The Age Difference Issues Of Oedipus English Literature Essay

The route from Colonus is a short narrative which was written by Edward Morgan Forster. In this fresh Forster uses a Grecian mythology. He compares Mr. Lucas and Ethel with Oedipus and Antigone, who are the two characters in Sophocles ‘s Oedipus at Colonus. Mr. Lucas had something in common with Oedipus that he was turning old and besides wanted to take Colonus as his finish.

Mr. Lucas, an English adult male, is fond of Hellenism for 40 old ages. He has ever dreamt about sing Greece. Finally he achieved his dream with the accompany of her girl, Ethel. She was single and devoted her life to taking attention of his old male parent. “ She was unselfish and fond, and it was by and large understood that she was to give her life to her male parent, and be the comfort of his old age. “ ( page 1, line 22 ) . She did everything for his male parent ; she even took his male parent to his dream topographic point.

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Mr. Lucas was turning old. “ He had lost his involvement in other people ‘s personal businesss, and rarely attended when they spoke to him. His phrases and gestures had become stiff and set. “ ( page 1, line 27 ) . Yet he was populating a healthy, active life, worked steadily and educated his kids. As he became older and older he was able to cover with fewer things. He wanted to see Greece so much, because it was thought to do him feeling younger. After geting to Greece he felt the same. He recognized that it was like being in England. “ Greece is the land for immature people, but I will come in to it, I will possess it. Leaves will be green once more, H2O shall be sweet, the sky shall be blue. They were so 40 old ages ago, and I will win them back. I do mind being old, and I will feign no longer. “ ( page 2, line 1 ) . After taking two stairss frontward he found an old hollow tree from which a spring of H2O flowed. He stepped inside the bole and tasted the H2O and it was sweet. He all of a sudden realized that the sky was so bluish, the foliages were so green, all the things were so good and the universe was so beautiful. It turned out that basic job was Restoration of young person. Mr. Lucas got aspiration from the old tree, which still made part to the universe alternatively of the fact that it was old.

“ The Road from Colonus ” is a symbolic instead than an allegorical narrative. The work means what it suggests: the H2O in the tree is genuinely that, but it suggests the “ adeptness of life ” that has now come to Mr. Lucas in Greece. ” ( Havighurst, Walter. “ Symbolism and the Student, ” College English. XVI ( April 1955 ) , 429-34, 461. ) I partially agree with this statement. On one manus, the H2O in the tree symbolizes how rapidly life goes on. On the other manus, “ when he looked up the black funnel of the bole he saw sky which was bluish, and some foliages which were green. “ ( page 2, line 24 ) was written, the author did non intend that the sky was non bluish before stepping into the bole. It means that before stepping in it he saw the universe on another manner and after it he felt himself immature once more and saw the universe and life more merrily.

Mr. Lucas is Hellenic individual while Ethel is a Hebraic 1. The Grecian wrangle with the organic structure and its desires is that they hinder right playing, the Hebrew trades with impeding right playing. The regulating thought of Hellenism is spontaneousness of consciousness, at Hebraism it is the stringency of scruples. These large differences in their belief could besides do jobs in understanding each other.

Both Oedipus and Mr. Lucas are lonely ; no one understands them, even their girls. Ethel one time said that she would give all her life to her male parent. She went to see Greece with her male parent which shows how much she loves her male parent. Additionally, she took attention of her male parent carefully, giving him clean socks and dry boots, and so sat him down on the carpet beside the tiffin basket when she and the others found her male parent in the hollow tree. On the other manus she made her will on Mr. Lucas. “ Well, I must halt, I positively must. “ -was said by her male parent. Ethel was non interested in Mr. Lucas ‘s sentiment ; she was coercing traveling back to England. Although Mr. Lucas did non desire to travel back, Ethel arrived to her male parent with mules which took them place. Just like Ethel, Antigone besides advised her male parent to go forth Colonus, but she accepted the will of his male parent in contrast to Ethel. After Oedipus became blind, Antigone stayed with his male parent until his decease. At least Antigone respected her male parent, while Mr. Lucas did non hold the opportunity to do determinations. His girl forced him to travel back to England. “ How can you be left entirely at your age? How would you acquire your repasts or your bath? “ -asked Ethel. Mr. Lucas ‘s biggest job was his age and that he felt himself unneeded. With these inquiries her girl made his ego assurance be smaller and experiencing himself more otiose. “ You ‘ll lose the boat. That means losing the London operas, and upsetting all your battles for the month. “ -said Ethel ( page 5, line 3 ) . She was non interested in her male parent ‘s feelings ; she did non acknowledge how of import it was for him remaining at that place. In Greece he felt himself happy once more, he did non care about the opera and other events. His girl did non understand that what old people need is non the attending and attention of immature people, but their regard.

“ Mr. Lucas has a sudden intuitive experience of another manner of world than his customary 1. He understands it, though he is possibly unable to explicate it decidedly. He experiences a sudden entree of peace as a consequence of his realisation and credence of decease. Oedipus at Colonus transcends his pride, choler, and resentment by his credence of decease ; Mr. Lucas is raised by a similar credence to something of Oedipus ‘ self-respect. Mr. Lucas demonstrates the truth of Helen Schlegel ‘s pronouncement In Howards End: “ Death destroys a adult male, but the thought of decease saves him. “ ( Holt, Rinehart & A ; Winston, I967. Pp. 68-84 ) . I agree with this statement. As it is written in the short narrative, Mr. Lucas sees the universe and life otherwise as his girl. Ethel thought that her male parent should travel back to England, do the usual things he got used to. For illustration: traveling to the opera. But for Mr. Lucas, Greece was the perfect topographic point where he could experience himself immature once more. He could non accept his life which was tiring and uneventful. He has felt to be inconsequential since he became old. He was non afraid of decease, he instead thought of it as a sort of release. This is similar to Oedipus who besides did non care how long he existed after acquiring to cognize the truth. The truth was that he killed his male parent and married her female parent. After acquiring to cognize these facts he blinded his eyes himself. He remained his finding and self-respect at the terminal of his life. He refused to go forth Colonus. He died at that place, while Mr. Lucas, who was besides on his manner to decease, lost his right to make up one’s mind his ain fate and was forced back to England by his girl.

About all the jobs ‘ root is misconstruing and ignorance. Therefore, immature people should esteem old people, pay more attending to them, seek to understanding them, and support them.A

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