The Poem Lovers Of The Poor English Literature Essay

Brooks says it herself on the first page of the verse form “ Their club is giving money to the hapless ” . This quotation mark means that they give money to assist them out. The lone manner the rich ladies are willing to assist them is financially. Brooks besides keeps conveying up the loathe-love combination a few times throughout the verse form. It reminds me of a love-hate relationship. It reminds me of that because the rich ladies are feigning they love the hapless but if the rich were to go hapless they would non hold the same love for the hapless. I say that because of the adage wretchedness loves company. Since the rich people do n’t hold any jobs they would n’t mind assisting the hapless. If the rich adult females would be hapless they would n’t desire to assist anybody. The rich adult females think that the hapless adult females are holding tough times but they truly have no thought how tough it is for them. The rich adult females merely come take a visit to the ghetto and think they know how it truly is like to populate in that state of affairs.

The order of which things happen in the poem looks like it merely keeps acquiring worse and the hapless are happening out how the rich truly experience. At first it seems like the rich ladies came to assist the hapless and possibly even acquire them out of the trough. As the verse form progresses we see more and more that the rich adult females do n’t truly care because it does non impact them in any manner. As Brooks says on the 2nd page of the verse form “ they winter in Palm Beach ; cross the H2O in June ; attend, when suited, the nice Art institute ” . The rich ladies know that they will be traveling on with their day-to-day lives. The quotation mark that shows this is “ their conference is assigning largesse to the lost. But to set their clean, their pretty money… seems… ” I think that Brookss did non set any word after seems to allow us calculate it out for ourselves. The word that fits at that place in my sentiment is the word loony.

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American history plays a great portion in this verse form because we are a society that is divided into categories. We have the in-between category, which is most of society, and so we have the upper category and the lower category. The rich support acquiring richer and the hapless maintain acquiring poorer. Everybody merely looks out for themselves. As the verse form progresses I think that the hapless people start to recognize that more and more. They realize that the rich adult females do non care about them and will non be able to assist them. Brooks does n’t state us straight out that the rich adult females will non assist the hapless.

“ Although her poetic voice is nonsubjective, there is a strong sense that she — as an perceiver — is ne’er far from her action… She sets forth the facts without embroidery or reading, but the simpleness of the facts makes it impossible for readers to come off unconvinced — despite whatever uncomfortableness they may experience — whether she is composing about suburban ladies who go into the ghetto to give occasional assistance… ” ( The Oxford Companion ) .

Toward the terminal of the verse form it seems as if the rich ladies have had adequate and want to acquire out of there. They eventually realized that this is what the hapless have to travel through everyday. They merely could n’t manage it. Brooks says “ The ladies from the ladies betterment conference agree it will be better to accomplish the outer air that rights and sweethearts, to rush to a house that does non holler… ” The terminal of the verse form shows that they truly could care less about the hapless people. They even say “ possibly the money can be posted, possibly two may take another slum… seeking to avoid inhaling the loaded air ” . This quotation mark in my sentiment summarizes the outlook that the rich adult females have. They will give them some money every bit long as they can acquire out of there and ne’er come back. This truly shows the picks that these people have. All the rich people have to make is state the word that they want to go forth the ghetto. The hapless people do non hold this pick. This is the manus they were dealt and no rich adult females are traveling to assist them.

It is a instead black image of a hapless, alone twosome that Gwendolyn Brooks portrays in her verse form, “ The Bean Eaters. “ A Unable to afford meat, the old “ xanthous brace, ” African-Americans who have non been out much, sit at the creaking tabular array — much like their creaking articulations — and eat from their “ field chipware ” with “ Sn flatware. ” This alone twosome, who are “ Largely Good ” have non met with luck since their tableware is meager and “ their rented back room ” is all they possess from holding “ lived their twenty-four hours. “ A And, although there is reference of “ dolls, ” it seems that there are no other people in their lives now.A Possibly, as the old brace retrieve with “ blink of an eyes and pangs, ” there is the joyful recollection of a kid now lost ; merely beads and dolls remain, and someA futile effort onceA at luxury: “ vases and peripheries. ” Indeed, this is a portraiture of two old peopleA who live lives of “ quiet despair, ” A havingA sufferedA in poorness all their lives.A Now, they have merely each other, and merely their little day-to-day modus operandi of subsistence, “ seting on their clothers/And seting things off. ” This verse form is characteristic of Gwendolyn Brooks, whoA wrote of the defeat, world, and unfairness of black lives.A With a subject ofA the person ‘s hunt for ego in an inhumane society, Brooks writes, “ The LordA was their shepherd./Yet did they desire ”

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