Summary Of Of Mice And Men English Literature Essay

Part 1

This narrative begins with the scene, a beautiful California vale where a way and a river was described. Then, two work forces are walking on the way when they stop to rest by the river. One is a little, cagey adult male named George while the other is a large, dull adult male named Lennie. They reach the river and Lennie gulps H2O like a Equus caballus, while George advises him to non imbibe from the H2O, as it may non be clean. George so begins to rest, and Lennie transcripts everything George does. George so complains about the coach driver that dropped them off five stat mis abruptly of their finish. Lennie is confused and asks where they are traveling, to which George is ticked off at and asks Lennie if he ‘s disregarded all of their programs already. They are traveling to a spread to get down working, because they got kicked out of all their former workplaces due to Lennie. George so sees Lennie take something out of his pocket ; it turns out to be a dead mouse. George is infuriated and throws it off while Lennie complains and says he did n’t kill it. This is dry because a adult male every bit large as Lennie wants a cute mouse to pet. George so reminds the unretentive Lennie that he is n’t traveling to state anything at the spread, as to non destroy their opportunities. As George is doing their supper-canned beans- Lennie goes to happen some firewood. George smartly sees Lennie ‘s pess traveling in the country he threw the mouse, and so cries at him for obtaining the mouse once more, and once more throws it off. George so reminds Lennie that he ever killed the mice his aunt gave him. While they are eating, Lennie asks for catsup doing George to be ferocious and cry at Lennie for non appreciating the place they ‘re in and ever thought of himself. He explodes at Lennie for all the aid that is given to Lennie, but no grasp. George says that he would be more successful in life if he did n’t hold to watch over Lennie, who was a load. Right after this address, Lennie says that he was merely joking and he would give anything for George. Lennie threatens to go forth, but George logically asks him where he ‘s traveling to travel. George promises Lennie that one time they get some money, he will purchase him a whelp. Lennie so pleads George to state him ‘the narrative ‘ . George so talks about how they will be successful and how they have each other. Lennie continues in the narrative, “ But non us! An ‘ why? Becauseaˆ¦because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that ‘s why ” ( Steinbeck 15 ) . They so lighten up a small spot and George repetitively tells Lennie that if he is to be in any problem, to return to where they presently are and hide in the shrubs.

Part 2

He following twenty-four hours, George and Lennie arrived at the bunk house, and met the caretaker, Candy. Candy was a round up old adult male who had lost his right arm and had an old Canis familiaris merely like him. George instantly sees that in his bunk, there is a can of lice repellent and is scared of the topographic point non being clean. Candy, though, assures him and tells him that that adult male before them was really clean and over cautious. George asks what happened to him and Candy suspiciously says that ‘he merely left ‘ . George so begins to inquire about the foreman and Candy says that he is a good adult male who gave them a gallon of whiskey on Christmas twenty-four hours. They so talk about the Negro, Smitty, and he is abused by the others. The foreman so comes in and negotiations to the work forces about them being a twenty-four hours tardily. He seems a strong adult male, with tonss of control. He is short and compact, have oning a cowpuncher chapeau and goad. The foreman so starts to inquire them normal inquiries, and George replies for Lennie. The foreman notices that Lennie is n’t speaking and points it out when George tells him that he is n’t a speaker, but really strong. Lennie so repeats George ‘s exact words which cholers George, and embarrasses Lennie. The foreman so becomes huffy that George is n’t allowing Lennie speak and tells them to non seek anything stupid. After he leaves, George harangues at Lennie at nags him for about loses them the occupation, doing Lennie ashamed. George realizes that Candy was listening to everything they were stating and asks him what he ‘s making. Candy so comes in with his old, slow Canis familiaris and they talk about the foreman when all of a sudden the foreman ‘ boy, Curley, shows up. Curley is a thin, immature adult male with a brown face and curly hair. He is looking for his male parent, when he saw Lennie. He instantly got tense and singled out Lennie. He so in cold blood tells Lennie, “ Well nex ‘ clip you answer when you ‘re spoken to ” ( 26 ) . Candy so explains that Curley hates large cats, as he is little himself. Candy besides says that Curley loves his prostitute of a married woman and wears one manus in a Vaseline baseball mitt to maintain it soft for his married woman. Lennie so tells George that he does n’t desire to contend with Curley, and George supports this thought. Curley ‘s married woman so comes in and starts chat uping with everyone, largely Slim the Skinner who was walking by. When she leaves, Lennie admires her beauty and George scolds him for it. Slim so walks in, a strong adult male with long black hair, who showed strength and gradualness. He greets the work forces, when a powerful large adult male named Carlson walks in a besides greets the work forces. They talk about Slim ‘s Canis familiaris, and demo he had nine whelp, four of which he drowned. Lennie so gets aroused and admirations if he can hold one of the Canis familiariss. Shortly after, there is call for dinner and everyone runs off to acquire something before its all eaten. Lennie tells George he wants one of the Canis familiariss, “ A brown and white one ” ( 36 ) . Curley so comes and asks where his married woman is to which George in cold blood replies. They so all leave and travel to eat dinner.

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