The Certainty of Death and Taxes

Everything is Uncertain: Except death and taxes

Everything is Uncertain: Except death and taxes

“They say decease and revenue enhancements are the lone things that are inevitable. The truth is, you can non pay your revenue enhancements. I ‘ve done it, and there are effects, but it can be done. Death you ‘re non traveling to acquire out of, and you sort of got to cover with it.”

— Steve Earle

What is certainty? Something which is certain. Something which is traveling to go on, no affair what. Let’s think about what is certain in our life. Our classs? Married life? Health? Status? Success? None of these are certain. It is all impermanent. Classs might lift or fall, matrimonies might interrupt, we may acquire ill, position may alter, success might travel. Life itself is non certain. We take life for granted, but clip base on ballss and all of us are traveling to decease. There is no manner we can rip off decease. Those who are born, shall decease. There is nil one can make about it. Yes, there are ways to protract our life. Largely by avoiding things that harm us, physically or mentally. Because every bit much as one would desire, Vampires are non existent, there is no such thing which could do us immortal.

Death may come in any signifier, in an lift when you’re to the lowest degree prepared to decease or at the age of 80 when you’re waiting to decease! But it will certainly come. It is said that one should non wait to make the things they love, because no 1 is certain what will go on in the following minute. We have programs for a life-time, but who knows how far are we traveling to do it! It’s the unwritten regulation from the clip you take birth, that one twenty-four hours you will decease. No affair how hard you try to maintain the things the manner they are, they will alter. Change is the jurisprudence of life. Nothing will stay the manner it is, and even if it does, you can’t be certain of it. How many of us can wager our lives on something? We can wager money based on guesss, but life? No 1 would be ready to wager their lives on anything. Why? Because we can ne’er be a cent per centum sure if it will go on. The tabular arraies may turn and what we think will go on, might non. But one thing that will certainly go on one twenty-four hours is decease.

Now revenue enhancements are certainly traveling to be levied, but whether they are paid or non is non to the full certain. There are many people who do non pay revenue enhancements, or hedge revenue enhancements. There certain are effects and penalties for it, but they can be escaped. Taxs levied does non intend revenue enhancements are paid. There are revenue enhancements on about everything, and one can non run from most of the revenue enhancements, but some revenue enhancements can be avoided. There are assorted types of revenue enhancements, there is non merely income revenue enhancement that 1 has to pay, many other revenue enhancements which a layperson is non even cognizant of are paid by us. Like when we eat in a eating house and we pay the measure, many a times we do non even see how much revenue enhancement is being paid by us. So those sort of revenue enhancements can non be avoided, but there are ways of revenue enhancement equivocation. There are many people who are able to rip off revenue enhancements and non even acquire caught. And when they do, there are some penalties but it’s nil which will take your life off. So revenue enhancements are surely traveling to be charged. And most of them are traveling to be paid wittingly or unwittingly. But some might be avoided.

There is nil every bit certain as decease, and every bit unsure as life. Because no affair how difficult we try, it’s ever traveling to be diffident. We can non foretell what is traveling to go on the following minute, allow entirely foretell our lives. We ever think about retiring at a certain age and making things we like so, but is at that place any warrant we’re traveling to make it? I don’t think so. There is no surety if we will be alive by so. So we should ne’er wait to make things we love. Because if non now, so when? And who knows if it’s even traveling to go on. So instead than populating with declinations, it’s better to carry through all your wants while you’re still in the status to make so. Sometimes I think, even if there was some charming elixir which could maintain us alive, would we take it? Would we wish to populate everlastingly? I don’t think so. It’s ever better to do the most of the life you’re given, instead than wishing for more. Because non many people are blessed plenty to even hold all the organic structure organs working, like we do. Not everyone, and in a state holding a population every bit big as India’s, non even half the people get to hold a nice instruction, or resources to follow a dream, trail it. And here we are, waiting for something to go on so we can get down populating the life we want. Why delay? Why to put on the line ne’er acquiring to populate it! Because whether we live or non, is non certain, what is certain is that we will decease. And every bit long as we live, we will be charged revenue enhancements. Paying or non, is an wholly different thing.

We can non avoid service revenue enhancement and VAT which we are charged at eating houses and in the shopping measures. These are Indirect revenue enhancements which are taken by the provider from us to pay to the authorities. These are ineluctable and we shall hold to pay them every bit long as we live. So these can be said to be certain. Because they are surely traveling to be charged. But the direct revenue enhancements are many-a-times evaded. Businessmen show more disbursals and charge personal disbursals to concern disbursals which consequences into less income which result into less income revenue enhancement. And there are people who do non even pay certain revenue enhancements. Harmonizing to media studies, merely 2-3 % people pay income revenue enhancement in India. Which means there are a batch many people who do non pay income revenue enhancement and many of them besides acquire off with it.

There is a difference between revenue enhancement turning away and revenue enhancement equivocation. Tax turning away is legal. Tax equivocation is non. There are many revenue enhancement turning away strategies for persons. Many fast ones which help avoid revenue enhancement every bit much as possible. But still, revenue enhancement equivocation occurs. Tax equivocation in simple footings is illegal non payment or underpayment of revenue enhancement. The mere possibility of this proves that revenue enhancements can be avoided. Which means the lone thing which is really certain is Death. Because revenue enhancements are non so certain after all.

To reason this argumentative essay, I would state that decease can certainly non be cheated. It is the one thing which is certain. Taxs on the other manus, are non so certain after all. So the lone thing which one should be truly making is to populate the life that has been given. Because we can rip off in any country of life, except decease.

“No one wants to decease. Even people who want to travel to heaven do n’t desire to decease to acquire at that place. And yet decease is the finish we all portion. No 1 has of all time escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is really likely the individual best innovation of Life. It is Life ‘s alteration agent. It clears out the old to do manner for the new.” — Steve Jobs

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