Where The Birds Are Singing English Literature Essay

A large metropolis where 100s of different people exist. Where the birds are singing, the Sun is reflecting, people are express joying and smiling, but cipher notices this adult male, tilting against the edifice and looking really sad. This adult male is Sam Folwell. A adult male from the countryside.

The narrative revolves around two work forces Cal and Sam, whose households were in a feud started in the Cumberland Mountains. The feud resulted in each household merely holding one lasting member. One twenty-four hours Cal moves to New York to acquire away from his household ‘s homicidal yesteryear, but unluckily Sam follows with the purpose of happening him. Sam is invariably confronted to the urban life, as he spots all the people go throughing by him. Sam does non happen this thrilling and feels really misplaced surrounded by these unfamiliar fortunes. Suddenly Cal appears and Sam feels really relieved over his presence. The challengers put aside all of the past enlistments and the similarities between them increase, while they warmly greet utilizing a rural hullo: “ Howdy, Cal! I ‘m durned sword lily to see ye. ” ( P. L. )

“ Take a walk for yourself, ” said the police officer.

You ‘ve been buming about here long plenty. ” ( P. L. )

The subjects in this short narrative is civilization accommodation and in what manner the large metropolis affects the peopleA?s life. The short narrative besides illustrates the world of the outsiderA?s experience in sing a large metropolis, particularly coming from a rural country.

This survey seeks to turn out which themes that occurs in this short narrative, and in order to look into and happen with a decision of the subjects there will be used these methods:

Nykritisk method

Psykoanalytisk method

Urban planning is recognized as the well populated countries and rural planning is recognized as the sparsely populated countries normally farming communities. O. Henry portrays how the urban planning influences the rural citizen Sam Folwell.

“ Sam leaned against the crisp corner of a rock

edifice. Those faces passed him by 1000s, and

none of them were turned toward him.

A sudden foolish fright that he had died and was a spirit, and that

they could non see him, seized him. And so the metropolis

smote him with solitariness. ” ( P. L. )

This quotation mark gives the reader the thought of the scene, the wonts and traits associated with the citizens from urban versus rural life. The tall edifices, many people with different cultural backgrounds, go throughing by this rural citizen. Sam ‘s trip to New York is enormously straitening since he has to confront all of the facets of the American life in a large metropolis, which seems to be drastically apart from the rural life. He has spent his life-time in a wild circle of mountains and nature, and is placed into a harsh edged square, the New York City. The composing of the narrative is like a fairy tale and is filled with witty statements of the American life. Cal is the expected hero that saves Sam from the bad experience in New York City. Just like a Prince will salvage his Princess from the evil stepmother. The narrative starts with a geometrical discourse that makes the reader think throughout the narrative and gives an account about the significance of squares and circles. The inharmoniousness and struggles are built up when Sam is buming around the metropolis wholly unable to link to it. When Sam sees a familiar face, the harmoniousness gets back once more and things is get downing to acquire better. At narrative ‘s concluding O. Henry uses a amusing turn which provides the reader a small laugh, but besides reminds us the chief facets of the narrative that refers to the rural citizens point of position when it comes to large metropoliss. It is a really common usage in O. Henry ‘s narratives. “ Howdy, Cal! I ‘m durned sword lily to see ye. ” ( P. L. )

Circles represent the nature and wilderness, which refers to peace and life. Circles are rounded and really swimmingly shaped, merely like the nature life and hence people feel the best when they are among nature milieus where everything is in harmoniousness. Squares represent the hardworking life that is an resistance to the nature and wilderness. Squares symbolizes large metropoliss filled with rough lines and borders with square houses, edifices, the metro and skyscrapers. The crisp angles of squares besides refers to regulations and Torahs which is non ever allow for the nature.

There may be a deeper message within this narrative. Sam Folwell has as a citizen of a rural country learned a batch from the whole episode, within his trip to New York City. Sam Folwell is traveling through a really positive personality maturating procedure where he develops his abilities and possible to understand the life within urban life and at the same clip larning to accept his former enemy Cal Harkness and basking his visual aspect. This narrative may be a whole message to people who feel the same manner as Sam does and it besides gives the reader something to believe about subsequently. There may be state of affairss like this where you experience really unhappy and filled with nil than solitariness, and seeing a familiar face that can illume up your universe and make full it with the sweetest joy, even if it is an old challenger. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours it does non count whether the individual is your challenger or a good friend.

O. HenryA?s short narrative can be compared to Claude McKay “ On Broadway ” . “ On Broadway ” is about experiencing lonely while everyone about is happy and without any concerns. In 1920-21 one million immigrants came to America. Claude Mckay besides moved from Jamaica to New York City. Claude McKay gives the portrayal of how the immigrants feel about the in-migration including himself. Just like everyone else Claude McKay can non get away from his fantastic yesteryear in Jamaica and these word describes his and the other immigrants feelings about their new town:

“ As in a dream I stand and gaze

At Broadway, reflecting Broadway/Oh wonderful is Broadway

– merely My bosom, my bosom is lonely. ” ( P. L. )

This quotation mark is from O. HenryA?s short narrative and can be compared to Claude McKayA?s quotation mark. It describes the minute and feelings about being in a large metropolis where everything moves frontward without fillet:

“ All life moved on paths, in channels, harmonizing to system, within boundaries, by rote.

The root of life was the cube root ; the step of being was square step.

Peoples streamed by in consecutive rows ; the atrocious blare and clang stupefied him. ” ( P. L. )

What this analysis set out to do is to stop it with a decision whether there is a contemplation of the environment in the characterA?s personality and if it is in a positive mode.

Furthermore I can now reason that the development of the characterA?s personality depends on the civilization and the environment.

When originated from the rural life and sing an urban country it will largely ensue in feeling lonely and really unhappy. There are a batch of grounds that can do these feelings, largely because the milieus is really unfamiliar and non common in rural countries.

There is a contemplation of the environment in SamA?s personality and O. Henry illustrates that really morally when Sam greets Cal with a really warmly greet.

So overall the civilization and the environment do impact the personality of a human being and it depends on the fortunes whether it is in a positive nor negative mode.

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