Themes In To Kill A Mockingbird English Literature Essay

“ Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak ” , Winston Churchill said this during World War II. In it, he talks about the existent significance of bravery and courage every bit good as how a individual can show it. Bravery and bravery is difficult for a individual to demo ; it does non demo who is stronger or weak but who can stand up for what they believe in. For many people, courage agencies to make something others would be afraid to make, such as traveling to war and combat for freedom. Bravery and bravery besides means to stand and contend for something a individual believes in, non needfully in a physical battle but by standing up and talking for what they believe in. The subject of courage is one of the many subjects, which Harper demonstrated on her novel To Kill a Mockingbird where bravery and courage is shown by Atticus, one of the chief characters. Atticus shows courage and bravery by standing up and supporting an Afro-american in a tribunal test even when he knew he would lose it. Peoples are brave merely by standing up, talking to what they think is the right thing to make, and what they believe in.

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the definition of true courage exhibited by the character Atticus when he had a treatment with his boy Jem, that standing up for what person believes in is true courage and bravery after Mrs. Dubose ( a neighbour ) had late died, “ Harmonizing to her positions she died beholden nil and cipher. She was the bravest individual I of all time knew ” ( 112 ) . True courage shown by standing up to what person believes in, Atticus wants his boy Jem to understand that and non to misidentify the true significance of bravery and courage. In Atticus ‘s manner of depicting it, he states that true courage and bravery is standing up and supporting what person believes in, even if others think it is incorrect, like Mrs. Dubose did in the novel. Atticus so wants his kids to cognize that bravery and courage is non defined by keeping any arm in custodies.

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In the book, Harper Lee besides demonstrates another of the existent significances of true bravery when Atticus tells Jem about bravery after the conversation they had right after Mrs. Dubose had died, “ I wanted you to see what existent bravery is alternatively of you acquiring the thought that bravery is a adult male with a gun ” ( 112 ) . Person who has a gun does non specify existent bravery and courage. Atticus knows this better than any one in the narrative because he loathes guns and does non desire his kids to utilize them or even indicate them at people. Through this fresh bravery is shown by the character Atticus in many ways and this is one Harper Lee made apparent by showing the bravery of a adult male who did non necessitate a arm to stand up a defend that adult male a defend what he thought was the right thing to make even when others disagreed.

Harper Lee demonstrated the subject of courage in many other facets ; another is when Atticus defended Tom Robinson at a test of a offense that he accused of by others. The subject of courage and bravery is shown when Atticus is holding a talk with Scout ( his girl ) and tells her that he will be supporting Robinson in the test that will take topographic point in a few months, “ I ‘m merely supporting a Negroaˆ¦ but there ‘s been some high talk around town to the consequence that I should n’t make much about supporting this adult male. It ‘s a curious instance ” ( 75 ) . Even though Atticus knows that he will lose this test he still does it because he thinks is the right thing to make, even if others do n’t hold with him and a overplus of people insult him for making this. To Atticus Finch, it is more of import for him to stand up and support this adult male than making what others think is right. He does non necessitate a arm to make this but his ain voice to talk up and this is what Harper Lee made apparent on her novel.

Bravery and bravery are some of the plentifulness subjects that are discussed throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Bravery does non intend to make something others would non make, but to hold the bravery to stand up and talk to what people believe is the right thing to make. As Atticus did on the novel when he defended that adult male. A individual does non necessitate any sort of arms to demo courage and that Harper Lee showed in her novel. Bravery and bravery are things every individual could hold when they feel they need to lift and support what they think is of import. This is one of the many subjects that Harper Lee made apparent on her novel To Kill a Mockingbird that showed the true significance of courage and bravery and that is to be applied for every individual in the universe when they feel the rich person to make the right thing and support their beliefs.

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