Scrooge in The Novel A Christmas Carol

Scrooge happens to be a atrocious, tight fisted adult male who excludes himself from his community. However throughout the Novel the reader realises the dramatic alteration in his personality. This alteration is brought by the shade of Scrooges deceased concern spouse Marley, who warns him to alter his personality and positions or he ‘d stop up in a forever penalty similar to the 1 he ‘s sing.

This is followed by three other shades who show Scrooge the mistake of his ways by doing him see his yesteryear, present and future in the hope of altering him and salvaging him from the penalty that waits. During this period we see Scrooge alteration and gain his errors.

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In stave 1 of ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ Dickens shows all the bad in Scrooge, such as when Scrooge, rejects his nephew when his nephew invites him to dinner, “ Bah! ” said Scrooge, “ Baloney! ” Here Dickens, is described Scrooge, as a cold hearted adult male who sheds no emotion The cold within him stop dead his old characteristics, stiffened his pace ; made his eyes red, his thin lips ; and spoke out astutely in his grate voice, and said “ Merry Christmas! A What right have you to be merry? A What ground have you to be merry? A You ‘re hapless plenty. “ , here Scrooge shows how low he thinks of his nephew, particularly when Scrooge says “ your hapless plenty ” , besides the manner Scrooges voice is grained as if, him talking to his nephew is a waste of clip, every bit good as doing Scrooge feel disgusted by his nephew, his really ain blood.A Another point demoing how avaricious Scrooge is, when Scrooge does n’t even utilize the warming in his house even though Scrooge is rich, he chooses to salvage his money and freezing “ Therefore secured against surprise, he took off his cravat ; put on his dressing-gown and slippers, and his nightcap ; and sat down before the fire to take his gruel ” because that is the type of individual he is, besides another ground as to why Dickens describes Scrooge as a revolting individual. Scrooge is described in this manner because he would n’t hold to give his employee a twenty-four hours off for Christmas to pass with his household ; in add-on with all the money that Scrooge has he is unable to give money to charity. Dickens does this to demo all the bad wonts that Scrooge has, every bit good as to do the audience have the same hatred towards Scrooge as he has towards other people, and Christmas.

Subsequently on in staff 2, Scrooge gets visited by the shade of Christmas yesteryear, which makes Scrooge realise that if he carries on the manner he is he will stop up like his old friend Marley, in ironss paying for all the revolting things that he did with Scrooge in his life before he passed off. A We see Scrooge start to alter when he is reminded of his sister ‘s kid and he remembers how much he loved his sister “ Scrooge seemed uneasy in his head ; and answered briefly, “ Yes. ” . the fact he is uneasy makes it clear that he is believing about something profoundly, possibly he is losing his sister, possibly he is believing about how rude he was to his nephew, but either manner he is get downing to demo his feelings, which makes the audience have a little alteration of bosom for Scrooge, and get down seeing a portion of Scrooges good.


In stave 3, Scrooge is visited by the shade of Christmas nowadays, Dickens does this so that Scrooge, is able to see how people spend their Yule with their household ‘s, something that Scrooge has been losing out on as a portion of his life, which makes Scrooge gain how much of a ‘Humbug ‘ he is. Dickens does this so that Scrooge will believe to himself that he “ must ” alter his manner of life. On the other manus the Ghost of Christmas nowadays, besides shows Scrooge shows how a household that is populating in poorness are passing their Christmas, and the manner they were passing their Christmas was by them populating on the street, the male parent holding to look for nutrient in bins or left over from eating houses. Dickens does this to demo Scrooge how a less fortunate household spend their Yule, and if he donates money to charity, the money will assist people like the less fortunate household he saw.

A In stave 4, Scrooge is visited by the shade of Christmas hereafter, which helps Scrooge realise that if he does non alter he is n’t traveling to hold a good stoping to his life. By Dickens making so Scrooge is able to gain what he needs to better on, which make Scrooge beg for things to be different, besides wishing that he could assist Tiny Tim, his employee ‘s boy with giving him another opportunity by Scrooge paying for Tiny Tim ‘s surgery. Another illustration as to why Scrooge wanted to alter was because in the novel Scrooge says, “ Your nature intercedes for me, and commiserations me. Guarantee me that I yet may alter these shadows you have shown me, by an altered life. “ , By this devils is demoing the difference between the upper category which have everything they want, need, and they can afford it all, but on the other manus A the handicapped A are n’t able to afford what they would wish to hold for themselves which leads to them merely holding wants and pray to God for them to acquire what they want.

By the terminal of stave 5 Dickens shows how Scrooge alterations, and some illustrations are when Scrooge begs the shade to do things different for him and he promises that he will alter his manner of life, besides when Scrooge makes a really big offer to the charity he denied when they asked him for charity, every bit good as when he buys the biggest Meleagris gallopavo for his employee as a present for him, and he even visits his nephew, and apologises to him for the crewel things he said to his nephew, in add-on it is mentioned that Scrooge is sort everlastingly more.

Dickens wrote this novel to demo people that any-one could hold a alteration of bosom, besides to do people halt denying the fact that there are people less fortunate than them-selves, and if they are able to, they should give to the people that are less fortunate than them-selves, besides the novel is popular for the ground being it has an consequence on people, and it teaches people to appreciate what they have, non what they do n’t hold. In my sentiment this novel has an consequence on people because it allows them to gain that if they are making incorrect in their life they will still hold a opportunity to alter into something better with no declinations of populating the yesteryear.

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