if ” .Though Is have dreamt to prove the what I have learned in the four walls of instruction in the avenue of world ; Is have ne’er thought that world will non give any freedoms nor any room for prepration for a freshy lke me nor Is have ne’er expected that I will be suddnly clbbered by the fact that thre R others who r mre cmpetent thn me, mre xprienced in whtver niche they hve and mst imprtantly they r besides fumbling for that strand of hope. my intuition and inherent aptitude told me tht I should besides contend in ordr to boom f0r endurance, in order for me to exist.what I have found out, despite the battles i have been through, is that being a psych major, and holding the will to achieve smething enabled me to hrness the will of cmpetence. The flexibleness of my class allowed me to flex my capablenesss in any aspect of life ; a life in which revenue enhancement is inevitanle so to talk. : ) a speakr one time told us that in the acdemic sphere, aftr the careful 4 old ages of tuition and educational ingraining, one merely necessitate the 30 per centum of it and the remainder of it will be our pick, a will to happen something and to be proud of what you have right now for it will be utile to u. It helped me and so it will make the same to you. Dream dreams that are come-at-able ; believe less of what they will counterbalance you and make more with preciseness and with quality ; keep your selfish unfavorable judgments but be constructive about it ; make n’t take a firm stand your judgement even if you think its the appropriate thing to make, alternatively give it as a signifier of suggestion for you willl ne’er know how indespensable your sentiment possibly ; do n’t allow things acquire into your self-importance, bask it for it is portion and package of your occupation ; at the terminal of the twenty-four hours be grateful for you were given the opportunity to regenerate yourself for tomorrow ‘s hardships ; Lastly, ne’er bury that you are a psychological science major for you have and will ever be a merchandise psychological science, a merchandise that understand, predict and control human behavior.. : ) merely loosen up everything will be all right: )

My Description of Ezel ‘s Personality

Exemplifying one ‘s intricate personality in the scope of one ‘s premeditation is an backbreaking matter since the ether of objectiveness can be a factor of some corporate reserves ; nevertheless it is ourselves entirely who truly knows the orchestra of our puzzling ego. I can safely asseverate that I do hold a low grade of humbleness in a sense that I am non at easiness with certain glories ; I acknowledge unfavorable judgments constructively for it is an adjutant memoire to me that I am a novitiate in the avenue of life ‘s lessons ; I will myself for excellence in the sundry of life ‘s visage and finely syphoning averageness out of my wellbeing ; sometimes I am unenrgetic and lacks the will power to be socially involved ; at times I am inclined to be unnoticeable in certain demanding state of affairss ; as I collect yearss and people in my life I have learned to be argus-eyed when it comes to my pretentions for I have exerted a great trade of attempt in maintaining certain worlds that may turn out emotionally ruinous to those people I loved and cherished ; in conclusion, I need non to turn out that I am a kid of the universe no less than anything and non more than anyone.

Soon… merely delay for me in the rain forest…

By. Honey

wahahaah. happy kau KO kay for the first clip makabuhat na jud KO ug blog.. hehehe.. farout kau.. taz, eldritch lang.. the minute I am about to show myself in this web log, sabi dad National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, “ ilabas minute sodium, hon.. ” eh, I am speechless.. uhm, one dont know what to say.. hahaha… makasuya xa… . uhm, la lang… wala adult male koy pulos oie.. ehehhe.. hope cipher reads my blog.. ug nag-blog dad KO? ! whatatata.. heheh… .

a batch of people knew that I am one of the members of the NBSB club.. good, as expected, many of them wo n’t believe… ( heller? sa itsura dad lang nako, experienxado kau ug dagway.. hehehe.. ) it ‘s for a certain ground that I am near to boys, trusting that I could experience what it ‘s like when you have an older brother… when people ask me, “ Hon, bakit wala Ka stab fellow? sa ganda mong yan? ” ( Char.. atik lang ang last line… hehehe.. ) so, my reply is merely, “ True love delaies… after all, it is deserving waiting for. ” ( bongga! ! ! hehehe.. YFC strong belief tirada ) I committed my life to God… i promised Him and my Dad non to come in any boy-girl relationship while im still analyzing in College.. ( uhm, so boys, available nko after college.. wahahahah… duh? ! )

Suddenly, that strong belief about fade off because of a cat I met, a really curious encounter.. he was non the cat that one ‘ve been woolgathering of… in fact, he ‘s about wholly contradictory to what i call “ my ideal adult male ” .. ( one ‘m certain kabalo ako mga klasmates nganu contradictory kau.. hahahah… ) However, by the virtuousness of his singularity, ( alone or eldritch? ! hehehe ) , i learned to love him. ( I did n’t utilize the term autumn kay sakit Ploceus philippinus pag matagak ka.. ikaw Corvus monedula? ! lalim bah? ! hehehe.. bitaw, naa na xa account pero kapoy explain.. something like if you fall, you did n’t intend it db? but for me, love is non similar that.. love is a pick and I chose to love him… )

On his book, “ I kissed dating adieu ” , Joshua Harris mentioned that “ the right thing at the incorrect clip is a incorrect thing. ” could it besides be applicable to me? that the right love at the incorrect clip is a incorrect love? ( still thinking.. ) i even inquiry that on Barry Manilow ‘s someplace down the route vocal… “ we have the right love at the incorrect clip… ” tsk tsk tsk… ( mali lagi! ! ! ! hehehee ) or, is it truly necessary that we have to take the clip and day of the month to love? uhm, one conjecture not.. we can love anytime, anywhere.. there ‘s no making, limitation and limiation.. the bound of love is to love without bound… ( heller? commandment Corvus monedula na ni God SA ato.. hehehe ) What i am seeking to indicate out is the relationship itself… ( basta oie.. kapoy explain.. werla kaau ako utok karon.. hehehe… kanang uyab-uyab sodiums bah… )

to do the long narrative short, cognizing that it ‘s non yet the right clip, i have to allow go.. ( but i think dili manganese appropriate ang term na “ allow travel ” kay I ‘m still keeping on dad man.. naglabad na sad International Maritime Organization ulo SA ako noh? duh! ! ! tagam! ! ! kay nganong gibasa ako blog.. hehehe… tsismoso ai.. hehehe, .. ) I think the best words to sum up my state of affairs right now is, “ I have laid down my trust unto the Lord. ” I am still trusting that someplace down the route, our roads may gon na traverse once more. it doesn’e truly matter when… ( kantaha sad.. hehehe ) I put my trust in GOd ‘s perfect program for my lovelife.. I know God is so busy doing my love narrative that it would go the greatest stroy to be told, someday… ( kanta jhpon..buot Ka kung greatest xa for me? hehehe. ay, greatest adult male jud tanan love stories.. ehhehe..Si God na gud writer… ) it ‘s still a affair of religion… one believe in my God that he knows what ‘s best for the two of us..

until now, one am keeping on… non to the 1 I loved but to God that in the terminal, if He wills, our Black Marias would crush as one, in God ‘s perfect clip… ( para right love at the right clip na xa… )

I did n’t repent that I have loved him… ( and til now, im still loving him… ) i ‘m even proud to state that even for a piece, one ‘ve learned to love person unconditionally. AGAPE.. one think that ‘s the perfect manner to love… love others as how God loves you, ne’er inquiring anything in return for the love that you gave… ( uhm, one hope you ‘re acquiring my point… ) merely love with God ‘s love…

you know who you are… , hulat-hulat lang gud SA! ! hehehe.. ayaw pag-igat2.. hehehe..

delay for me in the rain forest… I will pray for that… be strong…

Soon… we will cognize… Soon…

December 13, 2007

if of all time you ‘re in my weaponries once more…

by: Honey

Liter: “ distribute your wings, surge high and ne’er look back.. you ‘ll non happen me anyway.. ”

what? ! sakita oie! hahaha…

yeah right, there ‘s no more waiting… na-uga sodiums ang rainforest…

“ even if how difficult you try to gull yourself that he ‘s the one, you can ne’er gull God… ”

Thanx for learning me how to love… yeah. , the bird of Jove has already spread her wings and soared high.. but, it ‘s non that easy pala.. Her memories maintain stalking her. she wanted to take a remainder, she even wanted to look back, but no, she ca n’t… she wanted to but she merely ca n’t ( baka may stiff-neck.. hehehe )

so the bird of Jove realized, possibly she deserves person better, better than the one she loved so dearly before.. it ‘s because, the one she loved besides deserved person else.. they were non able to convey out the best of each other. possibly, they are non merely meant for each other…

but one believe that we made the right determination. my religion says that this is what God wants for the two of us… possibly, it ‘s non yet the right clip… but swear me, i ‘ll ne’er repent that in my life, one ‘ve known you…

Isaiah 40:31

“ but those who trust the Lord will happen new strength. they will be strong like bird of Joves surging upward on wings. ” to surge high agencies to put free, to allow travel, to maintain traveling frontward…

this clip, there ‘s no turning back… I have to maintain traveling frontward… thank you for leting me to make you this favour… thank you for everything…

“ if of all time you ‘re in my weaponries once more, this clip i ‘ll love you much better. ” but for me, it ‘s a status that will ne’er come to world… so, before one Lashkar-e-Taiba you go one want to state thank you, lee. you ‘ll ever be a good memory… adieu for good…

February 06, 2008

My Replyaˆ¦ .

We did convey out the best in us hon, unluckily we did happen it at the very terminal of our relationship. as the axiom goes, “ experiences are the best instructors ” , so both of us were the instructors and that Is have to acknowledge that I learned a batch from you hon and the lone thing that could show my gratitude is to state thank you. : ) must i stress that I am happy to hear and to cognize that my bird of Jove has flown and she soared reasonably high. : ) its Oklahoma to look back hon the fact that we had shared and gave some memories to each other but the minute you turn your caput ever bear in head that you will merely look and ne’er travel back. ; ) no declination! I have none of those when you entered my life.hehe and I have to hold to what you have said that you deserve person better than me.hehehe as for me? sick unrecorded anyhow! haha people merely come and travel in my life, uhmm with respects to nen, i promised I will non ache her. might every bit good as attempt my fortune to her right? hehehe ei! one enjoyed your Chinese horoscope trial, it was kinda accurate in a sense that I was shocked by the interpretations.hehehe uhhmm “ if of all time you ‘re in my weaponries once more, this clip i ‘ll love you much better. ” truly? hehehe tingala adult male sd ta hehehe keeping custodies adult male gni dli pde.hehehe nwei adieu for gud? cguro gudbye for good SA past mom Oklahoma dad but adieu Lee? tingala adult male South Dakota Ta! hehehe jowk! boulder clay here yngatz neypotz! : )

PS. I found a transcript na sa aqng address SA imong debu.hehehe

pps. uhm i.txt palladium KO hour angle degree Fahrenheit naa nay nkapuli naq hehehe

palatopharyngoplasty. better with non no strings attached? come one hon, mingaw bya pag old amah Air National Guard isa Ka gurl ehehehe. peace! ; ) technetium and Godspeed! ; )

Posted by: Cyphr | February 10, 2008 07:49 AM

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